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  1. 1.  (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) java oracle -job -jobs -sample -samples - template -”resume service” -”resume writers” -”resume writing” (703 OR 571) (VA OR Virginia)(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -~job “jobs”Java “resume” -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas)Java (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TXOR Texas) filetype:pdf(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -~job +jobsIn (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -inurl:dir (“keyword” OR “keyword”)(“language * native or bilingual” OR “language * full professional” OR “language *professional working”) (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -inurl:dir (“system administrator”OR “network administrator”) (“French * native or bilingual” OR “french * fullprofessional” OR “french * professional working”)(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) prefer:"skill set/qualification" "keyword"Eg:(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) prefer:"mcad" "software architect"Oracle SSIS Search String: Oracle SSIS "SQL Loader" (inurl:~resume | intitle:~resume) -intitle:job -intitle:jobs Oracle SSIS "SQL Loader" ~cv -you -sample -intitle:job -intitle:jobs SSIS "SQL Loader" intext:Oracle intext:present –you SSIS "SQL Loader" intext:Oracle intext:present (me OR my)
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  5. 5. “Peoplesoft DBA” “Peoplesoft” and (“SCM” or “Supply Chain Management”) and (Consultant or Manage* or Lead*) “Peoplesoft” and Security and (Consultant or Specialist or Manager or Lead) “Peoplesoft Security Consultant” “Peoplesoft Security Specialist” “Peoplesoft Testing” Peoplesoft and (“Testing” or “tester”) (Peoplesoft or “People soft”) and (HR OR HCM OR HRIS OR HRMS or SCM or “Supply Chain Management” or Financial or Security) and (“technical” or “functional” or “developer” or “consultant” or lead or manager or administrator or tester) Peoplesoft and (financ* or "GL" or "General Ledger" or "p/l" or "profit&loss"or "A/P" or "Accounts Payable" or "A/R" or "Accounts Receivable") and implement*Oracle: Oracle and ("Server 9i" or "Oracle Application Server 9i") "Oracle Financials" and "Oracle Reports" and "Oracle Forms" Oracle and ("DBA" or "Database Administr*") and (Tune* or Cluster* or "RAC" or Clone* or "Data Guard*")JdEdwards: (JDE or “JD Edwards” or “JDedwards”) and (“Programmer” or “developer” or “Technical Consultant”) (JDE or “JD Edwards” or “JDedwards”) and (“administration” or “administrator”) (JDE or “JD Edwards” or “JDedwards”) and “functional Consultant” (JDE or “JD Edwards” or “JDedwards”) and (“Business Analyst” or “BA”)SAP - Various Modules: SAP and (“FICO” or “FI/CO” or “FI CO”) and (Consultant or Manager or Lead) SAP and ABAP and (“Developer” or “Lead” or “Technical Consultant”) SAP and (SD or “Sales & Distribution”) and (Consultant or Manage*) SAP and (MM or “Material Management”) and (Consultant or Manage*) SAP and Basis and (administration or administrator) “SAP Basis Administrator” Sap and Basis and Security and (administration or administrator) Sap and Netweaver and administrat*Non-Technical Search stringsContract Manager
  6. 6. "contract manag*" and negotiat* and draft* and (pre or post) and sales contract* and manag* and draft* and (pre or post) and sales contract* and manag* and negotiat* and draft* Google Specific - contract management negotiation draft (pre OR post) sales ~cv (filetype:doc OR filetype:pdf OR filetype:html) -jobs -reply -submit -send -your - eoeTPM (tpm OR “total productive maintenance”) (tpm OR “total productive maintenance” OR “continuous improvement”)Business Analysts "Business Analysts" and ("Requirement gather*" or "clear case" or "clear quest" or "performance tuning" or "business re-engineering")Datawarehousing ("Business Intelligence" or "BI") and (develop* or program*) ("Business objects" or "BO" or "BOJ" or Universe*) informatica and (develop* or program*) ("ETL" or "extract transform load") and (develop* or program*) "crystal reports" and (develop* or program*) cognos and (develop* or program*)Supply Chain ("supply chain" or "SCM" or "supply chain management") (logistics or procur* or purhas* or buy* or sourc* or "startegic sourcing")HR ("Human Resource" or "HR") ("HRMS" or "human resource management system") ("HRIS" or "Human resource information system") ("Time & Benifits" or Compensation) ("workers compensation" or "welfare manag*") ("HRA" or "human resource administration") (Payroll or "PY") ("Personnel Administration" or "PA")
