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  1. 1. quot;Let us conduct ourselves becomingly as in the day, not in reveling and drunkenness, not in debauchery and licentiousness, not in quarreling and jealousy.quot; Romans 13.13 quot;For we quot;...for us, there is one God, cannot do the Father, from whom are all anything things and for whom we exist, against the and one Lord, Jesus Christ, truth, but through whom are all things and only for the through whom we existquot; truthquot; 1 Cor 8.6 2 Cor13. 8
  2. 2. THerefore, quot;Beloved, let us love one another, there is now forr love is of God, and he who loves quot;Everyone who believes that Jesus  no is the Christ is a child of God...quot;  condemnation is born of God and knows God... for those for God is lovequot; 1 John 5.1 who are in 1 John 4. 7-8 Christ Jesus Romans 8.1 quot;And the world passes away, and the lust of it: but he who does the will of God abides foreverquot; 1 John 2. 17 quot;May the God of peace Himself sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul quot;For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of and body be kept sound your Father speaking quot;Behold, I send you out as sheep and blameless at the coming through you“ Matt 10.20 in the midst of wolves, so be wise of our Lord Jesus Christquot; as serpents and innocent as dovesquot; 1 Thessalonians 5.23 Matt 10.16
  3. 3. quot;Love Worketh no Ill to His Neighbor, therefore Love is the Fulfilling of the Law...quot; quot;But he that is Joined unto the Lord is One spiritquot; Romans 13.10 1 Corinthians 6.17 quot;For the Kingdom of God is not Meat and Drink, but Righteousness, and Peace, quot;Thou Shall not Commit Adultery. and Joy in the Holy Ghost.quot; Thou Shall not Kill. Thou Romans 14.17 Shall not Steal. Thou Shall not Bear False Witness. Thou quot;[But] let not him that Eateth shall not Covet; and if there be Despise Him that Eateth Not; any other Commandment, it is and let Not him Which Eateth Briefly Comprehended in this not Judge Him that Eateth: Saying, namely Thou Shalt For God Hath Received Himquot; Love thy Neighbor as Thyselfquot; Romans 14.3 Romans 13. 9 quot;Hast thou faith? Have it to Thyself Before God. Happy is he that Condemneth not Himself in that Thing Which he Allowethquot; Romans 14.22
  4. 4. quot;All things are Lawful unto Me, but all Things are Not Expedientquot; quot;Take Heed unto yourselves, 1 Corinthians 6.12 les ye Forget the Covenant of the Lord your God, which He made with you, and make you a Graven Image, or the Likenes of any Thing, quot;Unto thee it was Shown, that thou which the Lord thy Mightest know that the Lord He is God hath Forbidden Theequot; God; there is None Else Beside Himquot; Deuteronomy 4. 23 Deuteronomy 4.35 quot;For the Lord thy God quot;Out of Heaven He Made thee to is a Consuming Fire, even Hear His Voice, that He might Instruct a Jealous Godquot; thee; and Upon Earth He Shewed thee Deuteronomy 4.24 His Great Fire, and thou Heard His Words out of the Midst of the Firequot; Deuteronomy 4.36 quot;Know therefore this Day, quot;If from thence thou Shall and Consider it in thine Heart, Seek the Lord thy God, thou Shall that the Lord He is God in Heaven Find Him; if thou seek Him with all above, and Upon the Earth thy Heart, and with all thy Soulquot; Beneath; there is none Otherquot; Deuteronomy 4.29 Deuteronomy 4.39 quot;For the Lord thy God is a Merciful quot;Thou shall Therefore, Keep His God; HE will not forsake thee, neither Statutes, and His Commandments, which Destroy thee, nor Forget the Covenant I Command Thee, and with thy Children of thy Fathers, which He Swore unto after Thee...quot; them.quot; Deuteronomy 4.31 Deuteronomy 4.40
  5. 5. quot;When you pray, say: Father, hallowed be thy quot;The Lord made not this Covenant y name. Thy kingdom with our Fathers, but with us, even quot;Take heart, my son; come. us who are All of us Here Alive this your sins are forgivenquot; Dayquot; Matt 9.2 Deuteronomy 5.3 quot;Then if anyone says to you, quot;Thou Shalt Have no Other quot;Lo, here is the Christ!quot; gods Before Mequot; or quot;There he he is!quot; do not believe it. Deuteronomy 5.7 For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.quot; Matt 25.24 quot;Thou shall not Make thee any Graven Image, nor any Likeness of anything that is in Heaven above, or that is in the Earth Beneath, or quot;For no good tree bears bad that is in the Waters Beneath the Earthquot; fruit, nor again does a bad Deuteronomy 5.8 tree bear good fruitquot; Luke 7.43 quot;Thou shall not Take the Name of the Lord thy God in Vain, for the Lord will not Hold Him Guiltless that Taketh His Name in Vainquot; Deuteronomy 5.11
  6. 6. Therefore my brethren, quot;Love one another with whom I love , and long brotherly affection, outdo for, my joy and crown, one another in showing honor...quot; stand firm thus in the Romans 12.10 Lord, my beloved...quot; Philippians 4.01 quot;Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them...quot; Collosians 3.19 quot; Love the brotherhood. fear God. quot; 1 Peter 2.17
  7. 7. quot;So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love...quot; 1 Corinthians 13.13 quot;For the love of Christ controls us, because we are convinced that one has died for all; therefore all have died...quot; 2 Corinthians 5.14     quot;He destined us in love to be his sons ...quot; Ephesians 1.05 quot;... since love covers a multitude of sins...quot; 1 Peter 4.08 quot; this is love, not that we loved...quot; 1 John 4.10 quot;... but perfect love casts out fear...quot; 1 John 4.18 quot;Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, Believe in God, Believe in Mequot; John 14.1
