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Every cloud has_a_silver_lining


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Every cloud has_a_silver_lining

  1. 1. Every cloud has a silver lining. Be optimistic, even difficult times will lead to better days.
  2. 2. Characters-• A disabled albatross named Lenny.• Born with one wing only, and can swim but cannot fly.• All of his friends tease him for not knowing how to fly. (flying bird)• In the Arctic emperor penguins are king. Everybody looks up to them.• A emperor penguin named Raymond.• Knows all about disabilities• Says to Lenny, that he should be optimistic and things will get better.
  3. 3. Setting• The cold Arctic glaciers, only a few types of species live in the arctic. (Including penguins and albatross)• The icy waters of the Arctic. (Lenny goes swimming and catches fish.)
  4. 4. Beginning• In the beginning, a mother albatross is sick and dying. She is about to lay her eggs but only one comes out.• She lays her egg then quickly names it Lenny. She is overjoyed but slowly freezes to death. The egg stays alive, but is slightly cracked.• 3 months later, the baby albatross comes out alive, but with only one wing.• Lenny, a one day old baby bird, was left to fend out on his own. Still, he was optimistic.
  5. 5. Rising Action• As Lenny continues living his life with one wing, a group of other birds try to intimidate him. They started saying things such as “Hey one wing, don’t fall flat on your face swimming!”• “Lets go flying guys, all of us can...well most of us can!”• Lenny is outraged and furious with the group. He tells them that he can still fly even without a wing, he tries and tries but still cannot prevail. In the back of his mind, Lenny keeps up a positive attitude no matter how the situation turned out. Lenny knew he could be something special.• The other albatross laugh at his valid effort. He was still optimistic.
  6. 6. Climax• Lenny starts to approach the group of albatross. He yells at them and is determined to start a huge fight.• A snowstorm starts to pick up as Lenny throws pecks at the other birds necks. Lenny gets a wing in the face then is suddenly dragged out of the scene by a much larger bird.• Lenny is worried that it had been a polar bear or a snow leopard. But he saw a peak so he wasn’t to worried. He was still optimistic.
  7. 7. Falling Action• Raymond, a much larger emperor penguin tells Lenny that everything is going to be fine.• He says to not worry about what the other birds say and to be yourself. There is no point in trying to win a fight where there is only losers.• Raymond also said the other birds will get what they deserve for making fun at diversity. One day they will be jealous of you. Guarantee.• Raymond then offers to teach Lenny how to get food, and survive with only one wing. With all this knowledge the other albatross soon start to get jealous of Lenny. He was still optimistic.
  8. 8. Conclusion• Lenny starts to live like a penguin. He swims all of the time and eats like a king. Lenny is soon recognized as an emperor penguin and not a disabled bird.• All of the albatrosses apologized for being rude to Lenny. They were very sincere and meaningful to Lenny since he was trying to prove a point.• Raymond was right after all, the other birds were jealous, they definitely got what they had deserved. He was finally happy that being optimistic paid off.• Every cloud has a silver lining. Even difficult times will lead to better days.