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Four Canadian Models for Regional Planning


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From the Saskatoon Regional Growth Summit, Andrew Sancton

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Four Canadian Models for Regional Planning

  1. 1. Four Canadian Models Saskatoon Regional Growth Summit Andrew Sancton,Professor of Political Science, Western University, London November 20, 2013
  2. 2. Amalgamation  Halifax Regional Municipality  Created in 1995 from cities of Halifax and Dartmouth, Town of Bedford and Halifax county  Includes entire metro area and more
  3. 3. Regional government  Communauté métroplitaine de Montréal established in 2002  Mayor of Montreal is always the chair  Has recently adopted a regional plan  Big test will be implementation
  4. 4. A regional government  Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM)  Established in 2002  Takes in the whole metropolitan area  Has recently adopted a regional plan  Big test will be implementation
  5. 5. Metro Vancouver  A regional government that includes regional special-purpose bodies that continue their legal existence  I am a great admirer of structural arrangements of Metro Vancouver
  6. 6. Voluntary cooperation  Best Canadian example here is Calgary Regional Partnership  Most common model in US, along with regional special-purpose bodies for infrastructure  Calgary expanded territorially by annexation – leads to unbalanced “partnership”
  7. 7. Provincial planning control  Ontario plans for the Greater Golden Horseshoe  The Greenbelt and Places to Grow