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Blackboard tour

  1. 1. Blackboard TourThe Ins andOuts
  2. 2. The DashboardWhen you enter your course, you will be on the Dashboard. This iswhere your teacher will post announcements and importantinformation. Be sure to check for new items daily.
  3. 3. Course MenuOn the left hand side of the webpage, you will see the course menubuttons. Each one will take you to a different area of the course.
  4. 4. Your Flight InstructorThis button will take you to information about your teacher. Youwill find your teacher’s contact information, office hours, andmore.
  5. 5. Your Flight PlanThis button will take you to the course syllabus (teacherexpectations and grading policies), pace chart, course standards,and copyright information.
  6. 6. Your LockerThis button will take you to your own personal area where yourteacher may post specific lessons for you and/or interim/reportcard grades, etc. This is also where you can find course tutorials likehow to work with assignments in blackboard.
  7. 7. Destination LessonsThis button is the MOST IMPORTANT!!! This is where you will findyour course modules which contain the lessons and assignments!Make sure you complete modules, lessons & assignments in theorder that they are presented!
  8. 8. Your GradesThis button will take you to your course grades. It is very importantthat you use this ONLY to check your grades. Destination Lessons iswhere you need to go to complete your coursework because YourGrades only contains the graded assignments and does not includevery important lessons that must be completed as well in order tocomplete these assignments!
  9. 9. Virtual ClassroomThis button will take you to live sessions with your teacher forreviews, questions, help sessions, etc. These sessions will bescheduled for specific times and at the discretion of the teacher.
  10. 10. Blackboard HelpThis button will take you to an online help page for Blackboard.
  11. 11. S.O.S.This button will take you to contact information for CVAadministration and Office staff.
  12. 12. A closer look atDestination Lessons
  13. 13. Inside Destination LessonsAfter clicking on Destination Lessons, you will open a page withyour course modules.Module 1 – Science BasicsYou will need to click on the title of the module to open up thelessons and assignments for that module.
  14. 14. Inside the ModuleAfter clicking on the module title, you will open up a table ofcontents with the lessons and assignments. The firstlesson/assignment will also be showing. You can arrow throughthe lessons/assignments, or click on each one in the table ofcontents to open it.
  15. 15. Inside the ModuleThis icon represents course lessons. Although these may not begraded, they provide the background information necessary to besuccessful on graded assignments and assessments.This icon represents course assignments. These assignments will begraded and are based on the lessons.This icon represents course assessments. These will be modulequizzes and exams that are graded and based on the lessons andassignments.
  16. 16. Key Reminders!• Use Firefox as your web browser• Make sure pop-up blocker is turned OFF• Keep all programs updated• When using a pdf file with typwriter, always SAVE thefile FIRST to your desktop, THEN type your answers onit and SAVE it AGAIN• If you get stuck and/or you havea question, CONTACT YOURTEACHER!!!!