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The performance achieved by today’s new
smartphones and tablets is enabling businesses
to come up with ever more innovative services
for their target audiences, but also with new
ways of working and interacting.
Among the many new mobile projects created
for our clients, we have been able to sense
the outstanding creative potential of these
tools, both for the design teams and the users
themselves, who are driving this (r)evolution
in phone use. More relevant and responsive
marketing campaigns through more detailed
knowledge of consumers (geolocation), which
has the added benefit of being available at any
time, improvements in customer relations with
a new and dynamic role for sales, instant
access to reliable data, more effective and
user-friendly marketing and communication
resources, increased compagny performance
and productivity through the simplification of
processes, faster deployment within teams, and
easier change management thanks to the sheer
fun and enjoyability of these new resources…
You will discover some of these many benefits
over the next few pages of this new edition of
SqliMag, entirely dedicated to mobile projects.
Our teams are bursting with ideas for new interactive
services and solutions, accessible via
these new devices. They can also help making
your new ideas become real…

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  3. 3. Sq Im li M me ag ub / le Iss / A 1 Elo Le ue 00% Pre #0 c die sse 8 - ust As ns Ha om se é- lf y er- lin 93 2 ea cen ea E 21 68, Co rly tr u, dit 0 L av rp Ma or a P en ora - F ic n thi ial lai ue te eb ew eu tea Pu ne du Com rua sl Co m: bli Te S P ry ette lle Ch sh l.: ain ré mu 20 r t, A ris ing +3 t- sid ni 12 03 dri tin Di 3 ( De en cat an e J rec 0)1 nis t W ion o M ul to ien r: C 55 - F o ils s uc 93 ran n cia , Is hri 26 ce Se Cr rdi abe stin Sq ed n e , A lle e 00 l Dir Jun ior ativ lex G Ju iM ec ior Art e D Ar is aut lien Co tor Ar Di ire tw Ca hie ba r, of t D rec ct or nta na ag ct Op ire tor or: k: s ito us era cto : J Jim :c tio r: M érô my 198 mo om ns él me P 4 r mu : R an H ina nic ég ie erv is Du é 04 bil ati As flo it on sa @s ad ys qli .co m So ial pe Ne ge cia 07 pr om l ed ws _c i iti o ity n Th ca se _o _s f_ 18 nb to ea tu die ul dv s_ ou rie ins se m- ro en f ide ch _s 24 co r_ e_ ma nt dia rt er bo to gn x_ Sp mm vie os m6 ws tic _ _Y ft Gr ex s_ am ind ot ou he pe sp ah pa rt ir a_ m _ 26 lig erce a_ ca _f l_ a us h t sin mo lp fin co t o_ an INTERACTIVE r t mm is_ la ce un fu28 y on bil ma _s ica af ma nc tio _ _ f_ te Th eb mö ch n_ th l no so us nl lo lu yc em tio ke gy _ ei _& ns ine _m ob MEDIA ns ed ss ia_ ile pe ur rf _ we an b ce
  4. 4. The 24 hours of FIND THE PROPERTY OF YOUR DREAMSSMARTBOX le mans live WITH SOGEPROMAfter designing and producing the Smartboxapplication, eClaps also handled its upgrade. A «must» for DESIGN OF THE MOBILE APPLICATION FORThe application now gives access to a store and any fan of the SOGEPROM, THE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTenables to provisionally book an activity with atelephone. Booking an activity directly through SUBSIDIARY OF THE SOCIETE GENeRALEthe application as well as purchasing packs will competition GROUPsoon be possible. The creator and organiser of the “24 Hours Finding your future new-build property while on the   A search on available developments based on the of Le Mans” car race, the Automobile Club de move is now possible with SOGEPROM. user’s current position, using geolocation; l’Ouest (ACO) chose the Sqli agency in Nantes An extremely convenient search option whichallo resto for the design and production of the lemans.org application, the official iPhone application for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Intercontinen- Available on the iPhone, this new application of- fers the possibility to consult all of the developer’s available properties with just a click. sorts the available SOGEPROM properties based on six themes ; Ready in 2011 for those in a hurry, 0% loans, tal Le Mans Cup, the world endurance cham- Scellier tax benefits, What’s New, Low ConsumptionIn November 2011, Allo Resto, the leading home pionship run by Automobile Club de l’Ouest. User-friendly and adapted to personal needs, the Construction or Sneak Peeks.and office catering provider with 2500 restaurants, application presents three search methods:launched its mobile app. Available on iPhone and Ergonomic and intuitive, it enables enthusiasts A simple search based on criteria such as lo- Completely free, this application also makes it pos-Android, it enables users both to order online and to of the 24 Hours of Le Mans to follow the event cation, property type, number of rooms, budget sible to calculate your borrowing capacity basedtake part in competitions to win points which can be as it happens. Completely free of charge, it and surface area; on personal information including: income, downconverted into gift vouchers. An impressive loyalty aims to be the “must have” tool for anyone payments, desired monthly payments, etc…building programme for the brand, offering useful keen to experience the action before, duringadvantages for its clients! and after the race! Its many features provide access to: wall street top chef institute Cooking Gameyamaha the latest news from the endurance, enabling users to share it by email, on Facebook or Twitter All the dates for the International Le Mans Cup This application is a language learning tool To accompany the Top Chef TV programme, M6 A live, constantly updated leader board for the sending users e-news provided by partner has chosen us for the design and productionYamaha chose eClaps for the design and produc- competing vehicles France 24. of the Top Chef Cooking Game. The applicationtion of an iPad terminal to be used at motorcycle Race highlights lets the user try his or her hand at cooking, freeand boat tradeshows. This fun and easy to use List of competitors for each race Each article features an instant translator which of charge, with an initial recipe. 