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Karmatech Mediaworks Credentials


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Digital Media Agency, Sneakpeak to Karmatech Work

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Karmatech Mediaworks Credentials

  1. 1. First things first Short Introduction
  2. 2. About Us Karmatech Mediaworks Digital Creative Agency •Founded in 2004 •Offices in New Delhi and London, upcoming offices in Mumbai & Bangalore •Digital strategy, concepts, designs and development •In house team to nurture creative's to development •Innovation with technology sets us apart from the competition •Experience team of 40 employees •Winners at Goa Fest 2014 •Winners at Campaign Digital Crest Awards 2014 - Creative With Technology
  3. 3. Our Services What We Offer • Websites • E-Commerce Solutions • Brand Microsites • Online Banners / Rich Media Banners • Social Media • Facebook Application • Game Development • Augmented Reality • Mobile Apps (I-phone & Android Applications) • On Ground Digital Activations
  4. 4. About Us Creative with technology • Live out our passion for great design and creative use of technology • Always have room for experiments and try new things • Use new technology to make people go “WOW”! • In Sync with the latest technology • Pioneers of Augmented reality
  5. 5. Team Size : Got every resource to execute any digital idea. Business Development 2 Creative / Flash / UI Designer 10 Developers 12 Copywriter 2 Client Servicing 3 Accounts & Admin 2 Mobile 3 3D Modeling/Animation 2 Quality Assurance 1 Music Producer 1 Social Media Strategist 1 SEO 1 4040
  6. 6. Our Clients
  7. 7. News News
  8. 8. Myntra Campaign – Story covered in Outdoor Asia
  9. 9. – April 2014 • Myntra plays the game
  10. 10. – August 2013 • BMW India let users race on virtual track via its integrated digital campaign – August 2013 • BMW races on a virtual track
  11. 11. Creative Showcase Recent Work - Websites - Facebook Application - Banners
  12. 12. Websites Created a unique gesture based micro-site for the All new Iris 504 Q To showcase the unique Gesture control features on the lava 504 Q Karmatech developed a unique and first of a kind Gesture based microsite for the launch of the flagship device from lava mobiles. The user can navigate throughout the microsite using his hand gestures. • First of a kind Gesture based microsite. • Augmented Reality • Product features & specifications. Project Features
  13. 13. Websites To showcase Philips LED range buy educating user on the benefits of using LED over CFL or tube light. • Parallax Scrolling • Bill Calculator • Product features & specifications. Project Features
  14. 14. E-commerce Portal To showcase complete range of products, responsive website which allow users to Buy Online • Ecommerce Enabled • Managed through Cpanel Project Features
  15. 15. Facebook Application Making the user experience facial grooming through Augmented reality. To help the TG better understand the Philips range of male grooming products, Karmatech created an interactive augmented reality based application for both Web and in the store use. The application allowed the users to try various beard styles on their face live through a webcam. Within seconds the users could try on cool styles to see which suits them the best. Each style could be easily crafted using the Philips male grooming product. • Augmented reality FB Application • Tablet version for Mall and stores • Experience the facial grooming styles Project Features
  16. 16. Social Media Campaign #SpreadTheColors Dulux is related with colors, best time to promote the brand was around Holi. Dulux had around 30K users on Facebook and 250 followers on Twitter. Challenge was to promote the brand on social media. At the end of campaign Facebook likes went upto 70K and 500 plus twitter followers. • Interactive Microsite • Social Media Connect • Video Based Application Project Features
  17. 17. Mobile App Reebok Race the City App for Android and IOS Reebok Race the City app allows you to Track your run, break your own records and compete with fellow runners for the top leaderboard spot. Share your runs on Facebook and twitter let your friends cheer for you. Earn Ignite points on every run and redeem them for cool Reebok merchandize, right from your mobile! • Android and IOS app • Real Time calorie burner, run calculator Project Features
  18. 18. Banners – Rich Media • Rich media banners • Chroma shoot • Mini Game Project Features When on the TG can change their look in a click, from ethnic to sporty, from formal to casual and everything in-between this thought was brought out clearly using this innovative banner, featuring a fun to play mini game.
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  20. 20. Banners – Rich Media • Rich media banner • Augmented reality Project Features Augmented reality media banner To promote Samsung’s Premium device Galaxy S4 and to showcase its innovative features Karmatech created an equally innovative banner based on Augmented reality to highlight the gesture browse and smart pause feature of the S4.
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