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  1. 1. ABOUT US SSOMENS software development is a leading software service provider, since 2012. SSOMENS has good no. of clients around the world and created remarkable results in the field of cloud computing, open source technology, android and SAAS applications. Our offerings span across SSOMENS CRM solutions, ERP solutions, web designing, web hosting, infrastructure management, data migration, e-commerce applications and online store which are customized to suit the client's environments. SSOMENS enables individual customers, businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions with robust products and services, engineered with the latest emerging mobility technologies and standards. It empowers businesses of all sizes, industry and classifications worldwide to harness the full potential of business application mobility. SSOMENS has strong competency in CRM, Billing, Financial Services, Media, Retail and consumers domains. Our primary goal is to provide clients with the software tools needed to address real world business issues and opportunities through cloud computing. SSOMENS is managed by an efficient team of management and Technological experts. Presently the team consists of software professional experts, software developers, junior developers in Technology Domain and Functional Knowledge. SSOMENS ensures that all our customers have a unique trust-worthy Vendor-Client Relationship with us in a long term nature. The systems and business requirements are constantly changing due to technology and growth, SSOMENS is committed to a continuous research and development in order to provide significant enhancements as a part of our standard package, to meet our clients growing needs.
  2. 2. SSOMENS CRM SOFTWARE CRM is often misunderstood as an application or a tool, but in the real sense of the term it is a way of doing business. There can be innumerable reasons for businesses to implement SSOMENS CRM. However, let's take a look at few of the most apparent benefits of using SSOMENS CRM. FUNCTION The primary purpose of SSOMENS CRM software is to streamline all major areas of customer interactions. This can include managing contacts, setting appointments, monitoring a marketing campaign, handling customer service, and numerous other tasks. SSOMENS CRM software makes use of a dashboard, analytics and reporting tools to provide business owners with an all-encompassing vantage point of operations. By
  3. 3. spotting patterns and identifying trends, this puts you more in control of customer engagement so your business can run more efficiently.With that being said, there are some major benefits of utilizing CRM software. TASK TRACKING Meeting deadlines is very important in today’s business world. By inputting information like scheduled appointments and important tasks, it takes the guesswork out of project completion. Many platforms also allow this data to be synced with a calendar to keep you informed of upcoming tasks and deadlines. For instance, if you have a sale call scheduled with a valuable lead, SSOMENS CRM software would send you an email in advance so you remember to make the call. Whenever a customer has an upcoming birthday, you or a sales rep would be notified so you promptly send out birthday wishes. Consequently, you can make customers feel more valued and build deeper relationships. This way you can juggle all of your tasks while ensuring that each customer gets the attention they need and nothing is forgotten. SALES REP MANAGEMENT If you have assembled a team of sales reps, it’s important to keep tabs on their progress and know just how effective they are at nurturing leads and closing sales. Using this type of software will provide a first-hand look into each team member’s sales statistics, including information like average lead contact time, task completion time and conversion rate. This way you can reward the top performers and coach individuals who need some extra help. Over time, your sales department should operate like a well-oiled machine where sales are maximized. INCREASED ORGANISATION When dealing with hundreds or even thousands of customers, it’s easy to become disorganized and overwhelmed. Fortunately, the right CRM software makes it simple and intuitive to keep customer information organized and retrievable. By maintaining a contact list, it gives you quick access to a wealth of information like customer email, telephone, buying history and birthday.
