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Content Marketing Strategy Attracts New Business


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Content marketing attracts attention in a simple way. By delivering articles that enlighten, entertain and educate, your company builds relationships and instills credibility with key markets. Call us today to learn more our customized strategies for your business.

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Content Marketing Strategy Attracts New Business

  1. 1. SRI Media Content Developers Print, Web, Email, Social Media Marketing Program
  2. 2. The Power of Storytelling Influence. Inspire. Engage. SRI Media develops visually exciting content marketing strategies for healthcare, business, nonprofits, special events
  3. 3. Marketing Objectives Attract & Retain Customers Personalized Lifestyle Magazine To engage key customers and appeal to a new audience, companies are embracing content marketing. Defined as original high value content of interest to a company’s audience, the Custom Content Council announced that the content marketing industry has grown to a $44 billion industry. Content marketing has the power to influence and improve search engine optimization and educate consumers about company brands for all channels, including print, web, email and social media. Your personalized magazine delivers appealing content of interest to readers integrated with compelling images and articles about your company’s products and services. Your personalized magazine will feature: -- Interviews with customers and testimonials -- High value content to engage readers -- Logo prominently displayed on front cover Your expertly designed magazine can be designed as a self mailer to be distributed to a specific demographic by zip code or included in information packets or at special events. The content can be promoted on your web site and used to attract attention through social media channels.
  4. 4. Branding Strategy 4 THE GOAL Engage Audience Develop a communications strategy that engages your audience to look at your company in a different way. . THE TOOL High Value Content High quality print and digital magazine featuring customized content of interest for your key audience and articles about your company’s products and services. THE OUTCOME Generate Response Interesting content is the #1 reason people connect with brands on social media and 78% of consumers believe that custom content builds good relationships. Custom Print & Digital Magazine To Fit Every Budget
  5. 5. Articles & Photographs about Your Company – 8 Pages The content on the first four and last four pages will feature articles about your company which could include a Welcome Letter, personal stories, events, amenities, awards, and photographs. Page 1 – Front cover with Logo and Photograph Page 2 – Images & Copy about your company Page 3 – Welcome letter from Administrator or Executive Page 4 – Events, Activities, Awards, Special Incentives Page 13 – Images & Copy about your company Page 14 & 15– Personal Story profiling customer with testimonial Page 16 – Back Cover featuring company highlights Relevant Content by Professional Writers – 8 Pages The content on pages 5 to 12 will feature articles by award-winning writers and book authors on subjects of interest to your key audience. Content would include 4-page feature story and 4 pages of departments featuring specific content related to the magazine title. Advertisements to Offset Expenses To offset the cost, advertisements could be offered to companies interested in targeting the audience receiving the magazine. Editorial Content (based on 16-page publication)
  6. 6. SEO & Social Media LinkedIn Twitter Facebook RESPONSE Website Landing Pages Interactive Digital Version with video ENGAGEMENT Reader Survey (Print & Digital) YouTube Engage females Relevant content drives visitors to your web site Optimized content Increases search engine rankings. Relevant content is authentic but, more importantly, it’s believable. Relevant content adds value to the conversation. Relevant content positions your company as a trusted advisor.
  7. 7. Invite people to enjoy articles of interest in high quality magazine. Increase awareness of your company’s commitment to customers. Make it easy to ‘experience’ your company through storytelling.. Provide content for web site, blogs, email marketing, social media. Build relationships by engaging audience in exciting new way. Communicate regularly content of high value to key customers. Premiere Issue: 8 to 12 week turnaround Pages, Frequency & Quantity: Based on your budget Paper: High grade 100# silk lustre Editorial: Articles written and edited by professional editorial staff Design: Cover copy, headlines, subheads, callouts, sidebars, articles and photos created to define magazine’s character and intention Digital Version: Hyperlinks and interactive video for multimedia marketing channels: web, social media marketing and email Distribution: Direct mail to current customers and to key demographics by zip code (back cover can be designed as a self mailer with area to inkjet mailing addresses); distribute at events and in information packets Goals & Objectives Magazine Summary
  8. 8. Client Testimonials “Thank you for your hard work, creativity and patience in launching a publication that was waiting to be born.” Madeleine Boyer Chief Marketing Officer Nemours Foundation “SRI Media helped us form partnerships and attract business that we would never have accomplished on our own.” Robert Todd, Relationship Manager Randstad International “Our magazine has proven to be a valuable marketing and educational tool because of SRI Media and its staff.” Beverly Crowl Director of Marketing Delaware Hospice
  9. 9. Magazine Proposal Description of Services and Fees Concept to Completion Development of print and digital magazine designed to create awareness of your company and encourage engagement in print, web, and social media. Professional Services to include editorial management, copyediting, proofreading; design and layout; photography and artwork; prepress, paper purchasing, printing and production management; marketing consultation; client service management and project support. Responsibilities include creating design concepts; assigning articles; editorial trafficking; writing headlines, subheads, callouts; monitoring production; preparation of pdf files to meet technical specifications of printer; and printer approval process. Project Management & Publisher Services Prepress, Paper, Printing - High grade 100# Silk lustre Digital Version with Hyperlinks & Interactive Embedded Video Analytics of Visits, Page & Video Views, Time Spent, URL Clicks Total Cost determined by page count, frequency & quantity
  10. 10. Custom Magazines Build Long Term Relationships “Characteristics Study: Content Marketing ” indicates that 87% of companies use print to convey content and 88,500 custom titles were published last year. According to marketing directors, 92% said custom titles are effective in building relationships and 88% believe they are effective in generating loyalty. The average reader of a custom magazine spends 40 minutes reading it and 9 out of 10 people love reading magazines. They like the glossy, colorful feel. It’s personal; they can touch it and read it at their own leisure anytime, anywhere. Custom titles generate $1 billion in revenues and $700 million from third-party advertisers. Source: Custom Content Council ASPCA Action American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals On Earth Magazine Natural Resources Defense Council LUPUS Now Magazine The Lupus Foundation of America’s 48-page consumer magazine connects the non-profit with members and helps reach influential parties. AARP Magazine The nation’s most widely circulated magazine, AARP’s bimonthly magazine is mailed to its 22 million members.
  11. 11. Print, Digital & Social Media Content Experts Since 1987, SRI Media has specialized in developing relevant content that targets niche audiences with award-winning editorial and expert design.