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ACL Functions | The Healing Response | Biomechanical Research


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Steadman Philippon Research Institute 2002 Annual Report.

The year will be remembered as a period of progress and excit- ing development in our Basic Science research. Our collaborative effort with the Equine Science Center at Colorado State University has been devoted to unlocking the promise of gene therapy in treating cartilage defects. We are encouraged by these findings this year which indicate that by combining growth factors with gene therapy we can control the quality of cartilage repair tissue.
One of the important objectives of our research is to develop highly replicable surgical procedures that are minimally invasive.
We have been involved in pioneering a system that helps simplify rotator cuff repair while aiming to match the outcomes of open proce- dures. Thanks to a series of groundbreaking biomedical innovations, this arthroscopic procedure has shown great promise.
Through our clinical research, we continue to learn from our patients. Our focus has been on determining predictors of disability and satisfaction, patient expectations, and patient outcomes from sur- gical procedures. In 2002, we completed several studies, such as those on Microfracture and Healing Response, that investigated the outcome of techniques developed here in Vail. In both cases, findings showed that patient activity level had increased and the patients were highly satisfied. We hope these and other outcomes will help establish future guidelines and expectations in the treatment of patients.
The quality of our research has attained a level of excellence rec- ognized throughout the world. The American Society of Biomechanics selected an abstract authored by Biomechanics Research Laboratory Staff Scientist Kevin Shelburne, Ph.D., and Director Michael Torry, Ph.D., as winner in the 2002 Journal of Biomechanics Award competition. This is one of the most prestigious international awards conferred in Biomechanics.

This report includes:

1 The Year in Review
2 History and Mission
3 Governing and Advisory Boards
5 Friends of the Foundation
13 Corporate and Institutional Friends
14 Bode Miller: The Healing Response (Microfracture) and the Comeback Kid
17 Basic Science Research: Understanding Joint Disease 20 Judy Collins: Shouldering on
22 Clinical Research: “Outcomes” and “Process” Research
32 Biomechanics Research Laboratory (Biomechanical Resesarch)
36 Major John Tokish, M.D.
38 Education
41 Presentations and Publications
47 Recognition
48 Knee Ligament Forces During Walking (ACL Functions)
50 In the Media
52 Associates
53 Independent Accountants’ Report
54 Statements of Financial Position
55 Statements of Activities
57 Statements of Cash Flow
58 Statements of Functional Expenses
60 Notes to Financial Statements

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ACL Functions | The Healing Response | Biomechanical Research

  1. 1. Steadman N Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 2Dedicated to Keeping People Active....
  2. 2. ` CONTENTS The SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine 1 The Year in Review Foundation wishes to express deep apprecia- 2 History and Mission tion to John P. Kelly who donated many of the stock photos in this year’s Annual Report, and 3 Governing and Advisory Boards contributed his time to photograph the many 5 Friends of the Foundation Foundation and operating room subjects. 13 Corporate and Institutional FriendsKelly is a renowned sports and stock photogra- 14 Bode Miller: Healing Response and the Comeback Kid pher who approaches every photo shoot like a 17 Basic Science Research: Understanding Joint Diseasecommando. His sense of motion combines with his obvious love of natural light to produce 20 Judy Collins: Shouldering onvibrant graphic images. He shoots extensively 22 Clinical Research: “Outcomes” and “Process” Researchfor a variety of prominent manufacturers in the 32 Biomechanics Research Laboratory sports and recreation industry; and his experi- ence includes numerous assignments at the 36 Major John Tokish, M.D. Olympics, Wimbledon, U.S. Open Golf, and 38 EducationWorld Cup Skiing. When Robert Redford need- 41 Presentations and Publicationsed a poster that reflected the spirit of his movie “A River Runs Through It,” he called Kelly. 47 RecognitionMore recently, Redford employed Kelly’s photo- 48 Knee Ligament Forces During Walkinggraphic talents during the making of the “HorseWhisperer.” Whether covering the Olympics or 50 In the Mediatrekking in the Himalayas, Kelly is always ready 52 Associates for his next photographic adventure. 53 Independent Accountants’ Report 54 Statements of Financial Position 55 Statements of Activities 57 Statements of Cash Flow 58 Statements of Functional Expenses 60 Notes to Financial Statements
  3. 3. The Year in ReviewA s we look back on the year, we wish to thank our many donorsand corporate sponsors who have supported our mission. Since ourfounding in 1988, nearly 1,800 individuals, foundations and corporatesponsors have made more than 5,000 gifts to the Foundation. At thesame time as we recognize these friends, we also want to welcome anew corporate sponsor, Ormed, a German manufacturer and distribu-tor of orthopaedic products.