“Managing Up” in Difficult Situations by Bill English - SPTechCon


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“Managing Up” in Difficult Situations by Bill English - SPTechCon

  1. 1. Managing Up Ideas on How to Make Your SharePoint Deployment Successful In Spite of Your Manager
  3. 3. To Manage Yourself…..• …Must have: – Core Values – Integrity – Boundaries
  4. 4. Core Values• This is demonstrated: – In how you spend your time – In those parts of you that are not negotiable• Forms the foundation for your life values, behaviors and traditions
  5. 5. To Manage Yourself…..• …Must have: – Core Values – Integrity – Boundaries
  6. 6. INTEGRITY = INTEGRATED Integrity is the courage to meet the demands of reality
  7. 7. Who a person is will ultimatelydetermine their success in life – morethan their brains, talents andcompetencies
  8. 8. Three Essentials• Competent – must be good at something• Alliance Builder – build alliances or coalitions with others who are better than you at skills you need to reach win/win relationships• Character – must have the character not to screw it up
  9. 9. Ask Yourself Considering my brains, talents and competencies, am I reaching my full potential or is something holding me back from being all that I could be?
  10. 10. Character• Much more than NOT lying, cheating or stealing• Courage, character and competencies to meet the demands of reality – Integrated personality and life
  11. 11. If we lack integrity…• …then we’re unable to meet the demands of reality• No matter how talented, smart, educated or affluent we are, our ability to capitalize on our brains, talents and competencies will be significantly, negatively affected by our lack of integrity
  12. 12. Six areas of focus• The ability to connect authentically• The ability to be oriented toward the truth• The ability to work in a way that gets results and finishes well• The ability to embrace, engage and deal with the negative• The ability to be oriented toward growth• The ability to be transcendent
  13. 13. Six areas of focusSix Personal Traits As Seen in Business• Connect authentically • Leads to trust• Oriented toward truth • Operate in reality• Get results & finish well • Accomplish the mission• Embrace the negative • End, resolve or transform problems• Oriented toward growth • Increase skills & persona• Transcendence • Work within a larger purpose
  14. 14. The “Wake”: what we leave behindThe wake doesn’t lie and doesn’t care about excusesTasks Relationships• What did s/he • How did s/he treat other accomplish? people?
  15. 15. The “Gap”• Difference between our present level of functioning in each of the six areas and the ideal• We’ll never achieve perfection, but we can improve throughout life
  16. 16. Dysfunction: exertion of effort in agap that causes a greater gap – agreater problem exists after thanbefore Dysfunction ≠ Mistakes
  17. 17. To Manage Yourself…..• …Must have: – Core Values – Integrity – Boundaries
  18. 18. Boundaries Start with ControllingWhat You Can Control - Yourself
  19. 19. What is a boundary?• Boundaries define ownership• Ownership leads to control• Freedom to make choices• Ability to set limits• Right to protect what you own• With all this comes responsibility, accountability and consequences
  20. 20. What Boundaries Do For Us• Differentiation and Separateness• Containment• Definition of self• Set limits on ourselves and others• Build core values
  21. 21. Results:• Live by the law of sowing and reaping• Live by the law of responsibility to vs. for• Live by the law of respect• Live by the law of motivation• Live by the law of hurt vs. harm
  22. 22. But My Boss is a Jerk!• Rude• Demeaning• Demanding• ADD• Apathetic• Unavailable• Weird• Sick• Immature
  23. 23. How to Manage Up• Put the problem where it should be• Take responsibility for your own actions• Communicate clearly, honestly, firmly & calmly• Embrace the negative & either end, resolve or transform the problem• Build alliances to get the project done – but inform your boss of your activities
  24. 24. Other thoughts• Don’t violate your values for a job• Demand respect and give it – even if they don’t deserve it• Work on increasing the number of things you can do as your grow older• Have a transcendent purpose that is outside of work• Take the emotion out of business