Real Estate Coaching: How to Find Your Funding


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How can real estate coaching boost your profits before you ever even lay eyes on your first property?

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Real Estate Coaching: How to Find Your Funding

  1. 1. Real Estate Coaching: How to Find Your Funding How can real estate coaching boost your profits before you ever even lay eyes on your first property? There’s a long list of reasons people seek out real estate coaching before they get started. One is that a coach can answer one of the most important questions any house flipper ought to ask – the money question. See, in many of the articles you read, there is usually some reference to finding private financing. You’ll hear a constant refrain saying, “There’s money out there for you.” “People are practically going to line up to invest with you!” Sounds encouraging, sounds exciting, and it also sounds complicated. You read through more and more information and there it is again, the suggestion of buying with cash. So casually stated and you are thinking: OK sounds easy but, “Show me the money!” and more importantly, how do you find this money? There are quite a few opportunities out there for you to find the cash to use to invest. First look around in the area where you live or plan to the neighborhoods where you
  2. 2. would like to do business. Notice any signs? Now we aren’t talking about seeing the image of Elvis in a loaf of bread, we are talking about real signs. Stapled onto telephone poles, hanging on bus stops, and on community bulletin boards, the signs that announce “We Buy Houses”, take down the phone number and call. How about doing some networking at foreclosure auctions? Introduce yourself, hand out business cards, and ask for the cards of other investors. There are usually investment clubs located locally that you can start to attend their meetings. How about using a combination of private funding and financing from a community bank? Direct marketing is a way to get your name out there, introduce yourself and your vision to those who are looking for an alternative to investing in the stock market. As your name gets out you will start to get calls. Now how do you get to that point? How do you get people calling you offering to invest? How do you present yourself to the world of potential investors? Enter real estate coaching. Granted anyone can make up business cards and do a mass mailing but it doesn’t mean that it’ll get results. You need someone to guide you, someone who will help you present yourself professionally. Real estate coaching can help you learn how to find the money. Being taken under the wing of an experienced coach, someone who has gone out and found their financing will give you a great start into investing and help you finish strong. When you start a mentoring arrangement like this you will be shown step-by-step how to find people who will want to become partners with you. Asking someone to hand over their cash to you is a bold move to make, you need to establish confidence and show potential investors that you have a plan and a backup plan. To get to that place where you can approach someone to make such a decision with their money you need a professional to help you prepare. First impressions are important and you want to make sure that your first proposal to invest will not be your last. Working with a coach will pump up your enthusiasm, confidence, and war chest – all at the same time. No point in going it alone out there – make a point of finding a real estate coach who can show you the path. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Josh Cantwell is the top residential real estate investor in his community, has been a full-time investor since 2003. Josh has bought and sold over 600+ properties since 2003. Josh’s real estate coaching team at Strategic Real Estate Coach (SREC) has 7
  3. 3. full-time, high-end coaches. Each coach is an investor first and foremost and a coach second. SREC has coaching students all over the U.S. who are implementing SREC real estate investing strategies and building successful businesses. Visit to learn morel