* The year will be remembered as a period of progress and excit-ing development in our Basic Science research. Our collaborativeeffort with the Equine Science Center at Colorado State University hasbeen devoted to unlocking the promise of gene therapy in treatingcartilage defects. We are encouraged by these findings this year whichindicate that by combining growth factors with gene therapy we cancontrol the quality of cartilage repair tissue. Richard J. Hawkins, M.D. and J. Richard Steadman, M.D. One of the important objectives of our research is to develophighly replicable surgical procedures that are minimally invasive. Inside this Annual Report, we take time to recognize some inspi-We have been involved in pioneering a system that helps simplify rational people who have not only benefited from the Foundation’srotator cuff repair while aiming to match the outcomes of open proce- work but have shown us that anything is possible when it involves thedures. Thanks to a series of groundbreaking biomedical innovations, human spirit and the body’s amazing ability to heal. We hope you willthis arthroscopic procedure has shown great promise. enjoy getting to know people like Olympian Bode Miller and Through our clinical research, we continue to learn from our singer/composer Judy Collins, who tell us their stories of overcomingpatients. Our focus has been on determining predictors of disability difficult injuries at the peak of their careers. You will read about Airand satisfaction, patient expectations, and patient outcomes from sur- Force Major John Tokish, M.D., who immediately following hisgical procedures. In 2002, we completed several studies, such as Fellowship year was dispatched to Afghanistan to become the firstthose on Microfracture and Healing Response, that investigated the orthopaedic surgeon to command a Mobile Forward Surgical Team inoutcome of techniques developed here in Vail. In both cases, findings the war zone. Many of the skills he learned during his Fellowship yearshowed that patient activity level had increased and the patients were were put into practice repairing soldiers from U.S. Special Operations.highly satisfied. We hope these and other outcomes will help establish All of these noteworthy achievements and uplifting stories wouldfuture guidelines and expectations in the treatment of patients. not be possible without considerable support. As we look back at the The quality of our research has attained a level of excellence rec- accomplishments of our 14th year and look to the future, we feel aognized throughout the world. The American Society of Biomechanics deep sense of gratitude toward those friends who make our researchselected an abstract authored by Biomechanics Research Laboratory and educational programs possible. On behalf of the Board ofStaff Scientist Kevin Shelburne, Ph.D., and Director Michael Torry, Trustees and staff, we wish to express our heartfelt and sincerePh.D., as winner in the 2002 Journal of Biomechanics Award appreciation to the many individuals, foundations, and corporationscompetition. This is one of the most prestigious international awards for their valued support.conferred in Biomechanics. An important part of our mission is education. In August weheld the second International Cartilage Symposium. Sponsored byPfizer, it was attended by more than 150 physicians and featured aworld-renowned, international faculty of orthopaedic surgeons, each J. Richard Steadman, M.D. Richard J. Hawkins, M.D.of whom has pioneered innovative procedures for treating articular Chairman Vice Presidentcartilage injuries. We also wish to recognize our staff, Fellows and principal investi-gators for the papers and studies they have published. Foundationprincipals published more than 25 papers and delivered 89 presenta-tions worldwide. Additionally, nearly one-third of all of the educationalvideos accepted by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons James F. Silliman, the 69th Annual Meeting in Dallas were produced by our Visual President and Chief Executive OfficerServices Department. Of these eight videos produced by theFoundation, one was an award winner. Since only 25 videos wereaccepted, this is a significant achievement.*The list of our other corporate supporters is found on page 13 of this 2002 Annual Report. ANNUAL REPORT |1
  4. 4. Mission KEEPING PEOPLE OF ALL AGES PHYSICALLY ACTIVE THROUGH ORTHOPAEDIC RESEARCH AND EDUCATION IN THE AREAS OF ARTHRITIS , HEALING , REHABILITATION , AND INJURY PREVENTION . HistoryFounded in 1988 by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. J. Richard Steadman, the Foundation is anindependent, tax-exempt (IRS code 501(c)(3)) charitable organization. The Foundationdedicates itself to finding solutions to orthopaedic problems that limit a person’s ability toremain physically active. In fulfillment of its mission, the Foundation shares its findings withhealth-care professionals and the public in a variety of ways.The Foundation is independent from, but works in association with, the Steadman-HawkinsClinic. Dr. Steadman moved his medical practice from Lake Tahoe, Calif., to Vail, Colo., in1990. He was joined by shoulder surgeon Dr. Richard J. Hawkins. Together they formed theSteadman-Hawkins Clinic.As one of the largest independent orthopaedic research institutes in the world, theFoundation spends $2.5 million - $3 million annually—$25 million in the past 10 years—onresearch, education, and support programs. Procedures that surgeons use today weredeveloped and perfected over many years in the Foundation’s research and educationenvironment.The Foundation’s work extends far beyond the patients and physicians in the greaterVail Valley. Every philanthropic dollar raised by the Foundation is used directly to advancescientific research and to support scholarly academic programs that train physicians for the future. Through its Fellowship program, the Foundation has now built a network of 120Fellows and associates worldwide who share the advanced ideas and communicate theconcepts they learned in Vail. The Foundation’s primary areas of research and education are: • Basic Science Research—Undertakes studies to investigate the mysteries of degenera- tive arthritis, cartilage regeneration and arthritic changes of the knee and shoulder. • Clinical Research—Conducts “process” and “outcomes” research in orthopaedic sports medicine that will aid both physicians and patients in making better-informed treatment decisions. • Biomechanics Research Laboratory—Performs knee and shoulder computer modeling and related studies in an effort to reduce the need for surgical repair. • Education and Fellowship Program—Administers and coordinates the physicians-in- residence Fellowship program, hosts conferences and international medical meetings, and produces and distributes publications and videotapes.
