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Thesauri and Linked Data


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Thesauri and Linked Data

  1. 1. Linked Data and Thesauri:A match made in heaven (or at least the internet).
  2. 2. Linked Data / ThesauriCommon Properties:• Agreed externally defined structure• Context/Relationships define entities• Uniquely identifiable entities
  3. 3. Linked Data:Say hello to a Triple….<> <> <><>Object RRC16361… <> …is a… <> …spade.
  4. 4. Linked Data:Structure comes from:• RDF / XML (or other)• Ontology e.g. CIDOC crm, foaf, DC, Good RelationsContext/Relationships:• All entities are defined by all the statements made about it (all the links)• Ontological assumption• NamespaceUniqueness comes from:• URI (Unique Resource Indicator)
  5. 5. Thesaurus:
  6. 6. Thesaurus:Structure comes from:• Being a Thesaurus• SKOS , ISO 2788, ISO 5964, ISO 25964Context/Relationships:• All terms are in part defined by all the other terms linked to it• Hierarchy• Term is a member of a named thesaurusUniqueness comes from:• Purpose of a Thesaurus is to define one thing rather than another• Uniqueness built in, Ambiguity avoided
  7. 7. Thesaurus:< > Spade
  8. 8. Common Properties: Structured Relational UniqueLinked DataThesaurus
  9. 9. Why is this useful?• Easier to find alike things• Term definition improved with wider use• Saves effort
  10. 10. Two methodologies:• Share Terms Use a term from someone else’s Thesaurus to categorize an entity in your data set• Link Terms Assert a relationship between a Term in your data set and a Term in someone else’s
  11. 11. Share Terms
  12. 12. Link Terms owl:sameAS Coin Type RRC-72-7 Coin CGR148804… …is made of… …is made of… …bronze …bronze
  13. 13. skos:exactMatch Link Terms skos:closeMatch skos:broadMatch owl:sameAS owl:disjointWith owl:differentFromNomisma Coin Type RRC-72-7 …is made of… …bronzeBM Coin CGR148804… …is made of… …bronze bronze …is the same as… …bronze
  14. 14. BM Collection on Line BM SPARQL endpoint (Beta)