Mampel1James MampelMrs. BennettBrit Lit.16 September 2011                                       US. Army Rangers        Th...
Mampel2       The history and origins of the Rangers begins in battle in August 28, 1777 and as part ofthe military comman...
Mampel3       The US Army Rangers do not just accept anyone for their elite breed of warrior, andthere are a few requireme...
Mampel4choices, this includes being the platoon’s sergeant, and platoon’s leader, which is a positionwhere that platoon’s ...
Mampel5the raiders could not find the Americans; but later the raid was completed by 56 of the most-skilled Green Berets o...
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Us. army ranger


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Us. army ranger

  1. 1. Mampel1James MampelMrs. BennettBrit Lit.16 September 2011 US. Army Rangers There is a force so mighty, it has often been mistaken for the wrath of God, and that forceis the US Army Rangers. In the past the United States has had operations that were not fit forjust any average soldier; therefore there was a demand for a new breed of killing machine. TheArmy is a great fighting force when it comes down to being strong in numbers, but at times whenthe military cannot set up a big base and pull in a bunch of tanks, there is a demand for an eliteteam to go and fight in the shadows. Also during times where a leader, whether it be Platoonleader, or sergeant bites the dust, the mission must still be completed and all cost, thus this is thetime for a new leader to rise. The team used to meet the worst of scenarios, and the mostdangerous and discouraging of times is the warrior also used on front line combative operationsis the US Army Ranger, which are the only special operations force which even comes close tothe standard and quality of warrior found in the US Navy SEALs. The history of the most elitewarrior goes all the way back to 1700’s, in a time when Rangers were used to claim a nation’sindependence. Since that time Rangers have been known for their brutal, strenuous, hardcore,body-breaking training, and known to be the military’s least-passed challenge. Thanks to the lossof weakness and sweat the Rangers go through in training, there is much less bloodshed whencombat is calling to her groom, but this training and preparation has been challenged severaltimes in some of the deadliest raids known in US history. Rangers are the meanest, toughest, anddeadliest force in the world; nothing else other than the SEAL team can compare.
  2. 2. Mampel2 The history and origins of the Rangers begins in battle in August 28, 1777 and as part ofthe military commander Maxwell and his light infantry. The formation was used to fight thewhite Native American skirmishers who weresupporting Burgoyne’s invasion (Selesky 703).The US used Rangers as a last defense, although it was a new program, very young at the time.Despite the youth of the Ranger program, it still showed success as there is now a United Statesof America. Since the victory during the Revolutionary war, the Rangers have been used to fightother major battles. The US Rangers were used in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, theKorean War, Vietnam, and the current war on terror, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and muchmore. Back in the Civil War Rangers were called Confederate Gray Coats. The involvement ofthe Army Ranger during World War I and World War II was mostly unrecorded events of whichtook place in the fog of war and in the shadows of the night. Some of the events that took placein World War I and World War II were too heavy for the government to allow the informationexposed to the public, and are considered top secret today. In the Vietnam War, Rangers wouldgo in and drop out of planes, with guns blazing, and bullets flying all around the airborneinfantry. Yet despite all the action, it was not death the Army Ranger would fear, for the ArmyRanger has been known for being unshakeable, since Rangers are pretty much are breed for war.After the attack of the terrorists on September 11 2001, President George W. Bush sent Americainto a battle that would last over ten years. In the current War on Terror, America has used NavySEALs, Green Berets, Marine Recon, and Rangers to carry out the most difficult tasks in battle.All of the Spec Ops have been used in the current War on Terror, and the main on-foot fighterhas been the Army Ranger. Since the birth of the Ranger breed of military, there have beenmany battles and wars they have been used in, where they performed at their best.