  8. 8. quot;But if thy Brother be Grieved with Thy Meat, Now Walkest Thou not Charitably. Destroy not Him with thy Meat, quot;I am Made all Things to All Men, for Whom Christ Died...quot; that I Might by All Means, Romans 14.15 Save Somequot; 1 Corinthians 9.22 thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in eve ry prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, quot;They Drank of that Spiritual Rock thankful for your partnership in that Followed them, and that the gospel from the first day until nowquot; Rock was Christquot; Philippians 1.3-5 1 Corinthians 10.4 quot;...approve what is excellent , and may be pure and blameless for the day quot;For the Earth Is the Lord's, of Christ, filled with the fruits and the Fulness Thereofquot; of righteousness which come 1 Corinthians 10.26 through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of Godquot; Phiippians 1. 11 quot;For we are Unto God a Sweet Saviour of Christ, in Them that Are Saved, and in them that Perishquot; 2 Corinthians 2.15 quot;Forasmuch as Ye are Manifestly quot;Let your manner of life be Declared to be the Epistle of Christ worthy of the gospel of Christ... Ministered by Us, Written Not stand firm in one spirit, with one with Ink, but with the Spirit of the mind striving side by side for the God' not in in Tablets of Stone, quot;For we Preach not Ourselves, faith of the gospel, and not frightened but in Fleshy Tablets of the Heartquot; in anything by your opponentsquot; 2 Corinthians 3.3 but Christ Jesus the Lordquot; Philippians 1. 27 2 Corinthians 4. 5 quot;Now may the Lord of quot;Now the Lord is that Spirit: peace Himself give you and Where the Spirit of the Lord is peace at all times there is Libertyquot; in all ways. The Lord be 2 Corinthians 3.17 with you all.quot; 2 Thessalonians 3. 16
  9. 9. quot;But we Have this Treasure in Earthen Vessels, that the Excellency of the Power may be of God, and Not of Usquot; 2 Corinthians 7.4 quot;For we walk by Faith, not by Sightquot; 2 Corinthians 5. 7 quot;And He will Love thee, and Bless thee, and Multiply thee, he will also Bless the Fruit of thy Womb, and the Fruit of thy Land...quot; Deuteronomy 7.13 quot;Knowing Therefore the Terror of the Lord, we Persuade Men; but we are Made Manifest Unto God...quot; quot;Therefore thou Shall Love the Lord 2 Corinthians 5.11 thy God, and Keep His Charge, and His Statutes, and His Judgments, and His Commandments, Alwaysquot; Deuteronomy 11.1 quot;Giving No Offence in Any Thing, That the Ministry Be Not Blamedquot; quot;You Shall Walk after the Lord 2 Corinthians 6.3 your God, and Fear Him, and Keep His Commandments, and Obey His Voice, and ye Shall Serve Him, and Cleave Unto Himquot; Deuteronomy 13.4
  10. 10. “...Let Us Move on to Perfection...quot; Hebrews 6.1 quot;...for all Shall Know me from Least to Greatest Hebrews 8.11 quot;Prove All Things; Hold Fast t that Which is Goodquot; 1 Thessalonians 5.21 But the Manifestation of the Spirit is Given to Every Man to Profit Withal 1 Corinthians 12.7 quot;If ye be Led by the Spirit ye are no Longer Under the Law“ Galatians 5.18
  11. 11. quot;Receive Ye the Holy Ghostquot; John 20.22 'Simon, Son of Jonas, Lovest Thou Me?quot; quot;Hereby Know me that we John 21.15 Dwell in Him, and He in Us, Because He Hath Given us His Spiritquot; 'Simon, Son of Jonas, Lovest Thou Me?quot; 1 John 4.13 John 21.16 quot;Simon, Son of Jonas, Lovest Thou Me?quot; quot;All Unrighteousness is Sinquot; John 21.17 1 John 5.17 quot;Feed My Sheepquot; John 21.17b quot;Follow Mequot; John 21.19b quot;Thou art a Holy People unto the Lord thy God, and the Lord Hath Chosen thee to be a Peculiar quot;Repent and Be Baptized, People unto Himself, above all Every One of You in the Name of the lord Jesus Christ for the Nations that are Upon the Earthquot; Remission of Sins, andYe Deuteronomy 14.2 Shall Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghostquot; Acts 2.38 quot;But if we Hope for What we See quot;And Put no Difference Between Us and Them, Not, Then We Do with Purifying Their Hearts by Faithquot; Patience Wait for It.quot; Acts 15.9 Romans 8.25 quot;For we are Saved by Hope, but Hope that is Seen is Not Hope...quot; Romans 8.24
  12. 12. quot;And he Gathered them Together into a Place Called in Hebrew Armageddonquot; Revelations 16.16 quot;Avoid stupid controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels over the law for, for quot;And He was Clothed with a they are unprofitable and futilequot; Vesture Dipped inBlood, and Titus 2.9 His Name is Called the Word of Godquot; Revelations 19.13 quot; Therefore, let us leave the elementary doctrines of Christ and go on to maturity...quot; Hebrews 6.1 quot;And I saw Heaven Opened, and Behold a White Horse, and He that Sat Upon Him was Called Faithful & True, and in Righteousness He Doth Judge and Make Warquot; Revelations 19.11 quot;I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your descendants, and my blessing on your offspringquot; Isaiah 44.3 quot;And I John saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem Coming Down from God out of Heaven, Prepared as a Bride Adorned for Her Husbandquot; Revelations 21.2
  13. 13. quot;But Unto Every One of us is Given Grace, quot;Fear Not, I am the First and the Lastquot; According to the Measure Revelations 1.17 of the Gift of Christquot; Ephesians 4.17 quot;Look not Every Man on quot;And I will Give Him the Morning Starquot; His Own Things, but Every Revelations 2.28 Man also on the Things of Othersquot; Ephesians 2.4 quot;In the Beginning God Created the Heaven & the Earth... quot;Because Thou art Lukewarm, and Neither Genesis 1.1 Cold nor Hot, I will Spit Thee out of My Mouthquot; Revelations 3.16 quot;And on the Seventh Day, God Ended His Work Which He had Made; and He Rested on the Seventh Day from all His Work Which He had Madequot; Genesis 2:2 quot;I am the Alpha and Omega--the Beginning quot;And God Blessed the Seventh Day, and and the Endquot; Sanctified it; because that in it He had Rested from Revelations 1.8 all His Work which God Created and Madequot; Genesis 2:3 quot;And the Lord God Formed Man of the Dust of the Ground, and Breathed into His Nostrils the Breath of Life; and Man Became a Living Soulquot; Genesis 2:7
  14. 14. “I Have made you a Light for the Gentiles, that you may Bring Salvation to the Ends of the Earth” Acts 13. 47 “They Preached the Good News in that City and Won A Large Number of Disciples” Acts 14. 21 “In the Name of Jesus Christ “From one Man he made I Command you to Come out of Every Nation of Men, that Her!” They Should Inhabit the Acts 16.18 Whole Earth” Acts 17. 26 “What is this Babbler Trying to Say” said some of the Epicureans. They said this Because Paul was Preaching The Good News about Jesus And the Resurrection” Acts 17.18 “The God who Made the World and Everything in It is the Lord of Heaven & Earth, and does not Live in Temples Built by Hands” Acts 17.24
