Ivrs architecture


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interactive voice response system

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Ivrs architecture

  1. 1. IVRS Architecture<br />IVRS is a telephony system that interacts with caller and helps in routing the calls. The input to the system can be either in the form of voice or touch tone signal. The architecture of the IVRS is a combination of telephone equipment, a software application, a database and a supporting infrastructure. A text to speech converter is also sometimes used.<br />Application of IVRS in Education<br />IVRS can be deployed in education field to automate the functioning and for better and efficient results. IVRS can be deployed by<br /><ul><li>Schools
  2. 2. Universities
  3. 3. Colleges
  4. 4. Institutes
  5. 5. Training Centers</li></ul>Education Industry deploy IVRS/IVR application to answer perfectly all the incoming queries and to make sure that no queries regarding details of learning courses go unnoticed. With IVRS/IVR application, information and services can be easily achieved through a touch-tone telephone. IVRS answers a good percentage of questions by way of an automated system and pre-recorded voice messages. Data is entered and stored to the database by using the telephone touch-tone keypad.<br />IVRS/IVR is becoming the imperative need for education line to maintain the proper administration. Notices, announcement, enquiries and other activities can easily be handled by using IVRS/ IVR system in the campus. To enhance smooth workflow IVRS/IVR system provides the real time data tracking for:<br /><ul><li>Details of courses/subjects offered
  6. 6. Course registration using IVRS
  7. 7. Student Profile
  8. 8. Exam Schedule and details
  9. 9. Declaring Result using IVRS
  10. 10. About current and future events and happening in campus.</li></ul>DETAILS OF COURSES/SUBJECTS OFFERED<br />IVR / IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) provides all necessary information at any time regarding courses offered by the Institute/College. It includes the information like:<br /><ul><li>Courses offered.
  11. 11. Eligibility criterion for selected course.
  12. 12. Duration of course.
  13. 13. Fee Structure
  14. 14. Available seats
  15. 15. Modules offered.
  16. 16. Total number of exams/semesters to be held.
  17. 17. Indicative list of subjects in the said courses.</li></ul>Providing information of courses is a major feature supported by IVR/IVRS. Aforesaid information facilitates students to make decisions in selecting the course they wish to pursue. Thus, IVRS/IVR plays a vital part in communicating the relevant information and makes it much more efficient, to the point and accurate.<br />IVRS/IVR application makes it easy for a student to know the fees of different course offered by the institute, University, School etc. And, thus facilitates students the decision in opting from the courses being offered.<br />COURSE REGISTRATION USING IVRS<br />Student’s enrollment basically includes certain broad aspect, such as: <br /><ul><li>Brief eligibility interview
  18. 18. Term of Agreement
  19. 19. Contact Details</li></ul>IVR/IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) supports a faster and flexible way in the registration of a student. Moreover, IVRS/IVR system can avail remote site enrollment of new student at any point of time. Depending upon the status of his application he will be given appointment.<br />For enrollment, through IVRS/IVR system, student can communicate through a certain specific telephone number and answer a series of questions to determine their potential eligibility to get admission. If IVRS/IVR system finds that student is eligible then it records candidate's details and store the information into database and those failing will be given information about how to seek further advice. Then IVRS/IVR system generates an automatic alert to inform the authority or trained telephone caller to contact the student.<br />STUDENT PROFILE<br />The specific information and facts about the students help management team and staff of education providers in implementing flawless and smooth management of distribution of modules and to maintain the flow of education process. It includes the data of following<br />Course in which student has taken admission:<br /><ul><li>Student’s enrollment number
  20. 20. Student’s fees status.
  21. 21. Student’s last qualification held.
  22. 22. Students other personal detail and particulars like his address, family background etc.</li></ul>IVRS/IVR system provides a centralized application and database that is beneficial for making changes in candidate’s information during the course period.<br />EXAM SCHEDULE AND DETAILS<br />IVRS/IVR stands very helpful for students as they can access all the necessary information regarding their exams through it. They can save their precious exam time by receiving the information from a simple phone call. By providing their enrollment number they are given whole information on exam schedule of their course, such as:<br /><ul><li>Dates for filling Examination forms
  23. 23. Dates for collecting examination hall ticket
  24. 24. Roll number for Exam.
  25. 25. Date of Exams
  26. 26. Venue of Exam</li></ul>DECLARING RESULT USING IVRS<br />After entering the exam roll number and enrollment number, student can get their result of examinations through IVRS/IVR application. They can get their division, percentage and marks in individual subject of their course curriculum. They can further get details about how and when to collect their degrees and mark sheets. Using the IVRS service universities, Schools, Colleges etc can cut the rush and chaotic mess in the campus for results enquiries manifold.<br />The Key benefits in education industry that IVR system provides are:<br /><ul><li>Students don’t have to come personally for their admissions, results, schedules etc.
  27. 27. Students get their call transferred to concerned person to get to-the-point information.
  28. 28. Eases the burden of management of administration authorities
  29. 29. Automated access of information
  30. 30. Automated services
  31. 31. Remote access
  32. 32. 24/7 availability
  33. 33. Fast data Tracking
  34. 34. Cost effectiveness
  35. 35. Time savvy
  36. 36. Leaves no space for careless human mistakes in entries and losing of data. </li></ul>CURRENT AND FUTURE EVENT HAPPENINGS ON CAMPUS<br />A never thought of IVRS use is announcing current happenings through it. Schools, Colleges etc can set IVRS for notifying -<br /><ul><li>Entire list of functions
  37. 37. Culture meets
  38. 38. Seminars
  39. 39. Competitions
  40. 40. Celebrations
  41. 41. List of holidays</li></ul>Some universities/Institutes also use IVRS for assignment and holiday homework’s details. With that it becomes easy for student to get details about the work to be done when their institutions are closed.<br /> <br />