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Think Real Estate Investing is Beyond Your Abilities?


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Think again! Here’s how average folks are making a fortune in real estate investing.

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Think Real Estate Investing is Beyond Your Abilities?

  1. 1. Think Real Estate Investing is Beyond Your Abilities? Think again! Here’s how average folks are making a fortune in real estate investing. Most people think making money through real estate investing is an obscure art requiring special knowledge and abilities. They think they’d have to spend decades in the industry, save every nickel and invest when market conditions are in perfect planetary alignment. After all, don’t you have to know all the ins and outs of the real estate game in order to make serious money? Nope. The truth is that anyone of average intelligence can make tons of money, provided they’re armed with the right strategies and information. You see, there are growing numbers of people with no special skills or abilities at all who are now making serious money in real estate investing. Two of the easiest ways to make money through real estate investing:
  2. 2. 1. Flipping Properties – This is a tried and true, time-tested way to make good money year in and year out. In fact, people no smarter than you are following a very specific formula for flipping homes that consistently make money. The idea here, like all real estate investing, is to buy low and sell high. But the essential point is knowing how to execute the process through a series of specific steps. 2. HUD Wholesaling – This is another great way to make loads of money investing in real estate. Essentially it’s a variation on the house-flipping theme, but it’s so specialized that we’re listing it here as its own unique genre. Basically, HUD wholesaling involves using proprietary processes for bidding on, acquiring, and re-selling HUD homes. Here are some points to consider about the HUD wholesaling process: • What is a HUD home? HUD stands for Department of Housing and Urban Development. Any time a home buyer gets an FHA (Federal Housing Authority) home loan, it is backed by HUD. If the homebuyer defaults on the FHA loan, HUD forecloses and re-sells the home back to the public. That’s why they’re called HUD homes. • Are HUD homes and bank-owned homes the same thing? No. A bank-owned home is one that the bank owns, backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. A HUD home is an FHA home loan in default, which becomes a HUD/government owned home. • What’s the key to successful HUD wholesaling? HUD has a completely automated bidding system. Meaning there are guidelines their computer program uses to counter-offer and sell their homes. Remember, no humans are involved on the HUD side of the selling process. Once you’ve cracked the code on HUD’s computer program guidelines you’ll know exactly how much to bid on their homes. The ball is in your court. Now you know the easiest ways to make money in real estate investing. Whether you end up flipping homes or doing HUD wholesaling, you’ll be working with time-tested and proven real estate investing techniques. So what are you waiting for? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Josh Cantwell of Strategic Real Estate Coach knows that the ability to raise capital is the most valuable skill a real estate investor can have. In fact, it's your #1 job if you want to make it in real estate investing. Of course, the bigger question is how the heck do you do that? Well grab a pen and get ready to take notes... Because in this
  3. 3. FREE video, he breaks down the entire process for you. You'll discover, once and for all, how "stupidly simple" it is to... Raise Capital... And Fund Your Deals! 95W5LkaFU2RPezl3xQ&index=16