  15. 15. quot;We Give Thanks to Thee quot;The Lord... [is] not Willing Oh Lord God Almighty, Who is that any Should Perish, but that and who Was and Who All Should Come unto Repentancequot; is to Come, Because Thou Hast 2 Peter 3.9 Taken to Thee thy Great Power, and Has Reignedquot; Revelations 11.17 quot;Be ye Holy for I am Holyquot; 1 Peter 1.16 quot;Is Any Among you Afflicted? quot;And They Overcame him Let him Prayquot; by the Blood of the Lamb, 1 Peter 5.13 and by the Word of their Testimonyquot; Revelations 12.11 quot;Is any Sick Among You? Let Him Call for the Elders of the Churchquot; quot;Therefore, Rejoice, Ye Heavens, 1 Peter 5.14 and Ye that Dwell in Them. Woe to thy Inhabitans of the Earth, and of the Sea! For the Devil is come Down unto You, Having Great Wrath, quot;Is any Merry? Let Him Singquot; because He Knoweth that he Hath 1 Peter 5.13 but a Short Timequot; Revelations 12.12 quot;Thou art Worthy Oh Lord, to Receive Glory & Honor and Power, for Thou Hast Created all Things, and for thy Pleasure, they are and Were Createdquot; Revelations 4.11 quot;Let None of You Imagine Evil in Your Hearts against his Neighbor, and Love no False Oath for all these are Things that I Hate, says the Lordquot; Zechariah 8.17
  16. 16. was taken out of Manquot; Genesis 2.23 quot;Therefore shall a Man Leave his Father and his Mother, and quot;Behold the Man whose Name is shall Cleave unto his Wife; and the Branch, and he Shall Grow they Shall be One Fleshquot; Up out of his Place, and He Shall Genesis 2.24 Build the Temple of the Lordquot; Zechariah 6.12 quot;And they were Both Naked, the Man and his Wife, and Were not Ashamedquot; quot;The Lord is Good, a Strong Genesis 2.25 Hold in the Day of Troublequot; Nahum 1.7 quot;And when the Woman saw that the Tree was Good for Food, and that it was Pleasant to the Eyes, quot;In Whom we Have Boldness and a Tree to be Desired to make and Access with Confidence One Wise, she took of the Fruit Thereof, by the Faith of Himquot; and did Eat, and Gave also Unto Her Ephesians 3.12 Husband with her, and he did Eatquot; Genesis 3.7 quot;That Christ May dwell in Your Hearts by Faith : that ye, Being Rooted and Grounded in Love May be Able to Comprehend quot;And the eyes of them both were Opened, with all Saints what is the Breadth, and Length, and they Knew that they were Naked, and Depth, and Height: And to Know the Love and they Sewed Fig Leaves Together, and of Christ Which Passeth Knowledge, that Ye Made Themselves Strong Apronsquot; Might be Filled with all the Fulness of God.quot; Genesis 3.7 Ephesians 3.17-19 quot;And I Wept Much Because no Man Was Found Worthy to open and to Read the Book, Neither to Look Thereonquot; quot;Unto Adam also and Revelations 5.4 to his Wife did the Lord God make Coats of Skins, and Clothed themquot; Genesis 3.21 quot;
  17. 17. quot;And he [Ishmael] became an Archerquot; Genesis 21.20 'He that Overcometh shall Inherit all Things, and I will Be his God, and he shall be my Son' Revelations 21.7 quot;And the Chief Captain Came unto Abraham, and said 'Swear unto Me here by God that thou wilt not Deal Falsely quot;I Jesus have Sent Mine Angel with me, nor with my Son, to Testify unto You These Things nor with my Son's in the Churches. I am the Root and son; but According to the the Offspring of David, and the Kindness that I have Bright and Morning Starquot; Done unto Thee, thou shall do Revelations 22.16 unto me, and to the Land where thou Hast Sojourned.quot; Genesis 21.23 quot;And There Shall be No Night There and They Need no Candle Neither Light of the Sun, for the Lord God Giveth them Light, and they Shall Reign Forever & Everquot; quot;And Abraham said, 'I will Swear'quot; Revelations 22.5 Genesis 21.24 quot;And the Spirit and the Bride say Come. And let him that Heareth say Come. And quot;...God did Tempt Abraham, and said let him that is Athirst come. And whosoever unto him, Abraham, and he said, will let him take the Water of Life Freelyquot; Behold here I am; and HE said, Revelations 22.17 'Take now thy Son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou Lovest, and get Thee into the Land of Moriah; and offer him there quot;Who shall not Fear Thee, Oh Lord, and for a Burnt Offering upon One of the Glorify Thy Name? For Thou Art only Mountains which I will tell thee of.quot; Holy--for all Nations Shall Come and Genesis 22.2 Worship Before Theequot; Revelations 15.4
  18. 18. quot;...and Abraham Bound his son, and Laid him on quot;Who shall separate us from the love of Christ..quot; the Altar upon the Woodquot; Romans 8.35 Genesis 22.9 quot;Let love be genuine; hate what is what is evil, hold fast to what is good...quot; Romans 12.09 quot;And [an Angel of the Lord said] quot;Therefore love is the fulfilling of the law..quot; 'Lay not Thine Romans 13.10 Hand upon the Lad, Neither do Thou Any Thing unto him; for Now quot;I appeal to you brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ I know that thou Fearest and by the love of the Spirit, God...quot; to strive together with me in your prayers to Genesis 23.12 God on my behalf...quot; Romans 15.30 quot;If I speak in the tongues of mean and of angels, ..but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging quot;And in thy Seed Shall cymbal...quot; all the Nations of 1 Corinthians 13.01 the Earth be Blessed; Because thou Hast Obeyed my Voicequot; Genesis 22.18
  19. 19. quot;And Isaac said,'Behold the Fire quot;And after that Came his & the Wood, but where is the Lamb Brother, and his Hand for a Burnt Offering?quot; took Hold of Esau's Heel, Genesis 22.7 and his Name was Called Jacobquot; Genesis 25.26 quot;Only be thou Strong and very Courageous, that thou Mayest quot;And Isaac Loved Esau, but Observe to do According Rebekah Loved Jacobquot; to all the Law, which Moses my Servant Commanded thee, turn not from it to the Genesis 25.28 Right or to the Left, that thou Mayest Prosper withersoever thou Goestquot; Joshua 1.7 And [Esau] Sold his Birthright quot;And Joshua said quot;Hereby ye shall to Jacob [for a Pottage of Lentiles]quot; know that the Living God is among you- Genesis 25.34 -and that He will without Fail Drive out from Before you the Canaanites...quot; Joshua 3.10 quot;And it came to pass, when the people quot;And Jacob Called the name of the Place, Removed from their Tents, to Pass Over Jordan, and the Priests Bearing the Ark Peniel, for I have Seen God Face to Face, of the Covenant Before the People; and and my Life is Preserved.quot; as they that Bare the Ark were Come unto Jordan, and the Feet of the Priests were Genesis 32.30 Dipped in theBrim of the Water for Jordan Overfloweth all his Banks all the Time of Harvest That the Waters which And the first [son] came out Came Down from Above Stood and Rose Red, all Over up upon an Heap very Far from the City Adam, that is beside Zaretan: and those Like a Hairy Garment, that Came down Toward the Sea of the Plain and they Called His name even the Salt Sea, Failed, and were Cut off; and the People passed over Right Esauquot; against Jerichoquot; Joshua 3.16 Genesis 25.25