35 other recipesterminal gave visitors several opportunities to Photos and videos of the various events enables you to see the translation of a word and add are then available at a price of €1.59.win numerous prizes. This campaign designed by Maps of the race route with their key features it to your own vocabulary list, simply by pressingthe agency enabled the brand to harvest qualified Useful information: concerts, times, features, the word. The game places the user in the same conditionscontact details for both clients and prospects and prices, etc. as those encountered in the competition. He or sheto organise targeted marketing activities. Detailed presentations of the cars and drivers A training area offers exercises in English according must pass through each stage one at a time before to your level. The results are available immediately. becoming a genuine Top Chef. Launched for the first Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, time last year, the application is being upgraded this application has been a runaway success, being Downloaded over 60,000 times in less than a year, this year for the launch of the broadcast. downloaded no fewer than 4700 times since beco- this application is a powerful sales and strong traffic ming available online! generation leverage tool for the mobile site.
  5. 5. toulouse:ville propre and sophisticated yet very simple to use includingTECHNOLOGY TO the geolocation of incidents and real-time alertsTACKLE THE with photos and voice memos, allowing for coordi- nation and optimal efficiency of the teams.CHALLENGE OF URBANCLEANLINESS Deployed for the time being in the city center, the system will gradually be extended to the entire ur-SQLI has developed an An- ban community. Around 100 devices will be issueddroid application unique of to the staff throughout the Greater Toulouse area.its kind in France for the cityof Toulouse, issued to its 314 SQLI Mag #08 – News in brieffield staff in 2011. *One of the key aspects of the “Toulouse villepropre” plan (Toulouse clean city) is the use of aPDA system (Personal Digital Assistant) issued tosome field staff since early 2011 (cleaning agents,city police officers, etc.) 05By sending a photo and a GPS signal, they can then This is a first in France. A systemimmediately summon an intervention team for any designed in Toulouse with the companyrubbish spotted on public roads including wild SQLI. Up until now, only the city ofwaste disposal, dogs dejections, the occupation Eindhoven in the Netherlands had aof public areas or graffitis, etc. similar system. Philippe MahéA first in France. General Manager for Services City of ToulouseThe local authority began by carrying out a fieldanalysis as close as possible to the staff and theproblems in order to come up with the most ap- * «Select a number and discover right away if you’re lucky winner!»propriate solution.This study resulted in a project meeting publicagents requirements with the choice of the best Ticketacadapted solution: an Android application unique ofits kind in France featuring real-time management Ticketac is the first application of its kind. Thisof all of the teams’ interventions. showcase application for the online booking of tic- kets for shows in Paris was designed and producedProduced by SQLI, it uses state-of-the-art PDA by eClaps. In just a few minutes, it enables usersand satellite technology for the transmission of to book and buy tickets using their smartphones.incident reports. Hugely successful, it was acquired in 2009 by theThis application’s user interface is intuitive, user- Figaro group.friendly and remarkably effective. The tool is sharp
  6. 6. The advent of the mobile businessSELL, COMMUNICATe, COOPERATe and manage... ALL WHILE ON THE MOVE
  7. 7. Mobility& New interfacesMobility and its many implications represent thegreatest revolution since the advent of the internet!The march to mobile business is inevitable. It implies identifying new uses, anti-cipating and discovering them, defining a clear technical strategy in relation tothe company’s Information System and proposing the most intuitive and natural SQLI Mag #08 – Articlemobile and tactile user interfaces.Mobile services for professionals must Our philosophy:be relevant, efficient and context-aware Experiment, test and optimise! 07It is important to clearly define the mobile services maintenance, etc.) and collaborative information The success of a company’s mobile strategy can be Where mobility is concerned, we recommend anintended for your teams including sales aids for for your staff (intelligence, communication, capi- measured by the extent to which it corresponds to iterative and gradual approach making it possiblemobile sales staff, decision-making aids at your talisation). A careful observation of practices as in usage requirements, whether those of the corpo- to identify uses and to optimise the proposed mo-sales outlets, applications for field-based technical the field is a key factor for success! rate world and the use of business applications in bile systems. This is the best way to meet yourexperts (technical reports, quotations, equipment mobility situations or those of the general public targets in innovative areas.. with classic marketing criteria such as usage le- vels, client knowledge and conversion rates.Changing customer relationscharacterised by greater proximityDefining your mobile, functional and technical Finally, the spread of digital technology to salesstrategy is a prerequisite to identifying the tools outlets and contact points is consistent with thebest suited to the target groups and your objectives. trend for clients to cross channels informationProximity to the client is increasing all the time strategy, contextual marketing, and even to intel-through applications and “web apps” for the ge- ligent storefronts!neral public, distributed via the main “stores” (per-sonal assistants, games, corporate applications,sporting event broadcasts, etc.). Isabelle Gauthier Marketing Director
