Programming the Power Behind SharePoint Designer Workflow by Chris Beckett - SPTechCon


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Programming the Power Behind SharePoint Designer Workflow by Chris Beckett - SPTechCon

  1. 1. (425) 522-3727Understanding and ExtendingSharePoint Designer Workflows
  2. 2. About Chris Beckett Solution Architect Learning Consultant and Trainer @sharepointbits MCM MCT MCSE MCPD 24+10
  3. 3. Agenda Technical Architecture Extending Workflow with Workflow Features and Custom Activities and Capabilities Web Services
  4. 4. SharePoint 2010 WorkflowArchitecture Custom SharePoint Workflow Runtime Host Built upon .NET 3.51 Workflow Foundation
  5. 5. Workflow Architecture Workflow Execution now uses Windows Azure Workflow (WAW)
  6. 6. Workflow Interop Bridge Azure Workflow can invoke a SharePoint 2010 Workflow
  7. 7. Activating Workflow Features There are no 2013 Mode Workflows included with SharePoint 2013 2010 workflows are not activated by default
  8. 8. Agenda Workflow Features and Capabilities Extending Workflow with Technical Custom Activities and Architecture Web Services
  9. 9. Platform Type Choice of 2010 or 2013 Workflow Architecture
  10. 10. Workflow Types List Reusable Site• Published directly to a • Published to a content • Not bound to a specific list or library type list or library• No reusability • Reusable across lists or • No content item• Full access to list libraries supported by context content types and content Type • Can only be started fields • No visibility of list- manually• Manual or Auto-Start specific fields like Created or Modified • Manual or Auto-Start
  11. 11. Reusable Workflow Content Type Reusable workflows only bound to generic content type
  12. 12. Stages Stage names can now be used for Workflow Status Stages support transitioning to other Stages
  13. 13. App Steps App Step requires activation of Site Feature App Steps can be nested anywhere inside a Stage or Step
  14. 14. Task-Related Actions SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
  15. 15. SharePoint 2010 Task Events Process Events Task Events
  16. 16. SharePoint 2013 Task Dialog No Assignment Stages Optional Sync or Asynch Behavior Types of Task Completion Customize Emails Reminder Notifications Customize Task Outcomes
  17. 17. Association and Initiation Forms SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
  18. 18. Task Forms SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
  19. 19. Workflow Notifications Still not great!
  20. 20. Dictionaries Dictionaries can contain other Dictionaries Collection of Name and Value Pairs
  21. 21. Loops and Dictionaries Dictionaries are collections of Name/Value Pairs Loop ‘n’ Times Or Loop Until If
  22. 22. Call HTTP Web Service Action RESTful Web Services are supported HTTP Verbs support REST Operations
  23. 23. Calling a Web Service Uses Dictionary Parameters
  24. 24. Agenda Extending Workflow with Custom Activities and Web Services Technical Workflow Features and Architecture Capabilities
  25. 25. Workflow Extension Options Full-Trust Code Activities (2010/2013) Sandbox Code Activities (2010) Pluggable Workflow Services (2010) Declarative Workflow Activities (2013) Call HTTP Web Service Action (2013)
  26. 26. Actions and Activities Activity Actions• Activity is a reusable unit of • Wraps an activity with sentence workflow execution interface• Typically parameter driven • Maps activity parameters to• Declarative or Coded SharePoint designer types• Declarative recommended for • Many workflow actions can map SharePoint 2013 to a single workflow activity• Coded only supported On- • Located under: Premises – Requires Custom ..##Template1033Workflow Deployment
  27. 27. Activity Types Custom Activities SharePoint Activities Project Activities (Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServices.Activities) (Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.WorkflowActivities) Workflow Manager Activities (Microsoft.Activities) Workflow Foundation 4.5 Activities (System.Activities)
  28. 28. Workflow Actions Element Add parameter to indicate Sandbox Rule Designer defines User Experience Parameters map to Fields and Method Interface
  29. 29. Workflow Extensions Platform Support On-Premises 2010 On-Premises 2013 Office 365 SharePoint AppsFull Trust Code ActivitiesSandbox Code ActivitiesPluggable Workflow ServicesDeclarative ActivitiesCall HTTP Web Service Action
  30. 30. Code Activity (2010) Subclass of Workflow Activity Base Public Properties for Parameters Override Execute Method
  31. 31. Code Activity (2013) Subclass of Workflow Activity Base In and Out Arguments for Parameters Override Execute Method
  32. 32. Sandbox Activity (2010) Public Class and Static Methods Context and additional Parameters Hashtable is used for return values
  33. 33. Pluggable Workflow Services • Introduced in SharePoint 2010 • Allows workflow to send and receive asynchronous messages from external services • Full Trust Solution • Fairly Complex to Code / Test • Requires web.config modification • Supported for 2010 Mode Workflows on SharePoint 2013 • No longer supported in SharePoint 2013 Workflow
  34. 34. Declarative Activity (2013) Rich Set of DynamicValue Native supports Activities complex data exchange Call Web Services to Extend
  35. 35. Recommended Extensibility Model Activities Web Services Full Trust 2010 Declarative 2013
  36. 36. More InformationTechNet Workflow Resource Center’s New in SharePoint 2013 Workflow to work with Web Services in SharePoint Designer 2013 2013 Workflows and the HTTP Accept Header to: Build and Deploy Custom Workflow Actions Actions Schema Reference
  37. 37. Connect with New Step Learning Course Curriculums and Training Programs News, Events and Training Announcements Webinar and Conference Presentations Free Step-By-Step Demos and Tutorials
  38. 38. QuestionsThank you for attending! (425) 522-3727 @sharepointbits blog.sharepointbits.comPlease complete yourevaluations. Your feedback isappreciated 