  4. 4. Performing a search will provide an overview of this information so you can extract what you need without the hassle of searching through paper folders or using other outdated techniques. Since many platforms incorporate metadata, you can search via broad terms instead of highly specific ones. This is beneficial because you can find the customer you need by entering general keywords instead of a specified term. MORE SELLING OPPORTUNITIES As information on customers accumulates, it’s common for more opportunities to present themselves. For example, keeping track of a particular customer’s buying patterns would make it clear what they are most interested in. When launching a new product that’s similar, you could make it a point to contact that customer and let them know. Consequently, this makes it possible to increase sales without having to constantly advertise to new customers. By capitalizing on an existing customer base, you can get more repeat sales while keeping customers happy. IMPROVED SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Another feature that most platforms offer is the ability to integrate with social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. This can have major advantages because it allows businesses to track all aspects of their social media campaign. For example, business owners can identify which networks are resulting in the most traffic, what followers are saying about their brand and the overall customer experience. As trends emerge, adjustments can be made so you get the most from your efforts and boost your brand’s presence across the Web. SCALABILITY Besides immediate needs, it’s important to consider long-term needs and take future growth into account. That’s why software that’s adequately scalable is so critical. Ideally, a platform will be Cloud-based to accommodate increased data storage and more contacts as they are acquired. MOBILE COMPATIBILITY In the modern business world, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become the norm for many businesses. They make it possible to complete tasks and
  5. 5. stay up to date on projects regardless of location. If your business uses any type of mobile technology, it’s necessary to look for CRM software that can be accessed on these devices. This should help all team members boost their productivity and get things done on the road. SSOMENS ERP SOFTWARE FOR MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY SSOMENS ERP systems solve a number of challenges and provide invaluable benefits to manufacturers seeking to reduce costs, manage growth, streamline processes and gain a competitive advantage. SSOMENS ERP software integrates all areas of business (materials and inventory, production, operations and sales, accounting and finance, etc.) so that every business function relies on a single database. This “information hub” delivers accurate, real-time information crucial to the manufacturing industry. Here are the top reasons today’s manufacturers need a modern SSOMENS ERP system:
  6. 6. STREAMLINE PROCESS As manufacturers grow, their operations become more and more complex. SSOMENS ERP manufacturing software automates all business operations, providing accurate, real-time information. SSOMENS ERP increases efficiency and productivity by helping users navigate complex processes, preventing data re-entry, and improving functions such as production, order completion and delivery. COST REDUCTIONS With one source of accurate, real-time information, SSOMENS ERP software reduces administrative and operations costs. It allows manufacturers to proactively manage operations, prevents disruptions and delays, breaks up information logjams and helps users make decisions more quickly. FLEXIBILITY Modern ERP software systems are robust, flexible and configurable. They are not a one-size-fits-all proposition, but can be tailored around the unique needs of a business. SSOMENS ERP systems also have the ability to adapt with the ever- changing needs of a growing business. COMPETITION SSOMENS ERP systems may require an investment, but instead of looking at the investment Manufacturers can look at the revenue and saving they can get out of this software. By this time your competitors invests in SSOMENS ERP and starts reaping the benefits.
  7. 7. THE BEST TIME SHEET ON THE UNIVERSE IS HERE A timesheet is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job. Traditionally a sheet of paper with the data arranged in tabular format, a timesheet is now often a digital document in just a click away. SSOMENS offers an innovative product which is best in the universe namely Company Timesheet which can be customized and well fits for all levels of organization in all vertices. We have deployed it in Google apps cloud computing. Authorized persons in client organization can able to access anywhere from the world. FEATURES: ✓ Simple Time Entry Interface ✓ Mobile Time Entry ✓ Timesheet Email Reminders ✓ Customization BENEFITS ✓ Allows for flexible monitoring for different employees ✓ Helps companies adjust resources ✓ Keeps client or project hours in check ✓ Improves overall company time management INCREASE EFFICIENCY: ✓ Access employee timesheets at the click of a button. ✓ View robust reports. ✓ Make better decisions based on facts, not emotion.
  8. 8. SAVE MONEY: ✓ Do more with less. ✓ Simplify your payroll process. ✓ Create better estimates based on prior performance. ✓ Cost effective solution, no toner required. PAYROLL SSOMENS PAYROLL is web hosted payroll software and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime even through the mobile device. All you need to access SSOMENS PAYROLL software for payroll is a browser and an internet connection. It is available on SAAS (Software as a Service) model and can be used by paying a small subscription fee per month based on number of employees in your company. We also provide yearly subscription and full version. SSOMENS Payroll is capable of handling a wide variety of types and sizes of payroll from a single payroll company to company having multiple payroll structures. SSOMENS Payroll has been designed with people in mind. We know from experience gained in helping many companies implement payroll management systems, that people who prepare payrolls aren’t necessarily computer literate, but they are used to, and skilled in, preparing payrolls by other methods. We designed it in user friendly software and anyone can handle it with ease. FEATURES ● Employee Management ● Salary Computation ● Multiple Structures ● Statutory Provisions ● Exhaustive Reporting ● Customizable deductions, Advance master etc ● Simple HR Data Management