  8. 8. MOBILITY ON businesses IS MAKING ITS MARK AND REVOLUTIONISING THEIR USES HIGHLIGHTS AND BEST PRACTICES The latest generation of mobile terminals are now very much part of the daily life of their owners. With the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, Android and Windows Phone, smartphones have emerged as “must have” items for the general public over the last few months. Users are accustomed to having powerful resources in their daily lives enabling them to quickly access all kinds of content and to benefit from useful applications both in their private and professional lives. For their part, companies are beginning to show a great deal of interest in the terminals. The impacts are significant and now that users are waiting on them, companies are ready. CHANGING TECHNOLOGIES AND INTERFACES AND A NEW APPROACH TO USAGE For several years now, mobile services have existed habits built up during day-to-day life, it is ne- for internal staff enabling them to carry out various cessary to adopt a usage-centric approach and tasks on what is known as a PDA. Although the to guarantee user-friendliness in order to avoid PDA already makes it possible to work in mobility “simply” transferring an existing solution onto a situations and to boost productivity, three main smartphone or tablet. The criteria of immediate problems hold it back: the performance of the availability, speed and an ability to get straight to terminal, connectivity and user-friendliness. what matters are all vital. In a usage-focused approach, it is therefore ne- The successes of the new generation of mobile cessary to review operational processes and adapt terminals are chiefly based on these three points. them to mobility situations. The first two points are a logical result of changing technology while the third (user-friendliness) gua- What’s more, users are today expecting simplicity ranteed the success of the iPhone when it arrived and an enjoyable user experience. So it’s goodbyeMathieu Collet on the market and placed the emphasis back to forms and the use of a stylus (i.e. PDAs) andManager of the Mobility / e-Devices on a usage-centric approach and ease-of-use. hello to the possibilities offered by multitouch,Division coupled with easy-to-use interfaces.Sqli agency Taking account of available technology and the
  9. 9. filtering, reduced bandwidth, content that is tical to those used by the application’s clients (neverMOBILE PROJECTS governance AND CHANGE forbidden or billed differently, video, etc.) underestimate the variations which may exist betweenMANAGEMENT   Resource utilisation parameters concerning one operator and another for example); SQLI Mag #08 – Article the use of the terminal by other applications (me-  In network coverage areas identical to those mory alerts, insufficient local disk space, telephone of the target group from whom the applicationThe “mobile” environment has a number of specific characteristics when it comes to running projects, the calls, camera, etc.) is intended.impact of which is highly dependent upon the level of maturity of the projects’ stakeholders (including the These specific requirements related to the mo-sponsor) vis-a-vis the mobile market. Although the innovative and exciting side of this type of project can With all of this in mind, in addition to the usual bile market are always minimised from a planningbe a boon in that it encourages a high level of commitment from all key players, it can also mean that new test sequences (unit tests, non-regression testing, viewpoint but also from the point of view of the 09participants wish to get involved (sometimes at very high levels of authority), which can make the scaling partial acceptance, etc.) it is absolutely vital to resources required (travel, equipment…).and design phases far more complex when alternative and sometimes contradictory approval circuits introduce an additional acceptance phase in a realappear, resulting in issues which can be difficult to settle via the Monitoring Committee. environment, namely : It is therefore important to carefully monitor your  With real terminals, as with other applications organisation and to take account of these stages atRather than seeking to prevent these stakeholders forward information from a central system to a (games, news, etc.) and real data subscriptions iden- all costs when managing mobile project.from participating in the project, it’s better to get distributed system) have been identified, adjustedthem involved very early on during the initial key and approved by the teams in charge of these sys-stages (launch, approval of the scaling and pre- tems. Particular attention must be paid to ensuringview delivery). It is also important not to disrupt effective dialogue between experts concerning the MANAGED SERVICES FOR TERMINALSthe work of the project teams (Project Director,Project Manager) on both the client and the ser- specific characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the mobile environment. AND USER ASSISTANCEvice provider’s side with new directions which mayresult from taking onboard the comments of these In contrast to the web, for which the test scenarios Just like any other IT equipment made available to may also be used by the staff member in his private lifestakeholders. are relatively predictable (browsers, networks, staff, it is necessary to introduce managed services (which is usually the case). With this in mind, users willAlthough we cannot state that a mobile project is plug-ins, etc.), the mobile environment brings with for mobile terminals by using adapted solutions. be using these terminals frequently and consequentlyby its very nature an integration project, we have it a large number of variables which are not always To achieve this, MDM (Mobile Device Management) will be confronted with problems of all kinds, regardingseen that the integration of all related subsidiary easy to anticipate: tools exist to make it possible to remotely manage either the business applications made available to themsubjects (security, operational development, in-   Hardware parameters (screen, memory, CPU, a number of parameters on these terminals (e-mail or the terminals themselves (OS updates, use of theterface, hosting, roadmap, etc.) are decisive in the OS version, etc.) configuration, VPN, etc.). MDM is a solution which e-mail system, etc.).success of a mobile project.   Network parameters (non-connected, WIFI not should always be used, whether for security or connected to the internet, WIFI, 3G, poor 3G in areas control-related aspects etc. Consequently, an assistance solution able to respondWith all of this in mind, it is important to ensure with a high user density, edge, time-lag, unstable to all of these problems needs to be introduced toahead of the scaling and design phases that in- connections, etc.) It is also important to remember that smartphones or guarantee optimal day-to-day use.tegration-related problems (i.e. the capacity to Data subscription parameters (port tablets supplied by the company are working tools but