  5. 5. GOVERNING BOARDSBoard of Directors John G. McMillian Officers Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (retired)H.M. King Juan Carlos I of Spain Allegheny & Western Energy Corporation J. Richard Steadman, M.D.Honorary Trustee Coral Gables, Fla. ChairmanAdam Aron Betsy Nagelsen-McCormack James F. Silliman, M.D.Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Professional Tennis Player – Cleveland, Ohio PresidentVail Resorts, Inc. – Vail, Colo. Cynthia L. Nelson Richard J. Hawkins, M.D.Howard Berkowitz Cindy Nelson Ltd. – Vail, Colo. Vice PresidentFounder and Managing Partner Greg Norman John G. McMurtryHPB Associates, L.P. – New York, N.Y. Professional Golfer – Hobe Sound, Fla. Secretary/TreasurerJeff Dorsey Mary K. NoyesPresident and Chief Executive Officer Director of Special ServicesHCA-HealthONE, LLC – Denver, Colo. Aircast, Inc. – Freeport, Maine Colorado CouncilJulie Esrey Al Perkins The Colorado Council was established as anBoard of Trustees auxiliary board of prominent Colorado citizens ChairmanDuke University – Kansas City, Mo. who serve as ambassadors for the Foundation Darwin Partners – Wakefield, Mass.Jack Ferguson within the state. Cynthia S. PiperFounder and President Bruce Benson TrusteeJack Ferguson Associates – Washington, D.C. Benson Mineral Group, Inc. – Denver Metropolitan State University Foundation ofGeorge Gillett Minneapolis – Hamel, Minn. Joan BirklandChairman Executive Director Steven ReadBooth Creek Management Corporation Sports Women of Colorado – Denver Read Investments – Orinda, Calif.Vail, Colo. Damaris Skouras Robert CraigEarl G. Graves Senior International Portfolio Manager Founder and President EmeritusPublisher and Chief Executive Officer The Keystone Center – Keystone Morgan Stanley, Inc. – New York, N.Y.Black Enterprise Magazine – New York, N.Y. Gay L. Steadman Dave GraebelTed Hartley Steadman-Hawkins Clinic FounderChairman and Chief Executive Officer Graebel Van Lines – Denver SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine FoundationRKO Pictures, Inc. – Los Angeles, Calif. Vail, Colo. John McBrideSusan Hawkins J. Richard Steadman, M.D. Aspen Business Center Foundation – AspenSteadman-Hawkins Clinic Steadman-Hawkins ClinicSteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation Charlie MeyersVail, Colo. Outdoor Editor Vail, Colo. The Denver Post – DenverRichard J. Hawkins, M.D. William I. Sterett, M.D.Steadman-Hawkins Clinic Steadman-Hawkins Clinic Tage PedersonSteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation Co-Founder SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine FoundationVail, Colo. Aspen Club Fitness and Sports Medicine Institute Vail, Colo. AspenThe Honorable Jack Kemp John C. TollesonDirector and Co-Founder Chairman Warren SheridanEmpower America – Washington, D.C. Alpine Land Associates, Ltd. – Denver Tolleson Group – Dallas, TexasDavid Maher Stewart Turley Vernon Taylor, Jr.General Partner, Chairman The Ruth and Vernon Taylor Foundation – Denver Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (retired)DMM Enterprises, LLP – Beverly, Mass. Jack Eckerd Drugs – Clearwater, Fla. William TuttArch J. McGill Norm Waite Tutco, LLC – Colorado SpringsPresident (retired) Vice PresidentAIS American Bell – Vail, Colo. Booth Creek Management Corporation – Vail, Colo. ANNUAL REPORT |3
  6. 6. SCIENTIFIC A D V I S O RY B O A R D The Scientific Advisory Board Steven P. Arnoczky, D.V.M. Marcus Pandy, Ph.D. Director, Laboratory for Comparative Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering consists of distinguished research Orthopaedic Research University of Texas/Austin Michigan State University Austin, Texas East Lansing, Mich. scientists who represent the William G. Rodkey, D.V.M. John A. Feagin, M.D. Director of Basic Science ResearchFoundation and serve as advisors in Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedics SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation Duke University Vail, Colo. Durham, N.C.our research and education efforts, Juan J. Rodrigo, M.D. Richard J. Hawkins, M.D. Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Steadman-Hawkins Clinic University of California, Davis School of Medicine in our Fellowship program, and to Vail, Colo. Sacramento, Calif. our professional staff. Charles Ho, M.D., Ph.D. Theodore Schlegel, M.D. National Orthopaedic Imaging Associates Steadman-Hawkins Clinic Sand Hill Imaging Center Denver, Colo. Menlo Park, Calif. J. Richard Steadman, M.D. Mininder Kocher, M.D. Steadman-Hawkins Clinic Children’s Hospital Vail, Colo. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery William I. Sterett, M.D. Boston, Mass. Steadman-Hawkins Clinic C. Wayne McIlwraith, D.V.M., Ph.D. Vail, Colo. Director of the Orthopaedic Savio Lau-Yuen Woo, Ph.D., D. Sc. (Hon.) Research Laboratory Ferguson Professor and Director Colorado State University Musculoskeletal Research Center Fort Collins, Colo. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pa. Photography: Karen Melhart Scientific Advisory Board, rear, left to right: C. Wayne McIlwraith, D.V.M., Ph.D.; Charles Ho, M.D., Ph.D.; William I. Sterett, M.D.; Steven P. Arnoczky, D.V.M.; Mininder Kocher, M.D.; and J. Richard Steadman, M.D. Front row, left to right: Theodore Schlegel, M.D.; William G. Rodkey, D.V.M.; John A. Feagin, M.D.; Juan J. Rodrigo, M.D.; Savio Lau-Yuen Woo, Ph.D., D. Sc. (Hon.); and Richard J. Hawkins, M.D.4 | STEADMANNHAWKINS SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION
  7. 7. FRIENDS OF THE F O U N D AT I O N IN 2002, WE RECEIVED CONTRIBUTIONS AND GRANTS Hall of FameFROM 769 INDIVIDUALS AND FOUNDATIONS. THIS COMBINED The SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation is grateful to the following individuals, corporations, and foundations for theirSUPPORT, INCLUDING SPECIAL EVENTS, AMOUNTED TO MORE support of the Foundation in 2002 at a level of $50,000 or more. Their THAN $ 1.2 MILLION. vision ensures the advancement of medical research, science, and care, as well as the education of physicians for the future. We extend ourTHE STEADMANNHAWKINS SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION gratitude to these individuals for their generous support: IS GRATEFUL FOR THIS SUPPORT AND TO THOSE WHO HAVE Mr. Herb Allen – Allen & Dr. and Mrs. Glen D. Nelson ENTRUSTED US WITH THEIR CHARITABLE GIVING. Company Nippon Sigmax Co. Ltd. EBI Medical Systems, Inc. WE ARE ESPECIALLY PLEASED TO HONOR THE INDIVIDUALS, Pfizer, Inc. HealthONE FOUNDATIONS, AND CORPORATIONS WHO HAVE PROVIDED Smith and Nephew EndoscopyTHIS SUPPORT. THEIR GIFTS AND PARTNERSHIP DEMONSTRATE Mr. Jim Kennedy – The Cox Foundation Sulzer Orthopedics Ltd. A COMMITMENT TO KEEP PEOPLE ACTIVE THROUGH NFL Charities Vail Valley Medical Center INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS IN MEDICAL RESEARCH AND EDUCATION. WITHOUT THIS SUPPORT, OUR WORK COULD Gold Medal Contributors NOT TAKE PLACE. We are grateful to the following individuals, foundations, and . corporations who contributed $20,000-$49,999 to the Foundation in 2002. Their continued generosity and commitment helps fund research in degenerative arthritis and train physicians for the future. Aircast, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kravis Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John McMillian Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Ron Miller Mr. Douglas N. Daft Norman Family Charitable Mr. and Mrs. John Egan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Flinn, Jr. Ormed GmbH & Co. KG Mr. Warren Hellman Mr. and Mrs. Steve Read Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hewlett Seabourn Cruise Line Hugoton Foundation – Ms. Joan Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Stout Steadman Innovation Sports Dr. and Mrs. William I. Sterett Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jordan II Mr. and Mrs. Randolph M. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kellogg ANNUAL REPORT |5
  8. 8. The Founders’ Legacy Society Mr. Buck Lyon and Mrs. Laura Ms. Alice Ruth and Mr. Ronald Over the years, the SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Lee Lyon AlvarezFoundation has been privileged to receive generous and thoughtful Mr. Douglas Mackenzie Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Ruvo andgifts from friends and supporters who remembered the Foundation in Mr. David Maher Southern Wine & Spiritstheir estate plans. In fact, many of our friends—strong believers and Ernst and Wilma Martens of Nevadasupporters of our work today—want to continue their support after Foundation Mr. Jack Saltztheir lifetimes. Through the creation of bequests, charitable trusts and Jack C. Massey Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Schlegelother creative gifts that benefit both our donors and the Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Roy May The Charles and Helen Schwabour supporters have become visible partners with us in our mission Mr. Charles McAdam Foundationto keep people physically active through orthopaedic research andeducation in arthritis, healing, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Mr. and Mrs. John McBride Ms. Damaris Skouras To honor and thank these friends, the Founders’ Legacy Society The McCormack Foundation Slifer Family Foundationwas created to recognize those individuals who have invested not Norman M. Morris Foundation Steadman-Hawkins Cliniconly in our tomorrow but also in the health and vitality of tomorrow’s Mr. and Mrs. Greg Norman Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Taylor, Jr.generations. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Noyes Mr. and Mrs. William R. Timken Our future in accomplishing great strides—from understanding Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oreffice Mr. John Tollesondegenerative joint disease, joint biomechanics, and osteoarthritis, to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Penkhus Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Turleyproviding high-quality health care, treatment, and rehabilitation, and Perot Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Norm Waiteto providing education and training programs—is assured by the Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Precourt Ms. Lucinda Watsonvision and forethought of friends and supporters who include us in Mr. and Mrs. Tom Quinn The Wheless Foundationtheir plans. The Foundation’s planned-giving program was established Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Ms. Mary Wolfto help donors explore a variety of ways to remember the Foundation. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Wynn We are most grateful to these individuals for their support inbecoming founding members of the Founders’ Legacy Society: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur RockMr. and Mrs. Robert M. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Osmers Bronze Medal ContributorsMs. Margo Garms Mr. Al Perkins Medical research and education programs are supported by giftsMr. Albert Hartnagle Mr. Robert E. Repp to the SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation’s annual fund.Mr. and Mrs. John McMurtry The Bronze Medal level was created to recognize those patients and their families, trustees, staff, and foundations who contribute $10- $4,999 annually to the Foundation. Donors at this level support manySilver Medal Contributors programs, including the Foundation’s research in degenerative arthri- Silver Medal donors contribute $5,000-$19,999 annually to the tis and the development of gait retraining protocols for patients withFoundation. Their support makes it possible to fund research to ACL-reconstructed knees. We thank the following for their supportdevelop new rehabilitation protocols for patients with ACL-recon- in 2002:structed knees, to improve the effectiveness of knee braces, and tosupport the basic-science studies of healing factors and gene therapy. Anonymous Mr. Ohmer AndersonWe extend our deep appreciation to the following individuals for their Mr. Daniel Aboumrad Mr. Irving Andrzejewskigenerous support in 2002: Mr. Richard Abrahams Applejack Wine & Spirit Mr. and Mrs. Roger Affa Ms. Lottie B. ApplewhiteMr. and Mrs. Paul Baker Mr. and Mrs. Gaines Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ager Mr. Larry S. ArbuthnotMr. and Mrs. Erik Borgen Mr. and Mrs. Milledge Hart Mr. and Mrs. Gary Albert Mr. and Mrs. David B. Arnold, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bourne Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ms. Roxie Albrecht Ms. Wendy ArnoldMr. and Mrs. Chad Fleischer Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. John L. