R4 Marketing Execution Overview (using FSU Samples)


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Slide deck provides an overview of DME\'s R4 Marketing Execution approach

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R4 Marketing Execution Overview (using FSU Samples)

  2. 2. Executive Summary EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Business Problem: Selling traditional marketing services (a.k.a. – Commercial’s 1-off or custom jobs) require a: • lengthy sales cycle, • seasoned sales talent, • extensive pre- /post-job services, • willingness to commit on undefined / unproven areas and • a high tolerance for delivery mis-steps in pursuit of new clients and markets to achieve sales growth Proposed Solution: Create, position and execute a sellable approach as well as establish our differentiator, called R4 Marketing Execution, that: • establishes an identity for DME Commercial, • demonstrates our marketing experience, • focuses on marketing fundamentals, • streamlines the consultative sale and • leverages DME’s delivery excellence to increase our win probability and delivery success rate in pursuit of more core accounts and recurring business. Bottom-Line: We sell delivery execution to maximize Relationship Marketing --- Direct Marketing Execution 2
  3. 3. What is R4 Marketing Execution? DEFINITION R4 Marketing Execution is our perfected approach for creating and delivering direct marketing communications by serving our clients as their dedicated marketing execution partner. R4 Marketing Execution is the culmination of processes that include segmenting an Audience, applying Relevancy, developing Communications Strategy and executing the Marketing Schedule to drive maximum RELATIONSHIP marketing results toward desired goals. 3
  4. 4. Defining R4 Foundation: The 4 Cornerstones R4 APPROACH 4
  5. 5. Defining R4: Audience AUDIENCE (R1) 5
  6. 6. Defining R4: Relevancy RELEVANCY (R2) 6
  7. 7. Defining R4: Communications Strategy COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY (R3) 7
  8. 8. Defining R4: Marketing Schedule MARKETING SCHEDULE (R4) 8
  9. 9. How to Use R4 Marketing Execution R4 UTILIZATION Triggered and driven by productive dialogue on current versus desired variable communication objectives Who are you speaking to? What is in it for them? What do you know about them? How will you differentiate your message? Why do you want them to speak with you? Why would they act on your offer? o o o o o Probing Question #1 o o o o Probing Question n How do you plan to speak to them? How often will you speak to them? What do you do if they don’t respond? What do you do with the responses? When do you stop? Was success or failure due to o message or execution? o o o o 9
  10. 10. For More Information NEXT STEPS Visit the R4 Marketing Execution web-site http://r4marketing.com/ • Samples of communications (mailers, emails, web, video) • Examples of on-going marketing schedules (multi-touch, multi-channel, …) • R4 marketing grid and probing questions • Business Cases / Sales Spotlights • Client References / Testimonials 10
  11. 11. Supporting Materials APPENDICES APPENDIX 1 --- Sample of Marketing Schedule: FSU APPENDIX 2 & 3 – Sample email communication: FSU APPENDIX 4 - Sample campaign site and IMV: FSU APPENDIX 5, 6 and 7 -- Sample mailing brochure: FSU 11
  12. 12. Sample: FSU Marketing Schedule APPENDIX 12
  13. 13. Sample: FSU Email Communication APPENDIX The email campaign for the FSU program was the first of multiple communications. The goal was to secure as many conversions for both the Seminole Boosters and for Football Season Tickets using a cost effective method. All communications in the program leverage the segmentation that was performed in the first step of the R4 execution methodology. The base segmentation created 16 unique database segments and each received a relative communication based on their respective disposition. In addition to the communication messaging being extremely relevant we incorporated a personalized image of Coach Fisher holding a jersey with the recipient’s name. The email also included a personalized URL that directs the recipients to a campaign page with a variable video and links to the specific locations they needed to go based on past history to complete both of FSU’s desired actions. 13
  14. 14. February 17, 2009 Sample: FSU Email Communication APPENDIX 14
  15. 15. February 17, 2009 Sample: FSU Campaign Site with IMV APPENDIX 15
  16. 16. Sample: FSU Brochure Communication APPENDIX The second communication in the multi-touch campaign was a 10 page brochure which contained everything from the personalized letter from Coach Fisher to pre-populated forms for booster pledges and football season ticket form with previous years season ticket information. As with the email communication the messaging is based on the 16 data segments that resulted from the audience segmentation. With the various elements being controlled via data, the direct mail communications had over 52 possible base versions. If you consider the personalized images and ticket renewal form, well every version sent was unique and targeted to that individual recipient for maximum response. The personalized imagery incorporated in the mail communication was a FSU locker with the recipient’s name on the jersey. The technique was also used on the back of the communication with Coach Fisher holding the recipients jersey. The following pages will provide an overview of some the variability that is contained within the brochure. The collection of targeted messaging and imagery all controlled by the data segments deliver relevancy that prompts action. That is R4 marketing. 16
  17. 17. Example: FSU Brochure Sample (Outside) APPENDIX If the recipient had already contributed this Personalization year, a thank you panel would print instead of the Booster Renewal form For recipients who have contributed in the past, their corresponding membership level This supporting text changed based on how long logo was printed they’ve been a booster and if they were a season based on their ticket holder. contribution to the Boosters 17
  18. 18. Example: FSU Mailer Brochure Sample (Inside) APPENDIX The main letter text had sixteen different versions based on four different levels of Booster participation and Season Ticket purchases. The PS Message at the bottom of the letter alerted certain customers that they can restore priority points if they want to get priority tickets – this is based on length of time since last Booster contribution. When a customer had already purchased their season tickets, a thank you panel and message was printed in place of the ticket renewal form. If the form is printed it is populated with renewal information from previous year ticket purchases. 18