Law & Order: Content Governance Strategies by Chrisitan Buckley - SPTechCon


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  • CB
  • CB: Once you understand biz value and scope, you next need to understand how to manage what you have (governance) to maximize performance and value.
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  • CB lead, MG color
  • CB lead, MG color (MG: raw materials are existing IT processes/frameworks, like ITIL, MOF, etc. – no need to cut from whole cloth)
  • CB lead, MG color
  • CB lead, MG colorMG Q to CB: how do we mean this differently from the reporting and analytics earlier at tactical level? (A: tactical is contextual – strategy is ROI-based of whole initiative, a level up)
  • CB lead, MG colorHelpful tools: compliance control checklists, document/forms-based workflows, alerts to prompt owners/users for action.
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  • Create an outline of 10 to 12 questions they can ask themselvesProvide a bit of narrative around each one, explaining the impact, examplesAllow them to self rate, 1-5 scaleCreate a key that states where they areExcellent governance capability, with strong policies in placeGood governance process and capability, but room for some improvementFair governance capability, but lacking in several areas which introduces unnecessary risk to the orgPoor governance process and capability, lacking in most areas, wild west
  • Law & Order: Content Governance Strategies by Chrisitan Buckley - SPTechCon

    1. 1. Christian Buckley,Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler• Microsoft MVP for SharePoint Server• Prior to Axceler, worked for Microsoft, part of the Microsoft Managed Services team (now Office365-Dedicated) and worked as a consultant in the areas of software, supply chain, grid technology, and collaboration• Co-founded and sold a software company to Rational Software. At E2open, helped design, build, and deploy a SharePoint-like collaboration platform (Collaboration Manager), onboarding numerous high-tech manufacturing companies, including Hitachi, Matsushita, Cisco, and Seagate• Co-authored ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Creating and Implementing Real-World Projects’ link (MS Press, March 2012) and 3 books on software configuration management.• Twitter: @buckleyplanet Blog: Email:
    2. 2. Published 2012 by Microsoft PressOrder your copy at 10 common business problems withproven SharePoint solutions:• Set up a help desk solution to track service requests• Build a modest project management system• Design a scheduling system to manage resources• Create a site to support geographically dispersed teams• Implement a course registration system• Build a learning center with training classes and resources• Design a team blog platform to review content• Create a process to coordinate RFP responses• Set up a FAQ system to help users find answers quickly• Implement a cost-effective contact management system
    3. 3. Improving Collaboration since 2007• Mission: To enable enterprises to simplify, optimize, and secure their collaborative platforms• Delivered award-winning administration and migration software since 1994, for SharePoint since 2007• Over 3,000 global customersDramatically improve the managementof SharePoint• Innovative products that improve security, scalability, reliability, “deployability”• Making IT more effective and efficient and lower the total cost of ownershipFocus on solving specific SharePointproblems (Administration & Migration)• Coach enterprises on SharePoint best practices• Give administrators the most innovative tools available• Anticipate customers’ needs• Deliver best of breed offerings• Stay in lock step with SharePoint development and market trends
    4. 4. What is governance?
    5. 5. Corporate IT ProjectSharePoint
    6. 6. Governance is about taking actionto help your organization organize,optimize, and manage yoursystems and resources.
    7. 7. What does governancelook like in SharePoint?
    8. 8. From ‘Creating Passionate Users,’ Kathy Sierra
    9. 9. Sub-site Site Sub-site Site Site Collection Web App Site Sub-site Site SiteFarm Collection Site Site Web App Collection Site Sub-site
    10. 10. presentations blog book governance4hybrid Order your copy at Additional Resources SharePoint Governance Maturity Benchmark white paper governance survey: Why Do SharePoint Projects Fail? What to Look for in a SharePoint Management Tool