  10. 10. MOBILE marketing Roche Diagnostics RANGE OF IPAD APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE FROM A “ROCHE STORE”Eudes de Villiers In keeping with its resolutely innovation-focused positioning policy, Roche Dia-Diagnostics Communications Manager gnostics – the world leader for “in vitro” diagnostics – was keen to improve its salesRoche Diagnostics France system by equipping its sales teams with original and high-performance resources to present its solutions and services. As a result, SQLI was asked to implement its mobile strategy, which can already be seen through the first six iPad applications, which are now centralised in a “Roche Store”. ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS’ SOLUTIONS REFLECT FOUNDING COMMITMENT TO INNOVATION Roche Diagnostics designs and markets a complete with three objectives in mind: range of innovative products and services making it possible among other things to diagnose/mark   Presenting its flagship solutions in a original diseases through the analysis of biological tissue way reflecting its image as a resolutely innovative or liquids. company;    Having a campaign tool (vs. an exhaustive ca- Keen to get the most from state-of-the-art techno- talogue) which should be ultra-responsive while logy and the new uses it generates, the brand wanted reducing marketing costs ; to upgrade its sales system by equipping its sales Highlighting its laboratory equipment pro- teams with a high-performance, user-friendly tool grammes throughout the whole country.
  11. 11. Sales aid applications...SQLI drew upon its complementary areas of ex-  Cobas 4800: a molecular biology analysispertise – design, ergonomics, development – to system;produce sales aid tools based on Roche’s resources LigthCycler: a system allowing for the real-time(brochures, videos, 3-D animations, etc.) aimed at identification of genes (PCR);enhancing the sales of Roche Diagnostics’ state-  Ventana: a complete range of automatic tis-of-the-art systems, such as: sue diagnosis systems, particularly in the field  Cobas b123: a blood gas analysis solution ena- of cancer treatment, making it possible to assistbling professionals to take treatment decisions professionals when taking medical decisions.in record time; SQLI Mag #08 – ArticleSQLI also produced the Géolab application, making it possible to locate laboratories equipped byRoche on an interactive map and to view the installed systems based on a multi-criteria search(regions, equipment, number of cases per day processed by the laboratory, etc.) or to simulate anew system layout plan... This huge project has aroused a great deal of interest within our teams and has generated enormous mental 11 creativity and expectation. Already deployed on more than 200 iPads, the...centralised on the “Roche Store” applications have been extremely well Over and above its experience with received by users. This success is all mobile applications which it has ad- the more significant as the project wasIn order to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of the mobile application stock but also helping mirably demonstrated with numerous subject to very tight lead times (withof all of the applications designed by Roche Dia- the group’s sales staff to download existing and references, we chose SQLI for three the cut-off date being our presencegnostics to the sales teams, in partnership with an future applications in total simplicity, to rate them main reasons: firstly the quality of its at the “Journées Internationales deAmerican publisher SQLI designed a “Roche Store” and to comment upon them. technological proposals, the choices Biologie” (International Biologyallowing firstly for the centralised administration made by SQLI to carry out develop- Days) last November). We had just ment under Adobe AIR allowing for four months to launch, develop and the deployment of applications on all deploy this project. What’s more, in kinds of tablet other than the iPad addition to achieving our image-rela- with no need to redevelop them, and ted objectives, these applications haveTHE “BIOCARDIO” APPLICATION of course its methodological approach also enabled us to reduce the printing making it possible to guarantee costs for marketing documents, while applications of a quality meeting the having campaign tools which are fullyMore than just a sales aid, Roche Diagnostics was enables cardiologists or clinical practitioners to brand’s standards, while also meeting responsive. We will therefore continuekeen to provide health professionals with a new easily interpret the troponin T HS when dealing deadlines and budgets. along this road with the SQLI teams.professional tool: the BioCardio application. with a suspected heart condition.This free application, now available in the AppStore, Finally, the SQLI team demonstrated Eudes de Villiers a thorough understanding of our ope- Diagnostics Communication ManagerThe brand isn’t stopping there, and is currently working closely with SQLI on the creation of new rational needs and challenges. – Roche Diagnostics Franceapplications…