  3. 3. Mampel3 The US Army Rangers do not just accept anyone for their elite breed of warrior, andthere are a few requirements one must reach in order to qualify and begin Ranger school training.There are several requirements to become a Ranger. One must be 18 years of age or older to joinand try out. One must be a US citizen in order to join the Rangers. The education required is thata person must have a high school diploma or higher. A person wanting to make it into the Rangerprogram must be able to pass the US Army physical fitness test. Finally, one who wants to jointhe Ranger program must score over 49 on the ASVAB, which is a knowledge test, and have aGT (Graded Test) score of 110. Once a person has met all of the requirements of joining theRanger program, the person must go through rigorous training to make the best out of himselfthat he can. The work out that takes place for the Ranger during training is called PT meaningphysical training. The PT is mostly cardio based including running until the soldier can do a fivemile run, with each of those miles taking less than eight minutes. For the endurance training ofPT, platoons march ten miles at a time, and the soldiers must complete two of the three, ten milemarches or they will be sent home. Soldiers must also be able to complete 49 pushups, becausewithout a strong core a person is nothing. A soldier must also be able to do 59 sit ups in order topass in Ranger school. A soldier in training must also be able to do six chin ups in order to passRanger school. All the requirements of what it takes to pass Ranger school may seem hard, and itis for non-warriors, but after weeks of training, and already being trained with the regular army,these challenges are difficult for anyone who is in or out of the military, even body builders havea difficult time, but for soldiers the challenges are a bit easier to the soon-to-be Rangers. All thatmatters though in battle isn’t always at the end of the knife saying whether one can do threehundred push up or not, sometimes in some situations it’s based off brains as well. DuringRanger school trainees must go on minimal sweet and rest, and turn around and make leadership
  4. 4. Mampel4choices, this includes being the platoon’s sergeant, and platoon’s leader, which is a positionwhere that platoon’s life is in the leaders hands. During the time in the Ranger school leadershiptraining every soldier will be tested in a scenario where the leader took a bullet between the eyes,and the mission is still in operation, and someone must keep things flowing so the lost was not invein, and mission can be complete. With every Ranger comes leadership experience that canmake decisions during the battle between life or death, which is another reason rangers are sowell trained, and prepared. Rangers are truly the most elite of all fighters to this day, and will bein days to come. The Rangers have been needed many times for special assignments that were not meantfor the faint of heart, or the weak, and these war dogs have been put into operations and raidsthat have been kept secret until later released after the time of that country’s involvement inwarfare is over. Some of the deadliest raids of US history involve the US Army Ranger, such asArmy Rangers Cabanatuan Rescue 1945. In 1944 the US military had returned to thePhilippines, which was the location of the past Bataan Death March. One time 127 ArmyRangers along with about 200 Filipino guerrillas went into the operation of taking over anextremely dangerous camp where planners feared that 9,000 enemy units could respond inminutes of first attack. After the operation 511 of the originally captured 513 soldiers wererescued from the camps. (Wilkinson, 34-41) all of which was done with minimal injuries andcasualties. The raid of the Cabanatuan Rescue, truly is one of the deadliest raids, was once againmade into a walk in the park by the US Army Rangers. The events that took place in theCabanatuan Rescue raid is just one raid the Rangers have been involved in many other raids,such as the IDF’s Entebbe Rescue of 1976, with the help of Israeli Forces, and the SpecialForces’ Son Tay Raid 1970, which was when the raiders failed their objective, but only because
  5. 5. Mampel5the raiders could not find the Americans; but later the raid was completed by 56 of the most-skilled Green Berets on that moonlit night. The Rangers have acquired a reputation for leadingthe way over the 240 plus years of being number one in most combat scenarios. Most of theseraids were based on rescues, and weakening the enemy from behind enemy lines. Sometimes theraids took much longer to complete than others. (Wilkinson,34-41) Rangers have been used insome of the wildest, most dangerous raids ever known in previous wars. There’s strong, and then there’s army strong, but then there’s a strength that operates andfights in the shadows, one not seen and that strength is Ranger strong. The history of the Rangerstarts in the American Revolution.Rangers are the strongest of the strong, bravest of the brave,and toughest of the tough, with fear of nothing, and with blood for battle running through theirveins like gas for a tank. Determination and skill make the Rangerthe number one in combat, andduring timesleadership is needed most. The Rangers go through the toughest and most hardcoretraining, mentally and physically, meant to make them undefeatable in battle. The Rangers havebeen involved in the deadliest raids of all time showing their strength wit, and valor. Due to thehistory, and operations made public about the Rangers, the reputation of their name is welldeservingly earned. Rangers are hardcore, there’s nothing left to say, and the one phrase to sumthem up is, “Rangers lead the way!”