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1175 System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Sistema Intensivo de Cultivo Arrocero (SICA)

  1. System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Sistema Intensivo de Cultivo Arrocero (SICA) Erika Styger, SRI-Rice Cornell University, USA
  2. Spread of SRI up to 1999 Madagascar
  3. Before 1999: Madagascar 1999/2000: China, Indonesia 2000/01: Bangladesh, Cuba, Laos, Cambodia, Gambia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Thailand 2002/03: Benin, Guinea, Moz., Peru 2004/05: Senegal, Pakistan, Vietnam 2006: Burkina Faso, Bhutan, Iran, Iraq, Zambia 2007: Afghanistan, Brazil, Mali 2008: Rwanda, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Japan 2009: Malaysia, Timor Leste 2010: Kenya, DPRK, Panama, Haiti 2011 : Korea, Taiwan 2011: Benefits of SRI management now validated in 44 countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America
  4. Bhutan Cuba Afghanistan Mali Cambodia – Rainfed SRI CON 3.6 t/ha SRI 9.5 t/ha CON 6.5 t/ha SRI 9.5 t/ha CON 5.6 t/ha SRI 9.3 t/ha CON: 5.5 t/ha SRI 9.1 t/ha CON: 1.8 t/ha SRI 4.0 t/ha
  5. Transplanting Careful and fast transplanting, shallow transplanting
  6. Mechanization with SRI Transplanter for 1 seedling/hill (Tamil Nadu, India)
  7. Motorized weeder
  8. Faster growth - shorter crop cycle (10 days) Control SRI Plant development II SRI SRI Control Control
  10. Mahto Oraon, Gumla district, Jharkhand state, India, with SRI plant having 65 tillers (Khandagiri, 110-day variety) RAINFED SRI: Adapting SRI principals to rainfed rice and other crops 50,000 farmers in Myanmar 130,000 farmers in Cambodia Central eastern States India
  11. Sugarcane With SRI method Yields are by 20-50% improved 30% reduction in water use 25% reduction in chemical fertilizer Developed in India
  12. Muchas gracias! SRI farmers from the village of Donghoi, Timbuktu, Mali SRI-Rice : Email : [email_address] , [email_address]

Editor's Notes

  1. Vietnam: October 2011: Over 1 Mio farmers (70% women) applying SRI on > 185,000 hectares India: 2011: 250,000 farmers Cambodia : 2010: 130,000 farmers; yield increases between 30-150%, Ministry of Agriculture included SRI in national strategy in 2006, SRI Secretariat to coordinate and promote SRI
  2. Picture sent by Prativa Sundaray, staff member with the NGO PRADAN which is introducing SRI in poor communities, especially tribal ones in Orissa, Jhakhand and West Bengal, even where there is no irrigation, adapting SRI concepts to rainfed conditions.