  12. 12. spir &iPad Express SAP CRM Commande THE SPIR COMMUNICATION GROUP EQUIPS ITS SALES FORCE WITH MOBILE business APPLICATIONS To launch its mobile strategy in 2010, SPIR Communication equipped its sales teams with an innovative business application running on the iPad – “Top & Logic Vente” equipped with its very first module, SAP CRM. The SQLI group was asked to handle the deployment of their new business applications. The latest to date is “Commande Express” (Express Order) which turns the “Top & Logic Vente” sales tool into a genuine pocket sales assistant!  Top & Logic Vente A revolution in usage... The French leader in the local communication introduced the “Top & Logic Vente” application, sector thanks to its magazines and online media, for which the first SAP CRM module has enabled SPIR Communication wanted to issue its sales in sales forces: representative with a mobility tool to help boost To instantly update all customer data; their performance, their productivity, and to sup-     To obtain a consolidated overview of the degree port changes in their activities. to which targets have been met and to effectivelyExtremely professional and track the activity via a dashboard;easy to use. As a result Sqli agency, the SQLI group’s digi- To receive a flow of marketing information viaThe online updates are much tal agency and EoZen, the unit devoted to SAP, a “private Twitter” function.faster. User-friendly and attractive, the SAP CRM solution on the iPad was immediately very popular with Topannonces.fr sales office the sales forces. SPIR Communication has brought about a genuine revolution in the usage practices – Gard (France) and operational tools of its sales teams.
  13. 13. The main purpose of Commande Express is to further extend our range of operational resources available on the iPad and to enable our sales team to be totally independent out in the field, with a genuine mobile office at their disposal. We adopted a resolutely user-centric project approach and a so-called Agile methodology allowing for seamless coo- peration between our internal staff and the Sqli agency – EoZen team. Based around a small but highly pro- A fast and pleasant-to-use fessional team, this operating method system with no problems enabled us to reach prototype stage in encountered. Clients are just three months. The resolutely user- delighted. A useful aid for friendly approach, based on accessibi- the assistant, who has two SQLI Mag #08 – Article lity, enables users to get to grips with versions the new system as quickly and naturally as possible. Logic-Immo.com sales office This mobility project and its new uses - Rouen (France) also gave us an opportunity to review and simplify our various processesCOMMANDE EXPRESS: 2ND VERSION OF including sales, production and support. 13THE TOP & LOGIC VENTE APPLICATION The benefits include time saved, added professionalism for our sales processes, an undeniable degree of differentiationThe Commande Express module has been designed sibility of signing it from the touchscreen tablet.. vis-a-vis our competitors but also theand developed on a custom basis according to user’s A great example of teamwork, this project was jointly development of an image perfectly inneeds, using an approach based on the operational managed by Jean Michel Thibault, ERP Manager for keeping with our group’s commitment toprocesses. Only the most useful functions are retai- the SPIR Group and SQLI, with each sharing various embracing digital technology.ned. Simplicity is the watchword in order to be able roles and responsibilities. The operational services In short, it converts innovation intoto interact in a fun and friendly manner with clients. were produced by Lionel Triboulet ‘s team (SAP value, in a very visible and effective Project Leader) while the ergonomic aspects and manner.Extremely intuitive, just like the rest of the “Top iPad developments were handled by Sqli agency.& Logic Vente” application this module boasts a Xavier Mongesuser-friendly design well adapted to the planned The effectiveness of this application has already Project Manager / Project Leader foruses and natural handling characteristics of the been amply proven. So far, 400 sales staff belon- Operational Resources A great time saver.iPad. Commande Express now makes it possible for ging to the Logic-Immo.com and Topannonces.fr ! SPIR Communication Perfectly meets our needs outSPIR’s sales teams to: Networks are now equipped, with no fewer than in the field.  Generate quotations on the customer’s premises 4,500 orders booked! I never go anywhere anymoreor elsewhere (with the confirmation process requi- without my iPad.ring no new data entry); This new system has generated a great deal of  Book orders instantly while visiting clients; enthusiasm not to mention pride among all of the Logic-Immo.com sales office    Directly validate the order form with the pos- teams involved. - Lille (France)
  14. 14. flIPAD BASED AUDITING APPLICATION AN finance AN IPAD APPLICATION INTERFACED WITH AN INTRANET-BASED DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM The FL Finance group has several hundred franchises in France, the United StatesSébastien Mantanus and Asia. Among others, in France it owns the “Boîte à Pizza” brand and the “EstheticMobility / e-Devices Consultancy Manager Center” beauty parlours. One of the challenges facing a company of this size is to ensureSqli agency effective control over its many franchises.A MAJOR CHALLENGE: THE SOLUTION PROPOSED AND DEPLOYEDENSURING THE QUALITY OF THE GROUP’SFRANCHISES The business application, which is not available in the AppStore is connected to a remote database to operational action possibly required in order to ensure that its franchise is up to standard. which all of the data is sent in order to be verified From its side, at the FL Finance group the audits There were a number of problems with this system: before its semi-automated importation into the are verified from the system’s intranet site beforeGuaranteeing effective quality in the group’s fran-  Slow progressing : the time between the audit FranConnect management system. being imported into FranConnect. This verificationchises is achieved