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1432 - The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) - (Vietnam)

Poster at the 4th International Rice Congress
Presenter: Hoang Van Phu
Title: The System of Rice Intensification (Vietnam)
Venue: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand
Date: October 28-31, 2014

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1432 - The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) - (Vietnam)

  1. 1. TheSystemofRiceIntensification(SRI)– Asuitabletechnique,anewapproach,withbrightprospectsforsmallricefarmersintheSoutheastAsiacountriestoensurefoodsecurityandadaptationtoclimatechange SRIis known as an approach of ecological agriculture in rice production with 5 principles: 1) Transplanting young single seedlings 2) Optimizingly-reduced density, 3) Hand weed control instead of applying herbicides 4) Suitable water management, and 5) Increased organic soil amendments Assoc.Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Phu Vice Dean, International School; Director, International Cooperation Center, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam University; Email:; Tel. ++84 912141837 SRIsaved:  70-90% seeds,  30% chemical fertilizer,  50% labour for transplanting,  40-50% irrigation water,  with no herbicides use and less need for insecticides.  Rice yields increased 13-29% and  Net income increased 8% -32%. SRI: • Reduces production of CH4(GHG) • Reduces risk from negative impacts of climate change, • Easy to practiceand suitable for small farmers • Supports farmers’ working in groups SRI:  Applied by >1,5 mil. farmers with >500,000ha in 29provinces of Vietnam  Received “Golden Panicle Prize” from MARD in 2013 Winner in 2010 VN Innovation Day: Climate Change Helping farmers to apply SRI Farmers themselves evaluate SRI in their fields Celebration of 1 million farmers applying SRI methods in 2010 IRC14-0977