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1831 - SRI in Myanmar - Thein Su


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Author: Thein Su
Title: SRI in Myanmar
Presented at: The Workshop to Enhance Cooperation and Sharing among SRI National Networks in Asia
Venue: The Leverage Hotel-Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Date: October 18-19, 2018

Published in: Environment
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1831 - SRI in Myanmar - Thein Su

  1. 1. SRI in Myanmar Thein Su Retired Associate Professor Agriculture University
  2. 2. • Thein Su, Retd. Associate Professor, Yezin Agriculture University • Freelancer, Consultant • Started working with SRI in 2008 • Established demo plots in different places • Provided SRI training 32 times, participated in by 1,930 farmers • Direct contact with paddy growers by phone and through Facebook • Assisted 14,074 to learn SRI and General Agriculture • Published two books of SRI in Myanmar language
  3. 3. Organizations doing SRI in Myanmar International Non -Government Organizations (INGOs) 1. GRET 2. Welthungerhilfe (WHH ) 3. International Rescue Committee (IRC) 4. CARE International 5. Mercy Corps 6. World Concern 7. World Vision Local Non-Government Organizations (LNGOs) 1. Metta Development Foundation 2. Golden Plain 3. Myanmar Agro Action 4. KMSS Ministry of Agriculture (Government) 1. Department of Agriculture (DOA) 2. Department of Agriculture Research (DAR) 3. Yezin Agriculture University (YAU)
  4. 4. 553 h 82 h 149 h 92 h 151 h 384h 21 h 185 h 23 h 47 h 70 h7 h 67 h 185 h Total area under SRI with DOA = 1831 h Areas under SRI practice managed by DOA Some farmers are adopting SRI without receiving supervision from DOA Total area under paddy over 6 million hectares, the average yield is 3.8 t/h Area with other org’s not known
  5. 5. Q. Do any of these groups working on SRI interact with each other? Why or why not? How? Has there ever been any SRI network or interagency exchanges in the past? A. No interaction among the groups. 1. INGOs and LNGOs are not doing SRI at all times; they work according to their project planning. Effort depends on Individual's interest (WHH, IRC, FAO) 2. No SRI work in the Agriculture Ministry up to 2015 3. Present Minister (Dr. Aung Thu) has encouraged to do SRI since 2016 but few higher officials and specialists are convinced 4. No organisation or the Agriculture Ministry taking lead role to initiate networking 5. Not much interagency exchange has happened (although Metta Development Foundation is still doing SRI, other agencies seem not to have noticed)
  6. 6. Q. Would a national network be of value in your country? A. Yes, national network will be surely add value in Myanmar Farmers doing SRI can get in touch each other, share and exchange experience, and mutually support each other. Sharing information can encourage promotion and adoption of the SRI by many farmers. Paddy production can be increased through mutual support and encouragement among farmers. Q. How do you think your organization/country would benefit from an Asia-wide alliance of national networks? A. Myanmar, growing paddy widely as a major crop, will benefit by being a member of an Asia-wide alliance or network by getting regional and international linkages for producing SRI rice and also for producing organic SRI rice. Q. What do you think your organization/country might contribute to an Asia-wide alliance of national networks? A. Myanmar can take part in the regional activities of SRI for cooperation and collaboration and can share information.
  7. 7. Sr Township/State Paddy Variety Season Yield (t/h) 1 Htantapin/Pegu Hybrid GW1 2018 Summer 11.6 2 Htantapin/Pegu Hybrid Sinshweli 2018 Summer 10.6 3 Phe-khone/Shan Hybrid 903 2017 Summer 10.0 4 Thayawady/Pegu Hybrid GW1 2018 Summer 9.3 5 NamKham/Shan Hybrid 413 2017 Summer 8.5 6 Myaybone/Rakhine HYV-Sinthukha 2017 Rainy 7.7 7 Mai-sat/Shan HYV-Sinshwewa 2017 Summer 7.4 8 ChaungOo/Sagaing 90-day-old variety 2017 Summer 7.0 9 Yezagyo/Magway HYV-Manawthukha 20117 Summer 6.8 Highest yield records in Myanmar
  8. 8. Practice of SRI in Myanmar