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Steven's Virtual Resume


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Steven's Virtual Resume

  1. 1. The Sky is the The sky’s the limit... Limit....For Steven Rivera-Torres For Steven Rivera-TorresImage provided by me
  2. 2. From humble beginnings in Peachtree City, GA
  3. 3. :// To the bustling streets of Orlando, FL
  4. 4. My dream is to work as a leader for the most visited theme park in the world.
  5. 5.“Somehow I cantbelieve there aremany heights thatcant be scaled bya man who knowsthe secret ofmaking dreamscome true. Thisspecial secretcan besummarized infour Cs.”-Walter E.Disney
  6. 6. And because of those four Cs...
  7. 7. Curiosity Image provided by me
  8. 8. Confidence Image provided by me
  9. 9. Courage Image provided by me
  10. 10. ConstancyImage provided by me
  11. 11. I was part of the opening team at the newestrestaurant in WDW, Be Our Guest! as a Coordinator Image provided by me
  12. 12. “We keep movingforward, openingnew doors, anddoing new things,because werecurious and curiositykeeps leading usdown new paths.”
  13. 13. journey is not over Image provided by me
  14. 14.
  16. 16. Highlights of QualificationImage provided by me
  17. 17. Highlights of QualificationVerbal and written communication andpresentation skills in both Spanish and English
  18. 18. Highlights of Qualification Developer of persons
  19. 19. Highlights of QualificationOrganizational and time management skills
  20. 20. Highlights of QualificationProblem solving and decision making skills
  21. 21. Highlights of QualificationAdaptable to new technology and change
  22. 22. Highlights of QualificationFlexible with work schedule, includingweekends, variable shifts, and holidays
  23. 23. Highlights of QualificationExcellent Marketing and Advertising skills
  24. 24. Don’t be Shy Image provided by me
  25. 25. I wantto work with you Image provided by me
  26. 26. Contact 770-397-5760