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Adam AronGenzyme Biosurgery Mrs. Martha Head Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Mr. and Mrs. John AtkinsMr. and Mrs. George Gillett Admiral and Mrs. Bobby InmanMr. Richard Goodman Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ladd Alpengold Studio in Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. AttickMr. and Mrs. Earl Graves Mr. and Mrs. Kent Logan Beaver Creek Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Alpenrose Austin Mr. Jos Althuyzen6 | STEADMANNHAWKINS SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION
  9. 9. Bronze Medal Contributors, continuedMr. and Mrs. Mathew Autterson Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. The Bristol Ceramica, VailMr. and Mrs. John A. Baghott Binswanger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Pedro CerisolaMr. Ronald P. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Biondi, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Anthony Brooks Ms. Judith B. ChainMr. David Balph Ms. Joan Birkland Mr. and Mrs. C. Willing Ms. Judy ChargotMr. Herbert Bank Mr. Robert A. Bissegger Browne III Ms. Geni CharikerMr. and Mrs. Richard Bard Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Black Mr. John Bryngelson Chateau Montelena WineryMr. and Mrs. John Barker Mrs. Elizabeth H. Blackmer Ms. Brenda A. Buglione Dr. Teresa CherryMr. and Mrs. Bryant P. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bleiler Ms. Marge Burdick Mr. Victor ChigasDr. and Mrs. Bill Barnhill Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blide Mr. Kurt Burghardt Mr. Martin D. ChitwoodMr. Alejandro D. Barroso Ms. Margo A. Blumenthal Ms. Dixie L. Burnett Ms. Barrett ChristyMr. Carl A. Barrs Mr. and Mrs. John A. Boll Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burns Ms. Beverly A. ClasbyMs. Karen Barsch Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Boniface Mr. Wavell Bush Ms. Caryn ClaymanMrs. Edith Bass Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Boren Mr. and Mrs. Sam Butters The Club at CordilleraMs. Ruth M. Baughman Dr. Martin Boublik Mr. and Mrs. James G. Buzalas Ms. Cynthia CoatesMr. and Mrs. Donald W. Dr. Dennis Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Rodger W. Bybee Mr. Ned C. Cochran Baumgartner Ms. Mary B. Bowman Mrs. Nancy Byers Mr. Jose CodnerMr. and Mrs. John E. Beake Ms. Susan L. Brady Ms. Julia Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. CogutBeaver Liquors, Avon Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brand Canadian Mountain Mr. and Mrs. Melvin CohenMr. and Mrs. Joachim Bechtle Mr. David R. Braun Holidays, Inc. B. R. Cohn WineryMr. Randall F. Bellows Breckenridge Outfitters Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carlisle Ms. Betsy ColeMr. Peter Benchley Mr. Dennis Brice Mr. and Mrs. J. Marc Carpenter Mr. Samuel P. CookMr. Brent Berge Mr. Robert S. Bricken Mr. Dennis E. Carruth Dr. and Mrs. Donald S.Mr. and Mrs. Brad Betz Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. CorenmanMr. Gene Bicknell Bridgewater, Jr. Carusillo Country Club of the RockiesDr. Peter Bidzilla Ms. Karen Briggs and Dr. Steve Carveth Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Cox, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. James Billingsley Mr. Daryn Miller Mr. Nelson Case Ms. Patricia CrausMs. Ella F. Bindley Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Brill Mr. John A. Cavallaro Dr. and Mrs. Frank Crnkovich CHAIRS SUPPORT FOUNDATION WORK The education of orthopaedic surgeons is a critically important mission of the SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation.Academic Chairs provide the continuity of funding necessary to train physicians for the future, thus ensuring the continued advancementof medical research. Currently, more than 130 Steadman-Hawkins Fellows practice around the world. We wish to express our gratitudeand appreciation to the following individuals and Foundations that have made a five-year $125,000 commitment to the Fellowship programto support medical research and education. In 2002, seven chairs provided important funding for the Foundation’s research and educational mission. We are most grateful for thesupport from the following: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kravis Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Flinn, Jr. Mr. Ron Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jay Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Steven Read Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kellogg ANNUAL REPORT |7
  10. 10. Bronze Medal Contributors, continuedMr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Crotty Mr. Stephen W. Dominick and Mr. Harold B. Federman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. FrickeMr. and Mrs. Leonard Crowley Ms. Nicola Brew Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fendrick Mr. David B. FriedlandDr. Dennis Cuendet Mr. Wayne B. Dondelinger Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. FritchMr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Doré Dr. and Mrs. Joe Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Currey III Mr. Bob Dorr Ferrari Carano Winery Fruehauf IIIMr. and Mrs. David L. Custer Ms. Catherine Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Ned Fine Ms. Alice A. FryerMr. and Mrs. David Mr. Geoffrey Drummond Ms. Caroline Firestone Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fulstone D’Ambrumenil Mr. Bob Dula Dr. Thomas Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Morton FungerMr. and Mrs. Daniel Dall’Olmo Mr. Robert B. Dunlop Mr. and Mrs. John N. Fisher Mr. Shayne