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF SWITCHING OVER TO SSOMENS PAYROLL: ● Time spent on processing salaries, manual and paperwork can be cut down to a maximum extent. ● Accurate and Timely salary processing in time without any delay. ● Track and review of employee’s absence and salary calculation as per the attendance will be made uncomplicated. ● We will customize it to make it compliance with the concerned Govt rules and regulations. ● Customization is done to best fit in user’s specific requirements. ● PDF interface for exporting and thus makes data entry easy. ● Automatic backup will be done easily. ECOMMERCE ECommerce has a deep feature set that support both multi store B2C and B2B ecommerce. If you are a retail or global enterprise our omnichannel and multi country / language capability can let you roll out globally. In addition we also support other types of stores such as reward points, allowance, employee and optionally punch out catalogs. BENEFITS ● Convenience & Easiness ● Offer Product Datasheets ● Attract New Customers with Search Engine Visibility ● Comprise Warranty Information
  10. 10. ● Decreasing cost of inventory Management ● Keep Eye on Consumers’ Buying Habit ● Competence ● Allow Happy Customers to Sell Your Products ● Selling Products Across the World ● Decrease Costs ● Scalability ● Security ● Interoperability FEATURES ● Secure shopping cart ● Product catalog ● Marketing tools ● Reporting & Analytics ● Mobile-optimized store SSOMENS DATA MIGRATION USING CLOUD COMPUTING
  11. 11. Traditionally, one-off batch cleansing jobs have been used to move data from one system to another, in what can be complex and expensive tasks. However, this is starting to change. With communication historically at the heart of internet technologies, the cloud offers a convenient way to connect systems together. In particular, it allows a phased, rather than "big bang" approach to data migration, which can be achieved incrementally and in near real-time. BENEFITS OF USING CLOUD FOR DATA MIGRATION: First, it is far easier to manage data across physically different customer sites – even across the globe. Second, the cloud bridges the gap where systems are different. For example, migrating data from an onsite premises CRM system to In reality, the future of cloud data management is in data virtualization, enabling "migrations" to become more agile and responsive than traditional methods. This can involve, for instance, allowing accounts to be accessed through, while keeping the data in Sage. This avoids uploading all the data in a one-off operation, by allowing the data to reside in Sage, while virtualizing it in, to provide real-time benefits and liberate the data. Postcode Anywhere, for example, says its My Services technologies enable customers to move data into and out of Salesforce CRM instantly. It says this makes it easier to share information across systems without the risk of multiple copies getting out of date.
  12. 12. Database managers need to do more than transfer data from yesterday's silo to today's. In this context, Sage data for example, when used by an accounts team, can be accessed in real-time by the support team through their CRM system, while engineers can also access it through their iPhones and synchronise it offline. The cloud offers true flexibility in this respect. Cloud-based data platforms allow a more comprehensive view of data, which addresses a requirement of users wanting more data in more places than before. As the adoption of cloud technologies increases, we will start to see a plethora of mobile, handheld, office, home, and leisure devices hooked into central repositories of data stored securely in the cloud and served out virtualized. In this sense, it's a misnomer to refer to data migration in the cloud – it's really data ubiquity. The amount of time it takes to complete the actual migration of objects and data from one database is relatively less than the amount of time it takes to complete an overall migration from assessment to production rollout. Migrations of one relational database to another are comparatively easier than migrations of a non- relational database to a relational database, because the organization of objects in a relational database is quite similar compared to non-relational databases such as hierarchical and network databases. All major relational database vendors also offer tools that provide robust migration capabilities in an automated fashion. Regardless of the level of automation and success factor of any migration tool, however, sometimes manual intervention will be required when migrating from one database to another. CUSTOMIZABLE SOFTWARE AND OUTSOURCING SSOMENS Software Services are not limited to the following: ✓ Large Scale Web App development ✓ Online Shopping store ✓ Billing software ✓ Highly Customised CRM, EXPENSES Management ✓ Serviced apartment management software ✓ Condo management software (Apartment) Apart from the above software, SSOMENS also provides software and applications based on the customer needs. SSOMENS team render dedicated effort to fulfil the customer's’ needs on time.
  13. 13. SSOMENS offers a collaborative experience to companies outsourcing their custom software development solutions to us. We have a holistic approach to efficiently handle outsourced software development projects to ensure our clients receive quality business solution within budget. Businesses can leverage upon the competency, expertise, latest technological knowledge hosted by SSOMENS to achieve competitive advantage in the market. By outsourcing the software development project, the companies can save costs significantly while receiving high quality output. The companies can aim for better business growth and add value to their overall operations. SSOMENS use cloud with Saas which is a rapidly growing method of delivering technology. SSOMENS delivered many interesting projects to its clients and also having ongoing projects. SSOMENS team works round the clock and so provide high quality service with ontime delivery. SSOMENS is a pioneer in adopting new technology and delivers to the clients with low cost and high quality. SSOMENS products are robust and it provide free after sales service.