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  8. 8. ("Change Management" or "Human performance") and (health* or pharma* or "health and life science") and consult* and ("organization design*" or "organization strategy*") - For health industry ("change management") and (ERP or sap or oracle or peoplesoft) "Change Management" AND (SAP OR Peoplesoft OR "Oracle financ*") AND ("Organization* Design" OR Train*) (“change manag*” OR “change consult*”) AND (consult*OR lead OR principal OR associate)Talent Management Talent and manag* "Talent management" ("instructional design*" or "knowledge management" or "content management" or "portals" or "collaboration" or "LMS" or "Learning Management system" or "learning transformation") Talent and manag* and ("instructional design*" or "knowledge management" or "content management" or "portals" or "collaboration" or "LMS" or "Learning Management system" or "learning transformation") (learning OR “knowledge manag*” OR training OR “instructional design*” OR “human performance”) AND (consult* OR analyst OR associate OR coach OR designer) and LMS HR and design* and ("shared service" or payroll or benefits or "performance management" or EDM or "Employee data management" or Labor) (learn* or train*) and (develop* or program*) "Instructional design*"and (develop* or program*) train* and "instructional design*" and ("adult education" or "business writ*" or "learning management system" or "LMS")Organizational Development Organi* and effect* and consult* and ("leadership alignment" OR "leadership development" OR "culture" OR "strategy" OR "journey Management" OR "Human capital") "organi* effect*" and consult* and ("leadership alignment" OR "leadership development" OR "culture" OR "strategy" OR "journey Management" OR "Human capital")Contact Center design* and deliver* and ("CTI" or "Computer telephony integration") and ("IPCC" or "Internet Protocol Contact Center") Telephony IP and "TCP/IP" and "QoS" and "OSPF" and "EIGRP" and "VOIP" and "MS Server" telecom* and ("IPT" or "Cisco Call Manager" or "VoIP") ("call center" and "customer service") infrastruct* and "voice network*" and (telecom* or telephon*)Customer Service
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  11. 11. "Health Plan Cosultant" "Health Plan" AND "Consult*" Health care AND Consult* AND "Health Plan" "Public Health" Healthcare and Integration ("PM" OR "Project Manage*" OR "Program Manage*") AND ("CIS" or "Clinical Information System") AND "Health*" AND ("EPIC" OR "McKesson") EPIC "Health*" AND ("EMR" OR Electronic Medical Record) AND Program Manage* OR Project Manage* OR Director AND "EPIC" OR "McKesson" "Health Plan" AND "Consult*" AND "SDLC" "Health" AND "EMR" AND Executive OR President AND Budget "Soarian" and ("Revenue cycle" OR "Financ*" OR "Schedul*") "Soarian Financ*" and ("EPIC" OR "McKesson") and ("Revenue cycle" OR Financ* OR Schedul*) "Soarian Financ*" and revenue* and implement*Supply chain/ Procurement procur* and (hardware or software) and servic* (Buy* or sourc* or negotiat*) buy* and (vendor or suppl*) and manag* "supply chain" and service and manag*Capital Markets/Financial Services "Financial Services" and financ* and "process improvement" and "capital markets" and consult*OR ~resume) AND ( OR (network*=engineer AND cisco)) -jobs -you -catalog -courses -syllabus -benefits -class.description -inurl:php -inurl:asp -inurl:aspx -inurl:cfm -inurl:cgi• String - in double codes - "resume + " Example - "resume + j2ee developer" Alterntively,(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) + "Job Title" eg. (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) + "j2ee developer"• java -inurl:directory "100"• Job Title should sort by relevant date posted• sharepoint (intitle:"resume for" | intitle:"resume of" | intitle:resume | inurl:resume |intitle:homepage | inurl:homepage | intitle:"curriculum vitae" | inurl:vitae | intitle:vitae) -(-jobs -apply -submit -required -wanted -template -write -sample -inurl:books -inurl:product)• resume OR experience OR skills "education"• references available• KEYWORD (inurl:~(resume|cv|vitae) | intitle:~(resume|cv|vitae)) -~jobs
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