M. GageMr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Daly Ms. Lois Dupont-Thomas Julian M. Fitch, Esq. Mr. Damion GallegosMr. Gordon Damon Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Duvoisin Mr. Herbert Fitz Mr. Jorge A. GaudianoMr. and Mrs. Fred A. Dare Dr. and Mrs. Jack Eck Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Fitzgerald Ms. Louise GenglerMr. and Mrs. Darwin R. Datwyler Ms. Elaine G. Edinburg and Ms. Holly Flanders Mr. Ronald GensburgJess Davila Studios Dr. Joel I. Kaye Mr. Dennis D. Flatness Mr. Jay C. GentryMr. Ross M. Davis Mr. Burton M. Eisenberg Flora Springs Winery & Mr. Egon GersonMr. and Mrs. Peter Dawkins Mr. and Mrs. Buck Elliott Vineyards Mr. and Mrs. Bradley GhentMrs. Marilyn R. Dee Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Ellis Ms. Cynthia Florimont Mr. Jack GillespieMs. Danielle DenBleyker Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Engel Mr. and Mrs. David A. Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Herb GlaserMr. and Mrs. Paul A. Denuccio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Epple Mr. Nathan M. Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Jerome H.Mr. Jack Devine Mr. and Mrs. Chris Evans Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Forbes GoldbergMr. Frederick A. Dick Dr. and Mrs. Fred Ewald Pres. and Mrs. Gerald R. Ford Mr. Michael GoldbergMr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Dickens Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Ewing Dr. William R. Ford The Golden BearDiversified Radiology Exxon Mobil Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fossett Mr. David Goldstein of Colorado Ms. Ronelle Falls Mr. Richard L. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Richard GoldsteinMs. June M. Dobbs Mr. and Mrs. William L. Fanning Mr. and Mrs. Tom Francis Gore Range Mountain WorksMr. Joseph Dolan Far Niente Winery Ms. Anita Fray Mr. James Gordon Dr. John A. Feagin Mr. and Mrs. Olin Friant Mr. John H. Gorman FELLOWSHIP BENEFACTORS Fellowship benefactors fund the research of one Fellow for one year at a level of $10,000. This is a fully tax-deductible contributionthat provides an opportunity for the benefactor to participate in a philanthropic endeavor by not only making a financial contribution to theeducational and research year but also to get to know the designated Fellow. Each benefactor is assigned a Fellow who provides writtenreports and updates of his work. We extend our gratitude to the following individuals for their generous support: Mr. and Mrs. Milledge Hart Mr. and Mrs. Jay Precourt Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jordan Mr. Tom Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Kent Logan Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Turley Mr. Charles McAdam8 | STEADMANNHAWKINS SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION
  11. 11. Bronze Medal Contributors, continuedMr. and Mrs. Richard M. Goss Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Halbert Dr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Mr. and Mrs. Charles HooverMr. and Mrs. Paul Gotthelf Mr. and Mrs. Laurice T. Hall Hernandez Mr. Preston HotchkisGotthelf’s Jewellers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hallin Mr. Mark D. Herrero and Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E.Mr. Fredric H. Gould Mr. Tod Hamachek Ms. Jan L. Booth HoverstenMs. Jean Graham Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Hammond Mr. Gerald Hertz and Mr. and Mrs. David G. HowardMr. Robert W. Graham Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Hanley Ms. Jessica Waldman Mr. Kevin HoweMr. and Mrs. Pepi Ms. Carole A. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Heuer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hudson Gramshammer Mr. James E. Hanson II Ms. Barbara B. Hibben Ms. Constance W. HuffmanMr. Wallace H. Grant Mr. Jon F. Hanson Mr. James E. Hicks Peter Hughes DivingMr. and Mrs. August Grasis Mr. Ian P. Harden Ms. Carol Hiett Mr. Alexander B. HumeMr. and Mrs. Edward S. Graves Mr. Kirk R. Hardie Mrs. Cortlandt Hill Mr. and Mrs. George H. HumeMr. Calvin Gray, Jr. Ms. Pat Harper Ms. Lyda Hill Mr. and Mrs. Walter HussmanMr. and Mrs. John D. Greaves Mr. Densmore Hart Mr. Jaren Hiller Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. HuzzardMr. and Mrs. Robert G. Green Ms. Esther N. Haskins Mrs. Joy R. Hilliard Mr. and Mrs. Dunning Idle IVMr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Greene Mr. Ivan Hass Mr. Art Hilsinger and Mr. and Mrs. Michael ImmelMr. Gary G. Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Hathaway Ms. Barbara Janson Mr. Joe R. IrwinMr. Richard M. Gribble Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hauptman Ms. Kathleen J. Hilton Mr. Arnold JaegerMr. and Mrs. Bill Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hauser Mr. John Hire Ms. Mary H. JaffeMr. Wayne Griffith Mr. R. Neil Hauser Mr. Charles Hirschler and Mr. and Mrs. John V. JaggersMr. Peter V. Grimm Mrs. Horace Havemeyer, Jr. Ms. Marianne Rosenberg Dr. and Mrs. Arlon Jahnke, Jr.Mr. Neal C. Groff Mrs. Marian Hawkins Dr. Charles Ho Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Jalenak, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grooters Ms. Rosemary Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. David Hoff JanSportMr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gwyn Ms. Beverly E. Mr. George R. Hoguet Mrs. Glenn JanssMr. and Mrs. Steve Haase Hay De Chevrieux Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hollay Mr. Bill Jensen and Mrs. CherylMr. and Mrs. Steve Haber Ms. Elise Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. S. Armstrong-JensenDr. and Mrs. Topper Hagerman Ms. Lynne Heilbron Hollerbach Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold JeromeMr. and Mrs. Joe Haggar Mr. John M. Henry Mr. Brandon J. Holtrup Jewels by Shilpi, Beaver CreekMr. Daniel T. Haggarty Mr. George Henschke Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Holtzinger Mr. Anders Johansson FELLOWS SOCIETY The Fellows Society was created to recognize former Steadman-Hawkins Fellows who have made an annual pledge to theFoundation of $1,200 or more. Members of the Society will help ensure the tradition of excellence in orthopaedic training and education.They receive benefits that include access to Foundation research and projects, access to our audio-visual department and tape library,and invitations to all Foundation events. We extend our deep appreciation to the following physicians for their generous support in 2002: Dr. William Barnhill Dr. John Peloza Dr. Martin Boublik Dr. Andrea Saterbak Dr. Arlon Janke Dr. Theodore Schlegel Dr. Sumant G. Krishnan Dr. James F. Silliman Dr. Peter McDonald Dr. Steve B. Singleton Dr. Jim Montgomery Dr. William I. Sterett Dr. Thomas Noonan ANNUAL REPORT |9