  20. 20. quot;[And the Lord Appeared unto Abraham] And Esau Returned...and and said, 'I will Make thy When Esau Heard the seed to Multiply Words of his Father, he Cried as the Stars of Heaven, and with a Great and Will Give unto thy Exceeding Bitter Cry, and said, Seed all These Countries; Bless me, Even and in Thy Seed me Also, O My Fatherquot; Shall all the Nations of the Genesis 27. 34 Earth be Blessed' quot; Genesis 26.4 “For we are Made Partakers of quot;And Isaac said, 'Thy Brother Christ, if we Came with Subtility quot;And Rebekah put the and Hath Taken Away thy Blessingquot; “Harden not Hold the Genesis 27.35 skins of the kids of the Goats Upon Jacob's Hands, your Beginning of our and upon His Neck... Hearts Confidence and he Came unto his Father and said....'I am Steadfast unto as in the Esau, thy Firstborn...quot; the End” quot;And Esau said, ....'he took Genesis 27.16-19 Provocatio away my Birthright, and Hebrews n, in the behold, now he Hath Taken 3.14 away my Blessing.quot; Day of Genesis 27.36   Temptatio quot;And Isaac said, ' The n in the Voice is Jacob's Voice, but the Hands are the Hands Wilderness of Esau, art Thou my ” very Son Esau? And Jacob said, ' I am.''quot; Genesis 27.22 Hebrews 3.8 quot;
  21. 21. quot;And God Remembered Noah, and Every Living Thing, quot;And Isaac said [to Esau], 'Behold thy and all the Cattle that with with Blessing shall be the him in the Ark; and God Fatness of the Earth, and of the Dew of Heaven made a Wind to Pass Over the quot;That this may be a Sign Among you, from Above; that When your Children ask their and by they Sword shalt Earth, and the Waters Fathers in Time to Come, Saying, What Thou Live... Asswagedquot; mean ye be these Stones? Then ye Shall and it shall Come to Pass Answer them, that the Waters of Jordan when Thou Shalt Genesis 8.1 Have Dominion that thou were Cut off Before the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord; when it Passed over Jordan, the Shalt Break his Waters of Jordan were Cut off, and These Yoke from off Thy Neckquot; Stones Shall be for a Memorial unto the Genesis 27.39-40 Children of Israel foreverquot; Joshua 4.7 quot;And God Blessed Noah and his quot;For the Lord your God Dried up the Waters of Jordan from before you, quot;And Jacob wrestled a Man... Sons and said unto them, 'Be Fruitful until ye Were Passed Over, as the Lord until the Breaking of the Day, your God did tothe Red Sea, which He and the Hollow of Jacob's Thigh and Multiply, and Replenish the Earthquot; was out of Joint...and [the man said] Dried up from Before us, until we Were Genesis 9.1 Gone Overquot; 'Let me go' and Jacob replied, Joshua 4.23 quot;I will not Let you go unless you Bless me....'and the Man said, 'Thy Name Shall be no more Called Jacob, but Israel; for as a Prince Hast Thou Power with God, and with Men, and Hast Prevailed...quot; Genesis 32.25-28 quot;And the Fear of you and the
  22. 22. quot;Neither shall ye Profane my Holy Name; but I will be Hallowed among Where is Abel thy Brother? the Children of Israel: I am the Lord which Hallow youquot; And [Cain] said, Exodus 22.32 'I Know Not, Am I my Brother's Keeper?quot; Genesis 4.9 quot;If a Woman have Conceived Seed and Born a Man Child, then she Shall be Unclean Seven Days; According to the Days of the Separation for Her Infirmity shall she be Uncleanquot; Leviticus 12.2 quot;And the Lord said, I will Destroy quot;Aand when the Days of her Purifying are Man Whom I have Fulfilled, for a Son, or for a Daughter, Created from the she Shall Bring a Lamb of the First Year for a Burnt Offering, and a Young Pigeon, Face of the Earth, or a Turtledove for a Sin Offering unto the Door both Man, and Beast, of the Tabernacle of the Congregation, unto the Priestquot; and the Creeping thing, Leviticus 12.6 and the Fowls of the Air, for it Grieveth me that quot;And if any Man's Seed of Copulation go I Have Made themquot; Out for him, then he Shall Wash all his Flesh in Water, and be Unclean until the Evening, Genesis 6.7 and Every Garment, and every Skin Whereon the Seed of Copulation, Shall be Washed with Water, and be Unclean unto the Evening. The Woman also with Whom Man shall Lie with Seed of Copulation, they Shall Both Bathe Themselves in Water, and be Unclean until the Eveningquot; Levitcus 15.18 quot;Thou Shalt not Avenge, nor Bear any Grudge against the Children of thy People, but thou Shalt Love thy Neighbor as Thyself,
  23. 23. quot;Keep the Sabbath Day to Sanctify it , as the Lord thy God Hath Commanded quot;Hear O Israel: The Lord our God is theequot; Deuteronomy 5.12 One Lordquot; Deuteronomy 6.4 quot;Honor thy Father and thy Mother as the Lord thy God Hath Commanded thee, that thy Days quot;Thou Shall not Desire thy Neighbor's may be Prolonged, and that it may Wife, nor Covet thy Neighbors House, his Go well with thee, in the Land which Field, his Manservant, or his Maidservant, quot;And ye shall Love the Lord thy God the Lord thy God Giveth theequot; his Ox, his Ass, or anything that is with all thine Heart, and with all thy Deuteronomy 5.16 thy Neighborsquot; Soul, and with all thy Mightquot; Deuteronomy 5.21 Deuteronomy 6.5 quot;Thou Shall not Killquot; Deuteronomy 5.17 quot;Thou Shall Fear the Lord thy God and Serve Him, and Shall quot;Thou Shall not Commit Swear by His Namequot; Adultereyquot; Deuteronomy 5. 18 quot;Ye Shall Walk in all the ways Deuteronomy 6.13 that the Lord your God Commanded, that ye may Live, and that it may be Well with you, and that ye may Prolong quot;Thou Shall not Stealquot; your Days in the Land which ye Shall Deuteronomy 5.19 Possessquot; Deuteronomy 5.33 quot;Thou Shall do what is Right and Good in the Sight of the Lord that it may be Well with thee...quot; quot;Thou Shall not Bear False Witness Deuteronomy 6. 17 against thy Neighborquot; Deuteronomy 5.20
