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Car Wrapping – SP Signs & Design.pptx

  2. Vehicle Wraps
  3. Stand out and be creative – and it need not be permanent
  4. Protects paintwork from scratching, chipping and fading
  5. Transfor m your car or vehicle in 2-3 days
  6. Amazing palette of colours and finishes with many options
  7. Eye-catching printed wraps, stunning unique designs – for branding that’s eye- catching!
  8. Choose a partial or full commercial wrap, colour change or interior trim
  9. Wrapping is a far greener alternative to respraying. Paint manufacture emits harmful substances into the environment.
  10. A wrap is 100% removable and materials used are much more eco-friendly.
  11. Think a thousand colours to choose from, pearlescent colour options and total design freedom.
  12. We do whatever graphic design and artwork you want
  13. Gloss Car Wraps A gloss wrap can be an instant colour change or a second skin – it looks almost identical to a new paint job. That’s a striking feature which makes gloss warps worth considering.
  14. Matte and Satin Car Wraps A glossy, polished finish is standard on cars but there is a striking option if you dare to be different. Because our car wraps are vinyl-based and not paint-based, we can work our magic on the finish for a totally new look. A matte or satin finish looks uniquely silky – sort of frosted and smooth for a delightful alternative appearance that stands out.
  15. The look of brushed stainless steel is not something you see on cars or many vehicles. It is a singularly unique style and now you can have it too.