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Snowy stations


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Snowy Stations

Published in: Education
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Snowy stations

  1. 1. * * makingobservations/ *Observe means to pay close attention to something
  2. 2. * *We are going to grow some crystals for a secret surprise for your teacher. *We need: Water Borax Pipe Cleaners String Large Jug
  3. 3. **Snowy Math *The snowy math station you will be using balance to weigh how many snow bears it takes to balance classroom objects.
  4. 4. * *If you have time, you also do the How Many Ways can you fill a hexagon? *Trace and color the pattern blocks you used to build each hexagon.
  5. 5. * *Engineering Shapes and Snowflakes *You will use toothpicks and clay to build shapes and answer questions. *How many sides does it have? *How many points or vertices? *Then you will create your own snowflake using the clay and toothpicks. *Draw a picture of your snowflake and describe the shapes. Sides: ________ Vertices: ________
  6. 6. * *Snowy Technology *Log in to you eClass and find the Symbaloo *1) Read Snowflake Bentley and the Snow book on Bookflix *2) You may choose to play the “Make- a-flake” game, the pan balance game or the snowflake symmetry game.