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Thinner You balloon-assisted weight loss is a sensible, affordable alternative to expensive meal plans.

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Cost preso 3

  1. 1. Thinner You balloon-assisted weight loss is a sensible, cost-effective alternative to other weight loss options.
  2. 2. Programs Include: • Your balloon • Balloon insertion and removal • 12 months of diet and exercise counseling • Advanced tracking technology • Accredited endoscopy facility • Board certified physician • Anesthesiologist • Nurses and technicians • Nutritionist • All follow up care Your all-inclusive Thinner You program means no hidden charges, fees, or extras.
  3. 3. Source: Thinner You Costs Less Than Bariatric Surgery… Average cash payment cost of: Gastric bypass surgery $23,000 Lap band $14,500 Sleeve gastrectomy surgery $14,900
  4. 4. … and less than a commitment to meal plans Three years of meal plans can cost $20,000 or more! Source: Independent research As much as $6,900 per year1 $7,000 per year – or more1
  5. 5. Thinner You Programs • Dietary counseling – Nutritional guidance to help patients eat healthier foods • Vitamin injections - To ensure that patients are getting the proper nutrients • Lose It Account - Set a daily calorie budget, track their food and exercise, and stay motivated Silver Gold Platinum • FitBit Tracker and Scale – Helps track key habits and progress, including daily goals for steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes • Meal Replacements – Plant-based meal replacements for balanced nutrition during the acclimation phase • Enhanced coaching - Weekly touch points to help patients stay on track and motivate them to achieve their weight loss goals • All Planned Medications – Basic prescriptions are provided to patients by Thinner You $6990 $7990 • Vitamin supplements - Extra support for the vital nutritional elements they need • IV therapy – Hydration and vitamins to boost health and success • Platinum Medication Plan – Includes a more potent medication to minimize post treatment symptoms $8490
  6. 6. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, call Thinner You today: (888) 594-6263