  24. 24. And when you Stand “The Spirit of the Lord is on Praying, if you Hold me because He has Annointed Anything Against Anyone, me to Preach Good News to the Forgive him, so that Poor. He has Sent me to Your Father in Heaven Proclaim Freedom for the May Forgive you Your Prisoners and Recovery of Sins” Sight for the Blind, to Release (Mark 11.26) The Oppressed, to Proclaim The Year of the Lord’s Favor” Luke 4.18-19 “The Most Important [Commandment] is “Be Quiet!” Jesus said This: ‘Hear O Israel,  Sternly. “Come out of The Lord our God, the him!” Lord is One. Love the Luke 4.35 Lord with all your Heart And with all your Soul And with all your Mind, And with all your Strength” “I must Preach the Good         Mark 12.29-30 News of the Kingdom of God to the Other Towns Also, because that is Why “Give to Caesar what is I was Sent” Caesar’s and to God what Luke 4.43 Is God’s” Mark 12.17 “Friend, Your Sins are Forgiven” Luke 5.20 “The Son of Man is the Lord of the Sabbath” Luke 6.5
  25. 25. quot;Let us not Judge Therefore quot;When ye Have Transgressed the ne Another Anymore: Covenant of the Lord your god, which but Judge this Rather, that no He Commanded you, and Have Gone Man put a Stumbling and Served Other gods, and Bowed Block or an Occasion to Fall in yourselves Down to them, then Shall His Brother's Wayquot; the Anger of the Lord be Kindled Romans 14.13 Against you, and ye Shall Perish Quickly from off the Good Land which he Hath Given unto youquot; quot;Now the God of Patience & Joshua 23.16 Consolation Grant you to be Likeminded One Toward Another According to Christ Jesusquot; Romans 15.5 quot;And if it Seem Evil unto you to Serve the Lord, Choose you this Day whom ye Will Serve, whether quot;That Ye May with One the gods Which your fathers Mind and One Mouth Served that were on the Other Glorify God, even the Father Side of the Floor, or the gods of of Our Lord Jesus Christ.quot; the Amorites...but as for me and Romans 15.6 my House we Will Serve the Lordquot; Joshua 24.15 quot; ...your Faith Should not Stand in the Wisdom of Men, but in the Power of God...quot; 1 Corinthians 2. 5 quot;And the People Answered and Said, quot;God Forbid that we Should Forsake the Lord, to Serve Other godsquot; quot;The Bible is Both the Living Word of God, and Joshua 24.16 Exciting Literature...quot; J.P. Kok quot;If ye Forsake the Lord, and Serve Strange gods, then he will Turn and do you Hurt, and Consume you...quot; Joshua 24.20
  26. 26. quot;He shall eat the Bread of his God, both of the Most Holy, and of the Holyquot; quot;But Yes Beloved, Building up Yourselves Leviticus 21.22 on Your Most Holy Faith, praying in the Holy Ghostquot; Jude 1.20 quot;These are the Feasts of the Lord which ye Shall Proclaim to be Holy Convocations, to Offer an Offering quot;Hereby Know ye the Spirit of God, Made by Fire unto the Lord, a Burnt every Spirit that Confesseth that Jesus Offering and a Meat Offering, a Sacrifice, Christ is Come in the Flesh is of Godquot; and Drink Offerings, Every Thing 1 John 4.2 Upon His Dayquot; Leviticus 23.37 quot;He that Loveth Not Knoweth Not God, for God is Lovequot; 1 John 4.8 quot;Ye shall Dwell in Booths Seven Days; all that are Israelites Born Shall Dwell in Boothsquot; quot;This is he that Come by Water & Blood, Leviticus 23.42 Even Jesus Christ, not by Water Only, but by Water and Blood. And it is the Spirit that Beareth Witness Because the Spirit is Truthquot; 1 John 5.6 quot;But in the Seventh Year Shall be a Sabbath of Rest unto the Land, a Sabbath for the Lord; thou Shalt Neither Sow thy Field, nor Prune thy quot;...God is Love...quot; Vineyardquot; 1 John 4.16 Leviticus 25.4 quot;Ye shall not Therefore Oppress One Another; but thou Shalt Fear thy God; for I am the Lord your Godquot; Leviticus 25.17 END Genesis through Joshua
  27. 27. “But the One who quot;But as Truly as I Live, all the Earth Hears my Words shall be Filled with the Glory of the Lordquot; and Does not Put them Numbers 4.21 into Practice is like a Man who Built a House on quot;And while the Children of Israel were in the Wilderness, they Found the Ground without a a Man that Gathered Sticks upon the Foundation” Sabbath Dayquot; Luke 6.49 Numbers 15.32 quot;And the Lord said to Moses, 'The Man Shall be Put to Death; all the Congregation shall “When the Lord saw Stone him with Stones without the Campquot; her, His Heart went Number 15.35 out to Her and he Said, “Don’t Cry” Luke 7.13 quot;I am the Lord your God Who Brought you Out of the Land of Egypt, to be your God: I am the Lord your Godquot; “No one Lights a Numbers 15.41 Lamp and Hides it in a Jar or Puts it Under a Bed. “ Luke 8.16 quot;And Moses lifted up his Hand, and with his Rod he Smote the Rock Twice; and the Water came out Abundantly, and the Congregation Drank...quot; Numbers 20.11 He is like a man Building a House who Dug Down Deep and Laid the Foundation on Rock. When a Flood Came, the Torrent Struck That House but could not Shake it…” Luke 6.46-48 quot;The the Lord Opened the Eyes of Balaam, and he saw the Angel of the Lord standing in the Way, and his Sword Drawn in his hand: and he Bowed Down his Head, and Fell Flat on his
  28. 28. quot;And we Know that we are of God and the Whole World Lieth in Wickednessquot; 1 John 5.19 quot;I Have no Greater Joy than to Hear that My Children Walk in Truthquot; 3 John 4 quot;He that Hath an Ear Let Him Hear “Whoever Sows Sparingly Seeing you Have will also Reap Sparingly, and What the Spirit Says unto the Churches, to Him that Overcometh, Purified your Souls in Whoever Sows Generously will will I Give to Eat of the Tree of Life Also Reap Generously” Obeying the Truth through Which is in the Midst of the 2 Corinthians 9.6 Paradise of Godquot; The Spirit unto Unfeigned Revelations 2.7 Love of the Brethren, see that You Love one Another with a quot;Repent, or Else I will Come Unto Thee Quickly, and Will Fight Against Pure Heart, Fervently” Them with the Sword of my Mouthquot; 1 Peter 1.22 “For though we Live in the Revelations 2.16 World, we do not Wage War As the World Does” 2 Corinthians 10. 3