by means of regular audits by and the reception of the audit report by post could The franchisee immediately receives a report process takes just a few minutes.the brand involving all franchisees, giving it the be several weeks, which naturally delayed work by e-mail and is therefore able to carry out anyopportunity to check the quality of their services on bringing the franchises up to standard for anat every level. equivalent period. THE IPAD APPLICATION   A lack of reliability for the audits : the Excel The iPad application is extremely simple to use on a The assessor then completes the audit forms as hePreviously, the assessors carried out the audits by file could be modified at any time. day-to-day basis: once authenticated, the assessor goes along, dealing with them in the order he wishesPC, using Excel files which were then sent to FL   No computerised certification process for is automatically located and the franchise in which with no constraints.Finance’s headquarters, where they were chec- the audits, which could lead to challenges from he is located is identified by the GPS geolocation At the end of his audit, the assessor has the franchi-ked and entered in a SaaS franchise management the franchisees. system. see digitally sign his iPad (using a stylus).software program known as FranConnect. A timestamp is also added in order to leave a com- This operation results in the irrevocable closure ofAn audit report was then sent to the franchisees All of these factors influenced the FL Finance puterised trace of the audit start time. the audit which is immediately transferred to thewho were given a deadline to meet required stan- group its decision to ask the SQLI group to come The audit can begin immediately with no prior head office for verification. A complete digital copydards if any anomalies had been discovered during up with a computerised auditing solution. data entry. is sent to the franchisee by e-mail.the audit.The team designed a complete iPad-based auditing system enabling the assessors to have access to INTRANET-BASED PROCESSINGa speedy, efficient tool which was always up-to-date, when carrying out their audits. All of the audits performed by the iPad clients are system which handles the statistical aspects. The in- available in the intranet-based management system. tranet-based management system also allows for the Using this web interface, they can be checked and configuration of the audit forms and makes it possible modified before being imported into the FranConnect to control access to the system by the assessors.
  15. 15. SNCF TERMINALS LAB:DESIGNING THE SNCF SALES POINTS OF TOMORROW By 2015, the SNCF plans to replace its range of interactive terminals, estimated at a total of 1000 terminals. For this purpose, SNCF Voyages organised the Multi-touch competitionA NEW CHALLENGE FOR SQLI AGENCY AND 1984 in 2009 to see what lessons could be learned in terms of innovation, user- friendliness and user needs.During the first half of 2012, the schedule of conditions will be drawn up for the re- It invited the TGV Lab Department toplacement of the 1000 self-service terminals belonging to the SNCF’s travel division. participate in early 2011, due to itsSQLI in addition to the two other finalists from the SNCF Multi-touch 2009 competi- operational expertise and its expe- SQLI Mag #08 – Articletion were invited to further develop their concept on December 12-16 during the New rience with new generation terminals.Generation Terminals LAB. We decided to invite the three finalists from the competition to enhance and rework their concepts based on 4A LONG-TERM PROJECT scenarios, by adding greater perso- nalisation and new features while 15 also adapting them to the terminalsIn 2009, Sqli agency won the “Designing the SNCF MultiTouch competition and also came first in the designed by the Fritsh & DurisottiSales Points of Tomorrow” competition. The objec- public vote. agency.tive was to come up with a new way of selling train Since then, the SNCF has been working with the Fritsh The stakes are high for the SNCFtickets through the SNCF stores. The Sqli agency took & Durisotti design agency on three new generation and this is why we are so pleasedup this challenge with the “REVOLUTION” prototype terminal concepts. In an increasingly connected to be working with three of the bestby producing a complete redesigned, tactile, inno- world, the SNCF has launched an experiment entit- suppliers in the market.vative and natural sales system. led the “New Generation Terminals Lab” (Lab BornesTrialled on a test site at the Paris Gare de Lyon rai- Nouvelle Génération), involving a one-week event Laurent Mauricelway station by travellers and SNCF sales staff, the during which SQLI and the other finalists from the Head of the New Generation“REVOLUTION” terminal met with universal appro- 2009 competition upgraded their applications in Terminals Projectval. It was named as the main winner of the SNCF order to adapt to these terminals. TGV Lab Department The first was to build on the initial prototype by SQLI presented the SNCF’s TGV Lab division with aA “marathon” week adding new functions and features and designing demonstration of two clickstreams: smarter clickstreams (personalisation, reserva- tions based on previous journeys, car hire, payment  The reservation of a journey + car with identi-In just 5 days, Sqli agency and 1984 (the SQLI hardware including: 2D Scan code, NFC Smart- by NFC smartphone, rapid exchange, etc.). fication by NFC 12-25 card followed by paymentgroup’s “ideas” agency) pooled their skills in order phone, thermal printer, and the terminal. with an NFC smartphone,to take the “REVOLUTION” interface concept forward The work of the UX experts, ergonomists, desi- The team also worked to improve the user expe-and to produce a demonstration of the complete gners and flash experts was focused on two key rience by optimising the design and animation Exchanging the ticket by means of an NFCuser process featuring interaction with the challenges: aspects, making navigation even more natural. smartphone scan.
