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Masterclass: Influencing Consumer Choices - Middle East Food Forum 2016


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sps:affinity CEO, Martin Kubler, presented a masterclass on "Influencing Consumer Choices" at the inaugural Middle East Food Forum, which took place in Dubai in May 2016.
The session focused on the evolution of F&B marketing and how restaurants, cafes, and bars can use social and digital media to make their marketing budgets go further and reach new audiences.

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Published in: Marketing
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Masterclass: Influencing Consumer Choices - Middle East Food Forum 2016

  1. 1. Masterclass: Influencing Consumer Choices The Evolution of Marketing | Employees as Brand Marketers | Your 2016 Marketing Budget Martin Kubler FIH CEO – Iconsulthotels & sps:affinity Hospitality, Tourism, & Service Industries Consulting | Innovation Specialist, Writer, Trainer
  2. 2. Martin Kubler Hotel GM turned Hospitality & Service Industries Consultant Public Speaker, Lecturer, Writer • CEO of Iconsulthotels & sps:affinity • MBA in Marketing & Innovation from GIHE • Likes: Vegan food, strong coffee. Dislikes: Okra • Columnist for Hotelier Middle East, Travel & Tourism News Middle East, HBME • Keynotes: GITEX (Dubai), HTF (Las Vegas), ITHS (Oman)
  3. 3. Influencing Consumer Choices: Marketing to Tomorrow’s Consumers & Diners Will innovation wow them? Does loyalty still exist? Will your messages reach them?
  4. 4. • Passive Consumption • One-Way Communication • One Thing at a Time
  5. 5. • Sharing & Interacting • Multi-Way Communication • Everything at the Same Time
  6. 6. • Third Place Working / #workshifting • Outernet • Data Era & The Power of Data • The Sharing Economy • “What’s in it for me?”
  7. 7. • “Always on” • Impacts entire consumer lifecycle • What’s the trade off? • Value rather than gimmicks
  8. 8. • The end of the fruit basket • Smart Luxury •A chance to save? • The age of random excellence?
  9. 9. Success requires cross-functional feedback loops & teams: From silos, lack of communication, multiple handoffs… Cross-functional roles, high collaboration, results oriented…
  10. 10. Yesterday Today “Restaurants are what they say they are” “Restaurants are what people say they are” Full Control Loss of Control One Size Fits All Tailor-Made / Customized Marketing Department We’re all in marketing now! Not enough data Too much data?
  11. 11. Consumer Choice Theory: • Utility is the satisfaction or pleasure derived from consumption of goods or services. • Actual measurement of utility is impossible, but economists assume it can be measured by a fictitious unit called the “util”.
  12. 12. Even though water provides a higher utility than diamonds, diamonds are more expensive than water? Why?  Water is plentiful in most places, so its marginal utility is low -> low price  Diamonds are scarce and their marginal utility is high -> high price
  13. 13. Substitution Effect: The change in quantity demanded of a good or service caused by the change in price relative to its substitutes.  Suppose the price of a Pepsi Cola falls, while the price of a Coca Cola remains unchanged.  Consumers will buy more Pepsi Cola, because relatively, it’s less expensive than Coca Cola.
  14. 14. Not retargeting? You’re losing $$$$...
  15. 15. Social WiFi – a no brainer…
  16. 16. Hotels have Revinate. Restaurants have Localyser.
  17. 17. MyTriphoto – 360 user-generated selfies…
  18. 18. • Welcome to the age of random excellence • Our structures! They need to change! • Listen! No, really listen! • Average does not create ripples