  29. 29. “Make Straight Paths for your Feet, Lest that which is Lame be ”For in Him we Live and Move And Have our Being. As Some of Turned out of the Way, but Your Own Poets have Said, Let it Rather be Healed. Follow ‘We are His Offspring’” Peace with all Men, and Acts 17.28 Holiness, without Which no Man Shall See the Lord” Hebrews 12. 13-14 “You know the Grace of our Lord k Jesus Christ, that though He was “Ye have not Yet Resisted unto Rich, for your Sakes He became Poor, so that you through His Poverty Blood, Striving against Sin” Might Become Rich” “Every Sabbath Paul Reasoned Hebrews 12. 4 2 Corinthians 8.9 in the Synagogue, Trying to Persuade Jews & Greeks” Acts 18. 4 “Yet a Man May Say ‘Thou hast Faith, and I have Works, Show me thy Faith Without thy Works, and I Will Show thee my Faith By my Works” James 2.18 “
  30. 30. Where, O Death, is your Victory? Where, O death, is Have Gained Access by Faith Your Sting? Into this Grace in which we now 1 Corinthians 15.55 Stand. And we Rejoice in the Hope Of the Glory of God” Romans 5.1-2 “Be on your Guard; Stand Firm in the Faith, be Men Of Courage, be Strong.” “Now you are the Body of Christ, 1 Corinthians 16. 13 and Each one of You is a Part of it” 1 Corinthians 12. 27 “Do Everything in Love” 1 Corinthians 16.14 “Love does not Delight in Evil but Rejoices with the Truth” “Since we have these 1 Corinthians 13. 6 Promises dear Friends, let Us Purify Ourselves from Everything that Contaminates “For as in Adam all die, so in Body and Spirit, Perfecting Christ all will be Made Alive” Holiness out of Reverence 1 Corinthians 15.22 For God” 2 Corinthians 7. 1 “Do not be Misled: ‘Bad Company Corrupts Good Character. Come back to “Godly Sorrow Brings Repentance Your Senses as your Ought, that Leads to Salvation and Leaves And Stop Sinning” no Regret, but Worldy Sorrow Brings 1 Corinthians 15. 33 Death” 2 Corinthians 7.10
  31. 31. “Each One Should Test his Own Actions. Then he can Take Pride In himself without Comparing Himself to Somebody Else. For Each one Should Carry his Own Load” Galatians 6. 5 “If Anyone is Confident that he Belongs to Christ, he should Consider Again that we Belong to “But the Lord is Faithful, who Christ just as much as he” Shall Stablish you, and Keep 2 Corinthians 10. 7 You From Evil” 1 Thessalonians 3.3 “The One who Sows to Please the Spirit, from the Spirit will Reap “Grace be with you, mercy, and Eternal Life” Peace, from God the Father, and Galatians 6.8 From the Lord Jesus Christ, the “I Want you to Know Brothers Son of the Father, in Truth and that the Gospel I Preached is not Love” Something that Man Made up… 2 John 3 I Received it by Revelation from Jesus Christ” “I am Alpha & Omega, the Galatians 1. 12 First & Last” Revelation 1.11 “Consider Abraham: ‘He Believed God, and it was Credited to him as Righteousness’” Galatians 3.6
  32. 32. “For our Conversation is in Heaven, from whence Also we Look for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” Philippians 3.20 “Christ Redeemed us from the Curse of the Law by Becoming “Rejoice in the Lord always, A Curse for us….” “That ye may be Blameless and and Again I say Rejoice!” Galatians 3.13 Philippians 4.4 Harmless, the sons of God, without “And the Peace of God, which Rebuke, in the Midst of a Crooked Passeth all Understanding, Shall “Now that Faith has Come we And Perverse Nation, Among Whom Keep your Hearts & Minds are no Longer under the Supervision Through Christ Jesus” Ye Shine as Lights in the World” Philippians 4.7 of the Law” Galatians 3.25 Philippians 2.15 “For if we believe that Jesus Died and Rose again, Even “But what things were Gain to So they Also who Sleep in Jesus will God Bring with “Love your Neighbor as me, those I Counted Loss for Him” Yourself” Christ” 1 Thessalonians 4.14 Galatians 5. 14 Philippians 3.7 “For the Lord Himself shall Descend from Heaven with a Shout, with the Voice of the Archangel, and with the Trump “Since we Live by the Spirit, Of God…” “That I may know him, not 1 Thessalonians 4.16 .let us keep in Step with the Spirit. Let us not Become Having mine Own Righteousness, Conceited, Provoking, and “But we are Bound to Give Envying Each Other” Which is of the Law, but that thanks always to God for you; Galatians 5. 26 Which is Through the Faith of Brethren Beloved of the Lord, Because God hath from the Christ, the Righteousness which Beginning Chosen you to Salvation through Sanctification Is of God by Faith” Of the Spirit and Belief of the Philippians 3.9 Truth” 1 Thessalonians 2.13
  33. 33. Descend from Heaven with a Shout, with the Voice of the Archangel, and with the Trump “As ye Have Therefore Received Of God…” Christ Jesus the Lord, so Walk 1 Thessalonians 4.16 Ye in Him, Rooted and Built Up in Him & Established in the “But we are Bound to Give Faith, as ye Have been Taught, thanks always to God for you; Abounding therein with “I was a Stranger, and Brethren Beloved of the Lord, Thanksgiving” ye Took me not in Because God hath from the Colossians 2.6-7 Naked, and ye Clothed Beginning Chosen you to Me Not, Sick, and in Salvation through Sanctification Prison, and ye Visited Of the Spirit and Belief of the “Put on Therefore, as the Elect of Me not…” Truth” God, Holy & Beloved, Bowels of Matthew 25.43-45 1 Thessalonians 2.13 Mercies, Kindness, Humbleness Of Mind, Meekness, Longsuffering, “When Lord? [you shall “But the Lord is Faithful, who Forbearing One Another, and ask]…When ye did not Shall Stablish you, and Keep Forgiving One Another” do unto one of the Least You From Evil” Colossians 3.12-13 of these you did not 1 Thessalonians 3.3 do unto Me” “And Let the Peace of God Rule Matthew 25.43-45 in Your Hearts, To the Which also “Grace be with you, mercy, and ye are Called in One Body, and be “Jesus took the Bread, Peace, from God the Father, and ye Thankful” Blessed it, and Broke it, and From the Lord Jesus Christ, the Colossians 3. 15 Gave it to the Disciples, and Son of the Father, in Truth and Said, ‘Take, Eat, this is My Love” “Ye Fathers, Provoke not your Body’ ” 2 John 3 Children to Wrath, but Bring them Matthew 26.25 Up in the Nurture and Admonition “I am Alpha & Omega, the Of the Lord” “And He took the Cup,  First & Last” Ephesians 6.4 and Gave Thanks, and Revelation 1.11 Gave it to Them saying, -------------------------------------------- “Grace be with all them that Love ‘Drink ye all of it. For this ‘In Whom we Have Redemption our Lord Jesus Christ in Sincerity. is my Blood of the New through His Blood, Even the Amen. Testament which is  Forgiveness of Sins; Who is Ephesians 6.24 Shed for Many for the The Image of the Invisible God, Remission of Sins” The firstborn of Every Creature”        Matthew 26.28 Colossians 1. 14-15 “For Satan himself is Transformed into an angel “Watch and Pray, that Of light” ye Enter not Into 2 Corinthians 11.14 Temptation, the spirit Indeed is Willing but the Flesh is Weak” Matthew 26.41
