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Adaptable Suburbs JISC GECO - 05/03/12


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Adaptable Suburbs JISC GECO - 05/03/12

  1. 1. Why are suburbs important?What understanding do we have of therole of suburbs?What is going on in Policy/Politics?Adaptability?
  2. 2. Structure of the talkMaterial Culture Heritage - Structure of the built environmentHistoric Business Directories - Use of the built environmentPPGIS: Community Maps - Meanings of the built environment
  3. 3. Material Culture HeritageUnderstanding the urban built form throughtimeUsing network analysis we can gain insightinto:– Movement– Co-presence in space– Implications of the changes in structure of space through time
  4. 4. The Problem of Categorisation…Q – What is a Post Office? Financial Service? Depot? Retail? Community Service?
  5. 5. Community Maps and Ethnography
  6. 6. Conclusions - Changing the material forms of data - Informative gaps - Directs dialogue between disciplines
  7. 7. Adaptable Suburbs BuchliRuthie CarlisleAshley DhananiClaire EllulSam GriffithsMuki HaklayDavid JeevendrampillaiLaura Vaughan