Isn’t it Time You Finally Learned How to Make Money in Real Estate?


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Learn what the pros say about how to make money in real estate – you might be amazed.

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Isn’t it Time You Finally Learned How to Make Money in Real Estate?

  1. 1. Isn’t it Time You Finally Learned How to Make Money in Real Estate? Learn what the pros say about how to make money in real estate – you might be amazed. Let’s face it; people can spend years trying to figure out how to make money in real estate, without much luck. Maybe they’ve made a few bucks here and there, but without the right combination of good strategies and the right tools, folks just won’t make the big money they’ve dreamed about. Everyone knows the key to making money in real estate is to buy low and sell high – like you’d do investing in commodities like oranges, pork bellies, silver, and gold. But beyond that, what specialized systems and tools do you need to consistently make big money year in and year out? The fact is that anyone can make money in real estate, provided they follow the right program and have access to good information. Some great ideas for how to make money in real estate:
  2. 2. 1. Flipping Homes – The key to making money flipping homes is to use a tried and true process. Just follow a few simple steps, and make sure you stick to the plan. 2. Buying and holding rental properties – This is another great way to make long- term money, month in and month out, without doing a lot of work. Don’t forget to have a reputable contractor on your team. 3. HUD Wholesaling – Successful HUD wholesaling uses insider procedures for bidding on, buying and selling HUD properties. It’s a great way to make money in real estate. Tools and approaches to help insure real estate success: 1. Establish a long-term relationship with a lender. Most real estate professionals will not use their own money to buy property. Regardless of whether you’re buying homes and flipping them, or buying and holding rental properties, or wholesaling HUD homes, you will almost always be dealing with a lender. You should make it a point to form long-term relationships with lenders that share your vision. 2. Use local lenders. Pros typically use local banks, credit unions, and private lenders. In fact, regardless of which type of lender they use, they are almost always local. Why use local lenders? • Local banks are mandated to lend for local projects, so they have incentive. • Local Banks, credit unions and private lenders are more likely to lend more often. • Local banks usually keep all their loans. • Local lenders don’t care how many properties you have as long as you have a good portfolio. 3. Remember that information is power. When dealing with your lenders/investors, be sure to present them with information they can use to quickly determine what your deal is all about and what the numbers look like. You want a package that will compile your numbers and other details of your deal into a nice, easy to understand presentation. Make sure you use a program that helps investors see the overall financial position of a property. You’ll want to be able to generate a document containing all the information
  3. 3. any interested parties would possibly need to make a decision about a deal. This will put you in a solid position because having that information on hand to provide means: • Investors can quickly determine what to pay for various properties. • Investors can easily manage the rehab budget when fixing up properties. • If you are a property wholesaler, you’ll be able to generate concise deal marketing sheets for your wholesale deals. The time to act is now. Now you’ve seen some good ideas for how to make money in real estate, and you’ve seen some of the tools and approaches to help pave the way. Now get out there and make it happen. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Josh Cantwell of Strategic Real Estate Coach offers to literally take you out in the field and show you REAL deals he’s been working on (without using any of his own money or credit, of course). Watch this video about Ballash Road, one of the rehab projects he’s really excited about because it stands to put $70,000.00 of profit in his pocket. He’ll walk you through exactly how he did it in this video showing how to make money in real estate. Josh strongly suggests you watch it, because when you do… you’ll realize you can do this! Check it out here: 95W5LkaFU2RPezl3xQ&index=37