  34. 34. “By Pureness, by Knowledge, And how shall they Preach, Unless they by Longsuffering, by Kindness, be Sent? As it is Written, ‘How Beautiful by the Holy Spirit, by Love are the Feet of them that Preach the Unfeigned, by the Word of Truth, Gospel of Peace, and Bring Glad Tidings --------------------------------------- By the Power of God, by the Of Good Things!” “Harden not your Hearts Armor of Righteousness on the Romans 10.15 as in the Provocation, in Right Hand and on the Left” the Day of Temptation in 2 Corinthians 6.6-7 “For whosoever Shall Call upon the Name of the Lord shall be Saved. How the Wilderness” Hebrews 3.8 “For God is not the Author of Then Shall they Call on Him in Confusion but of Peace, as in Whom they have not Believed? And “For we are Made All Churches of the Saints” How Shall they Believe in Him of Partakers of Christ, if we 1 Corinthians 14.33 Whom they have not Heard? And how Shall they Hear without a Preacher? Hold the Beginning of our Confidence Steadfast unto “Therefore, whether it were I or Romans 10.14 the End” They, so we Preach, and so ye Hebrews 3.14 Believed”   1 Corinthians 15.11 “Unto the Pure all things are Pure, but unto them  “For as Often as ye Eat this Bread that are Defiled and and Drink this Cup, ye do Show the Unbelieving is Nothing Lord’s Death until He Comes…” Pure, but even their  1 Corinthians 11.26 Mind & Conscience is Defiled”    Titus 1.15 “The Cup of Blessing which we Bless, is it not the Communion “The Grace of God Of the Blood of Christ? The Bread that Bringeth Salvation Which we Break, is it not the hath Appeared to Communion of the Body of Christ?” All Men” 1 Corinthians 10. 16 Titus 2.11 “For we Being Many are One Bread “For we have Great Joy and one Body, for we are all and Consolation in thy Partakers of that one Bread” Love, Because the Bowels 1 Corinthians 10.17 Of the Saints are Refreshed By thee Brother” “Ye Cannot Drink the Cup of the Lord Philemon .7 and the Cup of Devils, ye cannot be Partakers of the Lord’s Table and of The Table of the Devils” 1 Corinthians 10.21 “
  35. 35. “I am the Way, and the “Walk as Children of Light – Truth, and the Life. No  for the Fruit of The Spirit is in One Comes to the Father all Goodness and Righteousness Except through me. If and Truth”” Ephesians 5.8-9 You Really Knew Me, you  Would know my Father as              Well.” “And be not Drunk with Wine,        John 14. 7 Wherein is Excess, but be “…We thank God  Filled with the Spirit” without Ceasing, Because, Ephesians 5.18 “The Words I say to you when ye Received the  are not Just my Own. Word of God which  Rather it is the Father, Ye Heard of us, Ye  ’Giving Thanks always for all Received it not as the  Things unto God and the Living in Me, who is Father in the Name of our Doing His Work” Word of Men, but as it  Is in Truth, the Word of Lord Jesus Christ” John 14.10    Ephesians 5. 20 God, which Effectually Worketh also in you . That Believe” “Peace be to the Brethren, “I Tell you the Truth,   1 Thessalonians 2.13 and Love with Faith, from Anyone who Has Faith God the Father and the  In Me will do What I  “For now we Live if Lord Jesus Christ” Have been Doing” ye Stand Fast in the Ephesians 6.23      John 14. 12 Lord” 1 Thessalonians 3.8 “Continue in Prayer   and Watch in the Same   with Thanksgiving” 1 Thessalonians 4.2 “And I will do Whatever you ask in My Name, so that “Ye are Witnesses, the Son may Bring Glory and God also, how to the Father” Holily and Justly, and John 14. 13 Unblameably we Behaved Ourselves Among you That Believe” 1 Thessalonians 2.10
  36. 36. “Be Very Careful, then, How you Live—not as Unwise, but as Wise, making the Most of “Let us not Become Weary in Every Opportunity, because the Doing Good, for at the Proper Days are Evil.” Time we Will Reap a Harvest if we Ephesians 5. 15-16 Do not Give up” Galatians 6.9 “Having Believed, you Were Marked in Him with a Seal, “After all, no one ever Hated his The Promised Holy Spirit who Own Body, but he Feeds and Cares Is a Deposit Guaranteeing “In Him we have Redemption For it, just as Christ does the Our Inheritance until the through His Blood, the Church” Redemption of those who are Forgiveness of Sins, in Ephesians 5.29 God’s Possession—the the Accordance with the Riches of Praise of His Glory “ God’s Grace that He Lavished “Finally, be Strong in the Ephesians 1. 14 On us with all Wisdom and Lord and in His Mighty Understanding” Power. Put on the Full Ephesians 1. 7 Armor of God so that you Can Stand Against the Devil’s Schemes” Ephesians 6.10-11 “And He made Known to us “Now to Him who is able to do the Mystery of His Will Immeasurably more than all we According to His Good Pleasure, “In Addition to all this, Ask or Imagine, According to Which He Purposed in Christ take up the Shield of Faith, His Power that is at Work within To be Put into Effect when the with which You Can Us, to Him be Glory in the Church Times will Have Reached their Extinguish all the Flaming And in Christ Jesus throughout Fulfillment… Arrows of the Evil One” All Generations, forever and Ever Ephesians 1. 9-10 Ephesians 6. 16 Amen! Ephesians 3.20- 21 “Take the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of ”In Him we were also Chosen, The Spirit, which is the Having Been Predestined, Word of God” According to the Plan of Him Ephesians 6. 17 Who Works Out Everything in Conformity with the Purpose of His Will” Ephesians 1.11
