Deep Dive into the Content Query Web Part by Christina Wheeler - SPTechCon


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Deep Dive into the Content Query Web Part by Christina Wheeler - SPTechCon

  1. 1. Deep Dive into theContent Query Web PartChristina Wheeler
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Content Query Web Part – About the CQWP – How it’s being used – Tips & tricks – How to Customize
  3. 3. About me…• Christina Wheeler• SharePoint Trainer & Consultant• B:• E:• L:• T: @cwheeler76
  4. 4. PublicationsSharePoint 2010 Field Guide 2013 Inside Out
  5. 5. CQWP• Used to aggregate content from SharePoint lists & libraries from within the current site collection• Filter by content types• Add additional columns• Presentation styling• Audience Targeting
  6. 6. What’s new?• Dynamic Filters – SharePoint 2007 • You had to subclass the CQWP to add dynamic filters – SharePoint 2010 • Filters based off other fields on the page • Or from a value on the QueryString
  7. 7. What’s new?• CommonViewFields – SharePoint 2007 • Had to export web part. • Tweak the CommonViewFields property. • Reimport to page to pass additional content fields down to the XSLT for rendering. – SharePoint 2010 • Now exposed in the CQWP’s Editor part
  8. 8. Controlling the Presentation• Use existing Styles from the style gallery• Levels are set using the presentation section in the tool pane• Create Custom XSL – Conditional Formatting – Key Performance Indicators – Calendar displays
  9. 9. Building the Query
  10. 10. Building the Query• PageFieldValue – Token allows to specify field on page layout and dynamically replaces value of filter with current page’s field value• PageQueryString – Use URL query string for a value to use in Query – Example • Add Query String value to URL (&NewsCategory=Sports”) and set the CQWP’s query to return pages where the News Category field is equal to “Sports”
  11. 11. Building the Query
  12. 12. Building the Query• Supports filtering over the Enterprise Keywords columns and the “All Tags” column – Allows to look for any managed metadata tag on a queried item, regardless of which metadata field on the item contains the tag.
  13. 13. Building the Query
  14. 14. Building the Query
  15. 15. Resources• SharePoint 2010 CAML Designer – designer/• Stramit CAML Viewer –• Lightning Conductor Web Part –
  16. 16. QUESTIONS?
  17. 17. Contact Info• Email• Blog• Twitter @cwheeler76• LinkedIn