What SQL Server Pros Can Get by Giving this Holiday Season


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What SQL Server Pros Can Get by Giving this Holiday Season

  1. 1. What SQL Server Pros Can Get By Giving SQL Server DBA Professionals Global Marketing
  2. 2. Give and Receive As the holidays approach, remember what SQL Server professionals can get by giving. SQL Server folks are by nature a generous bunch: we share our knowledge reflexively to help out our fellow pros locally and globally. If you have ever found a solution to a vexing problem by watching a SQL Server guru’s breakdown of a database fragmentation then you are a beneficiary of our communities giving spirit. 2 SQLDBApros
  3. 3. Give Camps • We don’t reserve that generosity just for fellow techies – as evidenced by Give Camps across the nation. • Give Camp brings together technology pros for intensive weekend sessions that provide solutions for under-resources charities and non-profits. • Wish lists are submitted & reviewed and then everyone gets together for a weekend, rolls up their sleeves, and builds finished solutions by the event’s conclusion. 3 SQLDBApros
  4. 4. Give Camps If you haven't participated in a Give Camp there are three reasons to do it: 1. You’ll help people. 2. You’ll get to learn and improve in a uniquely and intensely cooperative environment that you might not experience otherwise. 3. It’s exhilarating. This is what drew Colorado-based SQL Server developer, Gabe Villa, to become an organizer of Give Camp for the past 3 years. The most recent saw 20 volunteers serve 5 charities that wouldn’t have otherwise found infrastructure, budget, or talent to meet their needs. 4 SQLDBApros
  5. 5. “There’s a lot of emotion, we started on Friday night with no solutions, worked the entire weekend, and were able to demo the solutions by lunchtime Sunday.” – Gabe Villa 5 Global Marketing
  6. 6. One team put together a donor management solution for a community theater in Northern Colorado. 6 Confidential 12/16/2013 SQLDBApros
  7. 7. Another executed a database system of valuation forms for a charity that mentors middle schoolaged girls. 7 Confidential 12/16/2013 SQLDBApros
  8. 8. SQL Server DBAs and developers alike got the tremendous rush of seeing how their time and talent can make a difference. Global Marketing
  9. 9. They also get the learning and skills boost equivalent to a miniconference, as well as a way to work fluidly and creatively. SQLDBApros
  10. 10. “There are no bosses, no management – teams come together organically to solve problems.” – Villa SQLDBApros
  11. 11. Give Back From SQL Saturdays to Give Camps, chances are there is somebody out there who needs your knowledge. This holiday season is a great time to reflect on how to share it – and be amazed at what we get back when we do. 11 SQLDBApros
  12. 12. Visit Our SQL Server Community to Share Your Knowledge 12