  37. 37. ”Therefore, Consider Carefully how you will Listen. Whoever has will Be Given More; Whoever Does not Have, even “Peter Answered, What He Thinks he has Will be Taken from him” ‘The Christ of God’” Luke 8.18 Luke 9.20(b) “What Good is it for “Daughter, your Faith a Man to Gain the Whole has Healed you. Go in World, and Yet Lose or Peace” Forfeit his very Self?” Luke 8.48 Luke 9.25 “Take Nothing for the Journey—no Staff, no “If anyone is Ashamed of Bag, no Bread, No Money, Me and my Words, the Son No Extra Tunic” Of Man will be Ashamed of Luke 9.3 Him when He Comes in His Glory, and in the Glory of the Father and of the Holy Angels” “But what about you. Who do you Say I am?” Luke 9. 20
  38. 38. “Whoever Welcomes this   Child in my Name Welcomes “I Saw Satan Fall like “How much more will your Me; and Whoever Welcomes Lightning from Heaven. I Father in Heaven Give the Me, Welcomes the One who  Have Given you Authority to Holy Spirit to Those who            Sent Me…” Trample on Snakes and          Ask Him!”        Luke 9.48 Scorpions and to Overcome        Luke 11. 13 All the Power of the Enemy; Nothing will Harm you” Luke 10. 18-19 “But if I Drive out Demons by the Finger of God, then the Kingdom of God has “Do not Stop him, for “Blessed are the Eyes that Come to you” Whoever is not Against See what you See” Luke 11.20 you is for you” Luke 10. 23 Luke 9.50 “So I say to You: Ask and it Will be Given to You; Seek and you will Find; ‘I Tell you My Friends, Knock and the Door will Do not Be Afraid of Those “Let the Dead Bury their Be Opened to you. Who Kill the Body, but Own Dead, but you go After that Can do no More. And Proclaim the Kingdom But I will Show you whom Of God” You Should Fear. Fear Him who, Luke 9.60 For Everyone who Asks, After the Killing of the Body has Receives; he who Seeks, The Power to Throw you into Finds, and to him who Knocks, Hell” The Door will be Opened” Luke 12.5 Luke 11.10  
  39. 39. “And with Great Power gave the Apostles Witness of the Resurrection Of the Lord Jesus; and Great Grace Was upon them All” quot;Thou shall be Perfect with the Acts 4.33 Lord thy Godquot; Deuteronomy 18.13 quot;IF thou shalt keep all these Commandments “But when the Comforter is Come, to do Them, which I Command thee this Whom I will Send unto you from the Day, to Love the Lord thy God, and to Father, even the Spirit of Truth, which Walk Ever in His Ways, Then Shalt thou Proceedeth from the Father, he shall add Three Cities More for Thee...quot; Testify of me” Deuteronomy 19.9 John 15.26 quot;The Lord shall Make thee Plenteous in Goods, in the Fruit of thy Body, an in the “I Pray for them, I pray not for Fruit of thy Ground, in the Land which the world, but for them which the Lord Swore unto thy Fathers to Give thou Hast Given me, for they theequot; are Thine” Deuteronomy 28.11 John 17. 9 quot;But it shall Come to Pass if thou “I have Glorified thee on the will not Hearken unto the Voice of Earth, I have Finished the the Lord thy God, to observe to do Work which thou Gavest me all His Commandments, and His To do” Statutes which I Command thee this John 17.4 Day, that all these Curses Shall Come Upon Thee, and Overtake Theequot; Deuteronomy 28.15 “For this is the Love of God, that we Keep His Commandments, quot;Keep therefore the Words of and His Commandments are not this Covenant, and do Them, that Grievous” ye May Prosper in all that ye doquot; 1 John 5. 3 Deuteronomy 29.9
  40. 40.     “Therefore, I tell you, Do “[The Kingdom of God] is like not Worry about Your Life, a Mustard Seed Which a Man  What you will Eat, or About Took and Planted in his Garden.  Your Body, what you will It Grew and Became a Tree and Wear. Life is More than Food, and The Birds of the Air Perched in The Body more than Clothes”          Its Branches” Luke 12.22         Luke 13.18   “But the Father said to his ‘And do not Set your Heart on Servant, “Quick!. Bring the What you Will Eat or Drink, do Best Robe and Put it on Not Worry About it” Him. Put a Ring on his Finger, Luke 12. 29 And Sandals on his Feet” Luke 15.22   “But Seek His Kingdom and  these Things will Be Given to ‘No Servant can Serve Two          you as well”  Masters”        Luke 12.31 Luke 16.13 “For Where your Treasure is, ….but God knows your there Your Heart will be Also” Hearts” Luke 12.34 Luke 16. 15 “For Everyone who has Been “Things that Cause People Given, much will be Demanded, to Sin are Bound to Come, And from the One who has been but Woe to that Person Entrusted with Much, Much More through Whom they Come” Will be Asked” Luke 17.1 Luke 12. 48
  41. 41. quot;And Joseph said unto Pharaoh, quot;And his Brethren Envied ...the Seen Good Kine are Seven Good himquot; quot;Be Strong and of Good Courage, Years, and the Seven Thin & Ill Genesis 37. 11 fear not, nor be Afraid of them; Kine...are Seven Years of Famine... for the Lord thy God, he it is that Genesis 41.27 Doth go with Thee; he will not Fail thee, nor Forsake theequot; Deuteronomy 31.6 quot;And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, quot;Let us Slay him [they said] See, I have Set Thee Over all the ...and we will say Some Evil quot;And it shall Come to Pass Land of Egyptquot; Beast Devoured him... when Many Evils and Troubles Genesis 41.41 Genesis 37.20 are Befallen them, that this Song shall Testify Against Them as a Witness for it Shall not be quot;And Joseph's Ten Brethren Forgotten out of the Mouths went down to Buy Corn in Egypt... of their Seed, for I know their and Joseph saw his Brethren, but quot;And they took Joseph's Imaginations which they go About, made himself Strange unto them, and Coat, and Killed a Kid of even now, Before I have Brought spoke Roughly,...and they Knew him the Goats, and Dipped the them into the Land which I Swarequot; Notquot; Coat in the Bloodquot; Deuteronomy 31.21 Genesis 42.1-8 Genesis 37.31 quot;And the Men took that Present, and they took Double Money in their quot;He is the Rock, His Work is Perfect; Hand, and Benjamin, and Rose up, quot;And Joseph was Brought down to for all His Ways are Judgment: a God of and went Down to Egypt, and Egypt, and Potiphar, an Officer of Truth and without Iniquity, Just and Stood Before Josephquot; Pharaoh, Captain of the Guard, Right is HEquot; Genesis 43.15 an Egyptian, Bought him...quot; Deuteronomy 32.4 Genesis 39.1 quot;Now therefore be not Grieved, nor Angry with Yourselves, that ye quot;And Joseph Interpreted the Dream, Sold me Hither, for God did Send saying [to the chief baker], quot;The Three me Before you to Preserve Baskets areThree Days, within which Lifequot; Pharaoh shall ...hang the on a Tree...quot; Genesis 45.5 Genesis 40.19