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  1. 1. Brandmaker Anna Fensel August 2 2012© INNSBRUCK Copyright 2008 STI
  2. 2. Outine • Company • Product approach • Customers • Product overview • Roll out
  3. 3. Basic company information • Website: • Europes #1 Marketing Resource Management software company – focused exclusively on the development and marketing of demanding software solutions for the marketing departments of medium-sized and large organizations • Headquartered in Karlsruhe, offices around Europe • 170 employees • Founded in 1999 as pi-consult GmbH, the company has used the name BrandMaker GmbH since
  4. 4. Product approach • The software by is an extensive, modular MRM solution that optimizes the entire marketing process chain, makes marketing operations easier, and increases productivity in marketing significantly. – Web-based – compatible with all established software systems and due to its open interfaces can easily be connected also to other systems • Reference customers: Dutch retail company C1000, Commerzbank, DekaBank, Ernst & Young, EnBW, SaraLee, Schenker Deutschland, UBS, and ZF
  5. 5. Target customer groups • for which the brand value is very important, and therefore so is brand management • in which marketing must be controlled and coordinated across shared structures, for example, in companies with a corporate structure, local subsidiaries, or decentralized sales organizations • in which marketing strategy is determined centrally as a framework, but can be adapted individually by authorized employees, sections service providers, subsidiaries, etc. • in which marketing has the same requirements regarding efficiency of processes and transparency of costs as other divisions. Sectors: Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Pharma, Logistics, Franchise, Co- op Marketing,
  6. 6. Product
  7. 7. Roll out process • In workshops, we jointly analyze your marketing processes. • After this status quo analysis, we define the processes in the way they should ideally be to best create relief for your marketing employees. • In this stage, we contribute our experience from various projects and customers for your solution. • Following this phase is the concept creation for your specific solution. • During the concept phase, the module plan is determined, indicating which modules will be rolled out at which point of time so that you benefit from BrandMaker as fast as possible. • The implementation phase is divided into project steps. Each project step contains a pilot phase, a beta phase for system testing and the rollout of the live system. After each milestone we get together to gather the experiences made and which will be helpful for the next project
  8. 8.