Part II: SharePoint 2013 Administration by Todd Klindt and Shane Young - SPTechCon


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Wednesday, March 6

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  • Part II: SharePoint 2013 Administration by Todd Klindt and Shane Young - SPTechCon

    1. 1. Admin Part 2Still Todd and Shane talking too much
    2. 2. Who is this Todd guy?• WSS MVP since 2006• Speaker, writer, consultant, Aquarius, President of Shane Young fan club• Personal Blog• Company web site• E-mail• Twitter me! @toddklindt• NETCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!• RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM
    3. 3. Who Am I?• Shane Young• SharePoint911, a Rackspace Company• Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MVP• Consultant, Trainer, Writer, & Speaker • • Blog • • SharePoint Consulting • • Twitter @ShanesCows RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM
    4. 4. Four stages to a good install • Don’t forget the forgotten Prereqs • • If you have any hot fixes, service packs, or language packs now is the time to install them
    5. 5. Prerequisite install • Adds IIS and application server role to Windows and configures them • Downloads and installs all necessary software • Can be manually downloaded and installed if no internet access available. • Actually doesn’t work • You can install from predownloaded location. Use /? To get syntax • • If you have already installed everything manually it will skip those steps
    6. 6. Forgotten Patches s • KB 2765317 • KB 2554876 • KB 2708075 • KB 2759112
    7. 7. Setup.exe • Must be local administrator on all SharePoint Servers • Must have SQL Server roles of dbcreator, securityadmin, and public •
    8. 8. Account name Role Domain rights Local SharePoint Server rights SQL rights needed neededsp_install Used to install SharePoint Domain User Local administrator on all public, dbcreator, and binaries. SharePoint boxes securityadmin SQL roles. Need to be SysAdmin on SQL when installing the Workflow Managersp_farm Farm account. Used for Domain User Local Admin during UPS None Windows Timer Service, provisioning, log on locally Central Admin and User right Profile servicesp_webapp App pool id for content web Domain User None None appssp_serviceapps Service app pool id Domain User None Nonesp_content Default account used by Domain User None None Search Service Application to crawl content 1sp_userprofile Account used by the User Must have Replicating Change None None Profile services to access permissions to AD. Must be Active Directory given in BOTH ADUC and ADSIEDIT. If domain is Windows 2003 or early, must also be a member of the "Pre- Windows 2000" built-in group. 2sp_superuser Cache account Domain User Web application Policy Full None Control Web application super account setting 2sp_superreader Cache account Domain User Web application Policy Full None read Web application super reader account settingsql_server Account the SQL Instance is Domain User None Will be given necessary running as. permissions when SQL Server is installed by a local administrator on the SQL box RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM
    9. 9. Account name Role Domain rights Local SharePoint Server SQL rights needed rights neededsql_ssas Account that we run the SQL Domain User None db_datareader on databases Server Analysis Service services assp_excel Excel services unattended Domain User None None account.sp_pps PerformancePoint Domain User None None Unattended accountsp_accsvc Access Services. Used to Domain User None db_owner, public, and create all Access databases securityadmin in SQL and the service account running the service app pool for the Access Service Application 3sp_workflow The RunAs account for the Domain User None None Workflow Manager service RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM
    10. 10. Amen!
    11. 11. What is next
    12. 12. Installing 2013 cheat sheets 1
    13. 13. Additional servers? • You can do servers 2 through N at the same time. They will take turns adding themselves to the farm. No fear of deadlocks. Everybody shares like they were taught in Kindergarten.
    14. 14. Another thought on Search
    15. 15. Office Web Apps 4
    16. 16. Workflow Manager 9
    17. 17. Host Named site collections (HNSC)• Much more scalable than Web Applications (20 versus 1000s)• You CAN use host names and HNSC•• RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM
    18. 18. Distributed Cache us/library/jj219613.aspx us/library/jj219700.aspx
    19. 19. PowerShell • Get-command • Get-Command *sp* • Get-help • Get-help get-spsite -Examples • Get-member • Get-alias • Get-out
    21. 21. Thanks!