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Samples of early collaboration efforts in storytelling from SXSW'12


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This presentation shows a few compelling examples of early efforts in collaborative storytelling spanning commercial, community-based, as well as purely artistic applications.

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Samples of early collaboration efforts in storytelling from SXSW'12

  1. 1. Early Examples of Crowdsourced & Collaborative Storytelling Stephen Bradley @StephenTBradley #SocialStories sourced from SXSW 2012 Presented Saturday, March 10
  2. 2. Crowdsourced Content Chevrolet’s crowd-sourced Super Bowl ad …
  3. 3. Extreme Fan Engagement Canon & Ron Howard’s “Project Imagin8ion” …
  4. 4. Enthusiast Co-Creation Crowd-sourced sci-fi film “Iron Sky” …
  5. 5. The Meta-story Story “Social reading” & the meta story … Kobo “Pulse”
  6. 6. Creators ARE The Consumers Stepping INTO the story …
  7. 7. Communities As Storytellers • Shared experiences recounted from multiple perspectives • Everyone contributes (it’s easy) • Rich, multi-dimensional stories • More accurate historical documentations • Bonding communities together more tightly • Adding a stronger, coherent voice • Motivating calls to action • Powerful force for social change
  8. 8. Pine Point Missing community reappears through story …
  9. 9. Ushahidi Ushahidi, a “testimony” for peace …
  10. 10. Possibilities… • Communities creating a voice & a call to social action • Authors engaging & co-creating with their fans • Historians documenting a rich mosaic of historical events • Members of a shared experience recreating the event from multiple perspectives • Families collectively piecing together their histories • Educators engaging students to write through social interaction • Book or film enthusiasts creating & extending the stories of their favorite characters