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11 Signs You're a Social Media Addict


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We all use Social Media nowadays for both business and personal reasons, however how often do we assess our addictions? This includes our persistent use of social media. Scroll through this presentation to discover the extent of your need to use social media and join the club of us addicted to social media :)

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11 Signs You're a Social Media Addict

  2. 2. So your phone is attached to your hip What else is new?
  3. 3. You’re probably already addicted to social media We all know that...
  4. 4. But do you??
  5. 5. If any of these signs are a reality for you then Yes, you’re addicted
  6. 6. #readabook
  7. 7. Hashtags are a part of your daily speak #amIright #1
  8. 8. You look at your phone just out of habit (Knowing there haven’t been any updates in the past 5 seconds) #2
  9. 9. You created an Instagram account for your pet cat (even though it’s your neighbor’s) #3
  10. 10. You post a pic of your food while on a date #4
  11. 11. You record yourself with the intention of making it a Vine/social media hit #notgonnahappen #5
  12. 12. You have a minor heart attack when your posts don’t upload #6
  13. 13. You share every result you’ve gotten from a Buzzfeed quiz #7
  14. 14. For all the pinned recipes you have on your “Food Must Make” board, You’ve made none of them #8
  15. 15. You checked social media while reading this list #multitasking #9
  16. 16. If you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen #10
  17. 17. This list makes no sense to you... But you’re reading this from a social media post so #11
  18. 18. #goldstar
  19. 19. So to prevent you from updating anymore social media
  20. 20. Watch this 10-hour long video of Unicorns Dancing on Fluffy Rainbows
  21. 21. Click on me to dance 
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