  16. 16. A MOBILE CRM SYSTEM WHICH IS ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE! EOZEN’S DUAL EXPERTISE IN CRM AND MOBILITY SELECTED BY MÖLNLYCKEThe Swedish multinational Mölnlycke HealthCare is one of the world leaders in theprovision of single use and health care products and services in the health industry.The Swedish company employs 6,700 people in 50 countries. In order to maximisethe efficiency of its teams, Mölnlycke was keen to equip them with a state-of-the-artsystem enabling the sales staff to achieve optimal performance. This major projectwas awarded to EoZen and SQLI.
  17. 17. A FURTHER VOTE OF CONFIDENCEFollowing the successful deployment of the SAP of its sales teams and selected EoZen, the SQLICRM solution in Europe by EoZen almost 4 years group’s SAP unit, to help it achieve its objectives.ago, the system was recently deployed in the Benefiting from its proven expertise in the CRMUnited States. field, and working with the group’s mobility ex-Today, 200 American sales representatives have perts, EoZen deployed a mobile CRM applicationbegun experimenting with it. Feedback from out for the iPad, with the goal eventually being toin the field is extremely positive. Mölnlycke was equip all sales departments worldwide with thiskeen to go further in improving the performance new tool.Off-line, but still up-to-date! Our sales are soaring in the United States. We constantly need to antici- pate new market trends and customerThe off-line CRM application is the first SAP Sybase be carried out using a user-friendly yet innovative expectations. SQLI Mag #08 – ArticleUnwired platform from EoZen to be marketed. interface. We had a choice between constantlyThe system enables account managers and repre- The introduction of this mobile CRM solution using recruiting more people or equippingsentatives equipped with an iPad to access reliable iPads will give Mölnlycke a clear competitive edge our sales teams with a CRM solutioncustomer data at any time. including: combining innovation, performance Increased productivity for the teams; and user-friendliness.Consequently, even in hospitals or other public Improved product information: all of the We chose the second solution, to 17areas where no connectivity is available, these product data is available on the iPad; improve the productivity and efficiencysales representatives can access the CRM system Improved customer relations: including of our teams.and consult, add or modify data. This data is then improvements in the ordering process, with As a result, we are able to continuereintegrated when a connection becomes available more reliable customer data available instantly, pursuing our growth objectives whileonce again. which means a better knowledge of customers’ also significantly improving our custo- requirements; mer service.What’s more, this off-line mode means that the  A reduction in CRM costs: thanks to the effi- We were seeking a partner able toteams are no longer dependent on server connec- cient and relevant use of mobile CRM. provide us with support at every stage,tions (the Mölnlycke central server is located in combining SAP CRM expertise and aAmsterdam in the Netherlands) and the work can thorough knowledge of mobile solu- tions, not to mention extensive skills in ergonomics and design. Companies of this kind are very rare, and we are today delighted to haveEOZEN AND THE SQLI GROUP: chosen EoZen and the SQLI group.TWOFOLD EXPERTISE IN SAP CRM AND MOBILITY Roderick Mooren IT manager at MölnlyckeFollowing the success of an initial project in field of mobile CRM.2007, Mölnlycke naturally turned to EoZen once Mölnlycke intends to begin trials on the iPad inagain. Since then, EoZen has widened its CRM November in the United States. The system willexperience and has become a pioneer in the be fully operational in 2012.
