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SPRYLAB Purple DS - the e-Publishing solution


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SPRYLAB Purple DS - the cutting edge digital publishing solution for corporates and publishers. SPRYLAB Purple DS® enables you to create your own apps delight your target audiences! No coding required!

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SPRYLAB Purple DS - the e-Publishing solution

  1. 1. SPRYLAB | Purple DS 1
  2. 2. Purple DS, the ePublishing solution for publishers and enterprises Content Digital magazine, special-interest, customer magazine, employee magazine, product catalogues, … Publishers & enterprises SPRYLAB Purple DS 2
  3. 3. Reach & Revenue SET UP PRE P PR ODUCE ANALYZE ePublishing - a continuous process Manage your whole process with Purple DS 3 SET UP • Strategy and 
 conceptional design • Integration of existing systems (CMS, entitlement, user authentication server, … ) PREP • Purple DS InDesign / Photoshop Plugins • Pre-defining Purple DS templates for automated production • Purple DS Templating Client (efficient Print design-2- mobile design transformation) PRODUCE • Engage: From simple interactions to sophisticated animations with our Purple DS Composer • Distribute: App, Web (HTML5), Phone, Tablet, Desktop with our Purple DS Manager ANALYSE / MONETIZE • Own dashboard for first KPI overview • Integration of known analytics tools • In-App purchase and Subscriptions • Integration of ad-servers
  4. 4. Publish in different channels with Purple DS Native Apps Web Player HTML5 Export CMS… ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Sharing ✓ SPRYLAB Purple DS 4
  5. 5. From single issue over kiosk to newsfeed - 
 perfect presentation of content with Purple DS 5 Single Issue • Single content in one app • Direct sale of app via app store Newsstand • Access to multiple issue • Single purchase or subscription based on multiple issues Newsfeeds (continuous publishing) • Continuous publishing based in articles • Easy combinable with kiosk • Single purchase or subscription based on newsfeed or articles
  6. 6. Combination of newsfeed and newsstand in one app with Purple DS 6
  7. 7. Purple DS - the only solution that covers the entire ePublishing spectrum
  8. 8. Purple DS offers for each project an optimised workflow SPRYLAB Purple DS Purple DS Templating 
 Client SPRYLAB Purple DS SPRYLAB Purple DS 8
  9. 9. Purple DS Apps - Examples 9
  10. 10. 10 sprylab technologies GmbH Keithstr. 2-4 10787 Berlin SPRYLAB | Purple DS