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Iron man 2 marketing shara


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Iron man 2 marketing shara

  1. 1. Iron Man 2The Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. International Marketing• Iron Man 2 is promoting itself internationally as well, as it acts as the theme for the MSN France homepage. The film is being shown in France with subtitles or in French. France’s MSN Homepage
  3. 3. Social Networking Sites• Iron Man 2 has it’s own Facebook Fan Page, encouraging audience to find out more about the film and ‘like’ the page.
  4. 4. Posters and StandeesHere is a range of posters created to advertise Iron man 2. Each one has a main character ofman on it and the title of the film of the number ‘2’. The poster all possess the same themewith the iconic Iron Man lettering and colours.Here is a standee created for a cinema. It is designed on a computer then bought o life inthe cinema on the right. Standees help to provide awareness of a film that is soon to berealesed. They usually have little information on them and feature images of the maincharacter(s).
  5. 5. ApplicationsOn the Iron man 2 website there is a virtualexperience involving turning yourself into iron manusing a webcam and a voice animator. This bringschildren and teens on board, along with thefuturistic, high tech, gadget feel of the website.The application is compatible with PC’s and MAC’shelping to widen it’s target audience. Iron Man 2 Website
  6. 6. Freebees and Competitions• LG Electronics will soon be airing Iron Man 2-themed TV ads, in-store placement ads, digital and mobile ads. Also, stores are giving out a limited edition “Iron Man 2″ comic book with every LG handset purchase.• Hershey’s Reese’s peanut butter cups is sponsoring a sweepstakes which is offering fans a chance to win a role in an upcoming movie put out by Marvel. Also they have created Iron Man 2-branded Hershey products.
  7. 7. Soundtrack• The soundtrack album that they released for the movie has 15 songs from AC/DC on it. However only 2 of these songs from the sound track featured in the movie.• AC/DC a are a very well known classic rock band. By having a well known artist or band on you soundtrack, sales will improve and audience that are fans of the band may come to watch the film.
  8. 8. Merchandise• On April 26th, Burger King sold Iron Man-themed burger called the “Whiplash Whopper.” The also will be giving Iron Man-themed toys in the kids meals. In addition, Burger King will also be airing a number of ads promoting the movie and the restaurant tie-in. The Burger King website was also branded in the same way• The Disney Store sold an Iron man costume to gain a younger audience.• 7-Eleven sold Cups and straws that were Iron Man themed• Dr. Pepper has already released 14 Iron Man branded collectible cans and a number of television ads featuring Iron Man creator Stan Lee.
  9. 9. Products used in the film• Royal Purple motor oil products will be see in the Iron Man 2 film. Also, in April and May the company will debut fully-wrapped co- branded race cars at key events in addition to TV and retail ads.• The lunchmeat brand Land O’Frost is Tony Stark’s sandwich meat brand of choice. The company will be rolling out both TV and print ads as well as Tony Stark standees to stores
  10. 10. Magazines and Newspapers• Empire magazine did an article and review on Iron Man 2. The also then published this on their online site. The review was read by film lovers and as it was so excellent more people went to see it.• This article in MTV new Marketed Iron Mans success and helped it to gain a bigger audience.