  18. 18. m-Commerce MUCCIARDI AN INTERVIEW WITH ADRIANO SqliMag: How would you define m-commerce? Adriano Mucciardi: Mobile commerce or m-commerce, refers to the use of wireless technology, including smartphones and tablets, in order to make purchases. Viewed this way, it would be possible to limit the value of m-commerce to the turnover directly generated by the sales made using mobile devices. However, it can also be interesting to take a wider view when calculating the value of m-commerce by including not only the purchasing act but also all of the purchasing processes (i.e. the identification of requirements, the search for information, the pur- chasing decision and the purchasing act itself). Today, mobile devices enable consumers to carry out searches and to familiarize themselves with products and prices, to learn more about products and/or services in order to make a comparison based on criteria which the consumer decides for himself, and finally to select the product and/or service best able to satisfy his needs. SqliMag: What is the current state of m-Commerce today and what is its outlook for the future? Adriano Mucciardi: A recently published study (June 2011) from the Xerfi agency estimatedAdriano Mucciardi that 4 million French people have already made a purchase using a mobile device.e-Commerce Consultant This figure is equivalent to a quarter of smartphone owners in France.Sqli agency Thanks to the major expansion of mobile technology (including changes in smartphones, the increasing use of tablets and the innovation injected thanks to applications), the market is witnessing unprecedented dynamism. With an annual growth rate estimated at 90%, m-commerce was valued at €500 million in 2010 and could reach €15 billion by 2015. However, according to the Xerfi study “very few distributors appear to fully appreciate the growth potential”. SqliMag: How can a distributor take full advantage of the benefits offered by m-Com- merce? Adriano Mucciardi: Today, there are two approaches enabling distributors to tap into the benefits and potential of the commercial expansion of m-commerce. The first solution involves developing a specific application for mobile devices. This is the most costly solution for the distributor, particularly due to the need to develop a separate application for each operating system (iPhone, android, Windows Phone, etc.) although it does make it possible to fully benefit from all the features of the device on which it is installed. Consequently, the navigation system can use GPS data in addition to the various peri- pherals (video, microphone, camera, etc.) in order to offer the mobile surfer relevant and
  19. 19. attractive content. The second solution is the development of a website adapted to surfing usingmobile devices.The distributor can ensure that his usual website is also adapted to mobile devices.He can then have a single website designed with extremely flexible ergonomic cha-racteristics, which adapts to all screen resolutions. A novel and effective approachis “responsive design” which enables the site to engage in “pixel gymnastics” withmaximum effectiveness.Or otherwise, the distributor could develop a separate version of his website speciallydesigned for surfing using mobile devices (for example simplified navigation, adaptationof the site’s functions and/or animated features, etc.).SqliMag: How should they choose between the application and the mobile website ?Adriano Mucciardi: The two solutions are aimed at very distinct audience groups andusage types. Use an application requires a certain “effort” on the part of the mobile websurfer as the application must be found, downloaded and sometimes even purchased. SQLI Mag #08 – InterviewHowever, once downloaded, the application makes it possible to propose real benefitsto the mobile surfer (for example: the use of geolocation data and the developmentof communities, etc.). Applications therefore have a role to play as part of a customerloyalty-building strategy.Conversely, the adaptation of a website to suit mobile devices makes it possible toattract more customers by targeting a wider spread of mobile surfers. 19The “multi-platform” nature of this single solution enables distributors to benefit fullyfrom the visibility offered by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) regardless of thedevice (computer, tablet or smartphone, etc.).To conclude, it isn’t really necessary to choose between an application or an adaptablewebsite, as both solutions are complimentary and each has its role to play as part ofan overall e-commerce strategy.SqliMag: What do you see as the main innovations which look set to characterisem-commerce in 2012?Adriano Mucciardi: Everything leads us to believe that the year 2012 will be the yearof contact-free payment. This practice, which should be adopted widely this year, istoday possible thanks to the use of NFC technology. This system makes it possible tomake small payments (a maximum of €20) by passing a few centimetres away froma specific terminal.The use of mobile terminals once again confirms the growing trend towards a blurringof the boundary between classic sales and online sales. The digital user experienceis extending into traditional stores thanks to the innovative use of technologies whichare already available to us.Indeed, the real innovations in the field of m-commerce are not necessarily related totechnological breakthroughs but rather to new uses and new approaches to the userexperience (UX).
  20. 20. m-Casino INNOVATIVE SERVICES THE CASINO GROUP IS CONTINUING ITS MULTICHANNEL STRATEGY TO OFFER INNOVATIVE SERVICES TO ITS CLIENTSFollowing the creation of the www.geantcasino.fr, corporate website and thewww.mescoursescasino.fr e-commerce site plus an interactive MultiTouch terminal,C.I.T., the casino group’s IT subsidiary, once again placed its faith in SQLI for thelaunch of the mCasino mobile application. THE CASINO GROUP strengthens ITS DIGITAL STRATEGY With the goal of improving its digital strategy, the all of the requirements identified among its clients: Casino group’s IT subsidiary has opted for SQLI’s capacity to provide global support and the innovative Shopping using your mobile phone : managing nature of its proposals, for the creation of its mobile your daily shopping list, the virtualisation of the application. loyalty card and promotional vouchers, payment by mobile phone, choice between home delivery This new application designed and produced by or collection from the store; Casino Information Technology in partnership with Benefiting from bargains and promotions: Sqli agency is the result of the major multichannel onsultation of promotions, consultation of your S’Miles programme initiated by the Casino group, to offer its account and conversion of the S’Miles into gifts, calling customers innovative, high added value services via the Casino customer service department, consultation all electronic media. of receipts and the of the “La prochaine fois c’est chez moi” (The next time I’ll do it from home) TV clips; Unique in its particular area of activity, the multi- Useful information: finding a store using geo- services focused positioning of the mCasino appli- location, consulting opening times and services and cation is suitable for a wide variety of uses covering viewing direction on a map. With this initiative, Casino is innovating and proposing ever more ground-breaking services in the French food distribution sector including consumers’ views of 7000 products, the addition of items to their mescoursescasino.fr basket via mobile phone and consultation of the order status. Clients can choose from two display layouts designed by Sqli agency on their iPhone (a rotating dial or a mosaic) and configure their telephone by setting their preferences.