NGN Company Profile November08


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NGN Company Profile November08

  1. 1. Next Generation Networks Company Profile November 2008
  2. 2. NGN Offices EGS Business Park B1 Blok No.291 2009 Yeşilyurt - Istanbul / TURKEY Telefon: +90 212 4656663 2009 1st Smolensky lane., 4/3, office 315 121099 Moscow/ Russia Telefon: +7 495 241 0288
  3. 3. About Us About Us ... NGN was established in 2005. The company originally focused on providing IT consulting services, application development and the provisioning of hardware and software products. NGN's mission is to provide businesses with a cost effective way to get access to a wide range of technical specialists skills. Our unique technologies enable us to plan, install and manage solutions in a more effective fashion. With them we build a future for your business today.
  4. 4. NGN- Turkey& Russia Revenue ≈12 Mio USD
  5. 5. Our Products Wintel Network Servers LAN PCs WAN Desktop Computers Network Security Microsoft Products Printers Other Peripherals System and Storage Intel Servers Unix Storage
  6. 6. Our Solutions and Services Enterprise Risk Management Enterprise Application Integration Security Policy Business Process Management Integration Compliancy Management Solutions Application-to-Application (A2A) Corporate Identity Management Integration Business-to-Business (B2B) Outsourcing Integration Business Continuity Portal Integration Hosting Wireless Integration Desktop Management Web Services • Application Development Collaboration Services • Content Management E-mail / Unified Messaging Mobile Communication (Value-Added Microsoft Solutions Services) .NET Platform Workflow Management Desktop System Migration Document Sharing Digital Dashboard MS Applications
  7. 7. After Sales Support Services Multi vendor services Contract-based maintenance services 5x8, 6x12, 7x24 support options Periodical preventive service Outsourcing services Warranty services Call center, training Installation, configuration, infrastructure services System management, storage, network management services Equipment and personnel hiring
  8. 8. Professional Security Services Content Security Consulting Enterprise Application Integration Project Execution, Design and Web Access (URL Filtering) Security Installation (FW, VPN, MPLS VPN, e-Mail Content Solutions IDS, IPS, IDP, Radius, Tacacs+, Anti-Spam Solutions etc.) Eliminating Network-Based Weaknesses Identity and Access Management (KEY) Corporate Identity Management Consulting Microsoft Solutions Business Process Analysis Requirement Analysis and Project Access Management Consulting Management (HIDS, HIPS, Access Single Sign-On (SSO & Web-SSO) Control, etc.) Solutions Database Security Smart Card Integration Application Security Biometric Identification and Integration Eliminating System Weaknesses Security Evaluation Retina Scan Solutions ISO 27001 / ISO 17799 Information Fingerprint Scan Solutions Security Control Enterprise Risk Token / OTP Solutions Analysis Weakness Determination Consulting (Penetration Managed Security Services Testing, Vulnerability Analysis) Security Policy Managed IDS/IPS Service Enterprise Antivirus Solutions Managed FW Service Enterprise Anti-Spyware Solutions Personal Firewall Solutions
  9. 9. Our Business Partners
  10. 10. Major Certifications
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  12. 12. Thank you for your time...