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Quiz show

How to make quiz.

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Quiz show

  1. 1. Question and Answer Samples and Techniques
  2. 2. How to Use the Quiz Show Template • Choose a Question & Answer layout from the New Slide gallery • Follow the placeholder prompts and fill in your actual questions and answers • View the presentation in slide show to see the animations that reveal the answers • Suggested Uses: – Reinforcing teaching through audience participation – Introduction to subject matter – Recreational gatherings
  3. 3. • The following slides are example questions using the layouts in the Quiz Show template. View them in slide show to see the answer animations.
  4. 4. The Sun is a star.
  5. 5. What is the name of our galaxy?
  6. 6. How many planets in the solar system have rings? Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have rings.
  7. 7. What is inertia? All of the above The speed at which an object falls Measurement of electrical resistance A ratio between mass and velocity Resistance to motion or change
  8. 8. Match the device to what it measures: Stop Watch Scale Thermometer Speedometer Odometer Distance Temperature Elapsed Time Weight Rate of Travel