  12. 12. Bronze Medal Contributors, continuedMr. Calvin R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Kaufman Dr. Mininder Kocher Mr. and Mrs. Dan LeeverMr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson Mr. George M. Kaye and Ms. Brigitte E. Kopper The Left BankMs. Linda A. Johnson Ms. Harriet Washton Ms. Lauri Korinek Mr. John E. LeipprandtMr. and Mrs. Howard J. Ms. Michelle Keel Mr. Jack Koson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lemos Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Bob Krohn Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. LessMs. Charlotte H. Jones Mr. Charles G. Kellogg Mr. and Mrs. John Kurdilla Brig. Gen. Samuel K.Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jones Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Kendall Mr. Dennis Kurpius Lessey, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Mr. and Mrs. David V. King Mr. James Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Trudo T. Letschert Jones, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Skip Kinsley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. G. Siegfried Kutter Mr. Burton LevyMr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Jordan Mr. Walter Kirkham La Tour Restaurant Mr. Kevin LilburnMr. Steve Jordan Steven and Michele Kirsch Ms. Evelyn L. Lail Mr. and Mrs. William G.Dr. and Mrs. Jay Kaiser Foundation Mr. George Lamb Lindsay, Jr.Dr. George C. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Stewart C. Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Landie Mr. and Mrs. Dave LinigerMs. Sara Karabasz Kissinger Larkspur Ms. Linda LitchiKarats Mr. Kevin R. Klein Mr. Olle Larsson Mr. Paul LitowitzMr. and Mrs. Jaroslav Karpa Miss Jane Klopatek Mr. Chester A. Latcham The Lodge at VailMs. Beth Kasser Mr. and Mrs. Peter Knoop Ms. Judith Layton Mr. and Mrs. WalterMr. and Mrs. Bruce Kasson Ms. Gwyn Gordon Knowlton Ms. Joan Leader Lowenstern NATIONAL FOOBALL LEAGUE CHARITIES For the 11th consecutive year, NFL Charities, the charitable foundation of the National Football League, has awarded a substantialresearch grant to the SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation for new and continuing work on the causes, treatments and pre-vention of sports-related injuries. The research project, “Force in the Upper Extremity Muscles with Intact and Ruptured Biceps Tendons:Part II,” is a continuation of a 2002 grant from NFL Charities to broaden our knowledge of how to treat biceps tendon injuries. The principalinvestigators are Drs. Richard J. Hawkins, Kevin B. Shelburne and Michael R. Torry of the Foundation, and Dr. Marcus Pandy of theUniversity of Texas. The study will utilize a sophisticated model of the upper extremity to quantify and explain the roles of the individual muscles of theshoulder and elbow in standard motions. This computer model was developed by Dr. Marcus Pandy and Dr. Brian Garner at the Universityof Texas at Austin. The goal of this investigation is to quantify the functional roles and interactions of the biceps tendons (long head andshort head) and the subscapularis muscle on glenohumeral joint reaction forces during active arm motions. This study will help in theunderstanding of the specific role and relative contributions of the subscapularis to shoulder stability and function in an intact shoulder,and a biceps-ruptured and tenodesed shoulder, allowing physicians to inform patients of the relative risks and benefits of both conserva-tive and surgical treatment. Upon completion, this project will be one of the most comprehensive analyses of the functional role of the biceps brachii muscle andsubsequent treatments, both surgical and conservative, as well as the functional roles of the subscapularis rotator cuff muscle in normaland abnormal glenohumeral joint function. This joint research effort between the University of Texas and the SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation has alreadyproduced several quality abstracts that were recently presented by Takashi Yanagawa, M.A. (currently full-time Staff Scientist of theFoundation and former student of Dr. Pandy). “The next year and a half will be very exciting for us, as this research is beginning to capturethe attention of noted shoulder specialists around the world,” states Dr. Torry. “This type of research is no small endeavor and we areextremely proud of Takashi and the strides he and his collaborators at the University of Texas have made in developing and applying one ofthe world’s most comprehensive shoulder models in orthopaedics today.”10 | STEADMANNHAWKINS SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION
  13. 13. Bronze Medal Contributors, continuedLord Gore Mr. and Mrs. John G. McMurtry Dr. Todd Neugent Dr. Robert H. Potts, Jr.Ms. Eileen Lordahl Dr. Lee McNeely Mr. Quy Nguyen Mr. Douglas PowellMr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Lupo Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Mehling Ms. Susan Nichols Mrs. Ashley H. PriddyMr. Gerard Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mercy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Denny N. Nielson Mr. and Mrs. Tom PritzkerDr. and Mrs. Peter MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Merelli Ms. Catherine Nolan Ms. S. Hannah ProwseMr. John MacLean Mr. Ron Michaud Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Noonan Mr. W. James ProwseMs. Jane G. Madry Mr. George Middlemas Mr. Charles Norton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brad QuayleMr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mr. Andy Mill and Ms. Colleen K. Nuese-Marine Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raether Maguire Ms. Chris Evert Mr. Edward D. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. David RaffMr. and Mrs. James Mahaffey Mr. Dan Miller Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Dwyer Mr. Carl RandThe Mailman Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Miller Mr. Larry O’Reilly Ms. Mary RandallMs. Sylvia Malinski Dr. Michael J. Milne Mr. Dan O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Marshall RayardMr. Theodore Mallon The Minneapolis Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Ms. Anne D. ReedMs. Julie Mandt Mr. and Mrs. Allan Mirkin Oglethorpe Ms. Lorraine M. RemzaDr. Roger Mann Ms. Anni D. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Osmers Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. RenertMr. and Mrs. Charles Manning Mr. and Mrs. David Mittelman Mr. John Osterweis Mr. Luis A. RentaMs. Sylvia Manning Mr. Ronald Mobley Marcus G. Pandy, Ph.D. Ms. Ann RepettiMr. Gilbert Y. Marchand Mr. Harold Molloy Mr. and Mrs. Preston Parish Mr. John RicciardiMr. Stewart Marcus Dr. Jim Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Roger Parkinson Mr. Henry F. RiceMs. Adrienne K. Marks Mr. Alan D. Moore Ms. Carol S. Parks Mr. and Mrs. C. R. RiddleMr. Herbert E. Marks Gordon and Betty Moore Mr. and Mrs. William K. Parsons Ristorante Ti AmoMs. Marjorie Marks Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Scott Paschal Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. RobinsMr. and Mrs. Mike Marsh Mr. Jim Moran Ms. Michelle S. Payne Ms. Judy RobinsonMr. and Mrs. Rocco J. Martino Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Claude Ms. Mary Payson Dr. William RodkeyMs. Patricia L. Marx Moritz Pearlstone Family Fund Dr. and Mrs. Juan J. RodrigoMasato’s Sushi & Japanese Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Tage Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rogers Bistro Mr. and Mrs. James Morter Mr. and Mrs. James Pefanis Mr. Daniel G. RoigMs. Miko Mayama-Erlichman Mr. and Mrs. William Morton Ms. Martha Pegg Mr. Alejandro RojasMr. and Mrs. David Mazer Ms. Myra D. Mossman Dr. and Mrs. John Peloza Dr. Kevin Roley andMr. and Mrs. Charles V. Dr. and Mrs. Van C. Mow Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pelton Dr. Kate Skaggs McAdam Mr. Neil Muncaster Mr. Mark Penske Ms. Margaret A. RooneyMr. and Mrs. Frank G. McAdam Ms. Bonnie E. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Don Perozzi Mr. and Mrs. Michael RoseMs. Mary McClure Mr. Jonathan P. Myers Mr. Eugene Petracca Rosenberg Builders Supply, Inc.Mr. Donald S. McCluskey Myers Financial Corporation Ms. Mary A. Pflum Rosenblum CellarsMr. Rick McGarrey Mr. and Mrs. Trygve E. Myhren Mrs. Allan Phipps Mrs. Ann M. RossMr. and Mrs. John W. McGee Dr. and Mrs. Richard K. Myler Ms. Jan Rymer Pickens Ms. Mildred E. RothMr. and Mrs. E. G. McGhee, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. R. Deva Nathan Mr. and Mrs. Addison Piper Mr. Gary L. RoubosMr. and Mrs. Arch McGill Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neal Plata, Crossroads in Vail Mr. Leroy RubinMr. and Mrs. James M. Ms. Cindy Nelson Ms. Margie Plath Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Rubio McKenzie Mr. R. A. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Plett Rudd FoundationDr. Jary McLean Mr. Josef Neubauer Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Plum Rudd Vineyard & Winery ANNUAL REPORT | 11
  14. 14. Bronze Medal Contributors, continuedMr. and Mrs. Stanley Silver Oaks Cellars Sweet Basil Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Rumbough, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Simon Dr. William Swetlik WahteraMr. and Mrs. L. James Runkle Mr. Harvey Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tache Mr. and Mrs. Charles WaiteMr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Russell Dr. and Mrs. Steve B. Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Tang Mr. Martin WaldbaumMrs. Helen M. Rust Mr. and Mrs. Mac J. Slingerlend Tannen Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. WallMr. Herbert E. Sackett Ms. Suzanne Sloan Mr. and Mrs. George Tauber Mr. and Mrs. Andy WallaceMs. Jolanthe Saks Mr. Edmond W. Smathers Mr. Stephen M. Tenney Ms. Pamela O. WallenDr. Henry Salama Ms. Claudia Smith Mr. Tim Tenney Mr. Bill WalshMr. and Mrs. Don Salem Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith Terra Bistro Mr. and Mrs. Seth WardMr. Peter Sallerson Ms. Suzanne Smith Ms. Elizabeth W. Tewell Mrs. Del La Verne WatsonMr. Thomas C. Sando The Patricia M. & H. William Mr. and Mrs. William B. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. WatsonMr. and Mrs. Steve Sanger Smith, Jr. Foundation Thetford Mr. Thomas WeiselDr. Andrea Saterbak and Ms. Julie Snyder Jarrett “JJ” Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Weiss Mr. Matthew McGuire Sonnenalp of Vail Foundation Mr. Terry Thomas Mr. John WelajMr. Tom Saunders Mr. James L. Spann Ms. Margaret D. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Patrick WelshMr. William D. Schaeffer Ms. Leslie B. Speed Mr. Wray T. Thorn and Mr. George WiegersMr. Benjamin S. Schapiro The Spiritus Gladius Foundation Ms. Melissa Francis Mr. Donahue L. WildmanMr. Tom Scharf Splendido At The Chateau Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Tisdale Ms. Sara WillMr. and Mrs. Bob Schlegel Mr. Frank P. Spratlen Mr. Mark Train Ms. Diana G. WilliamsonMs. Kathryn S. Schmoll Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Spriggs Mr. Dan E. Trygstad Mr. Richard E. WilliamsonMr. William Schneiderman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stampp Mr. William Tutt Mr. and Mrs. Bryan E. WimanMr. Emil R. Schnell SteadmanNHawkins Sports Mr. John L. Tyler Dr. and Mrs. Jorge WinklerMr. and Mrs. Alvin Schonfeld Medicine Foundation Tyrolean Mr. David WinnMr. and Mrs. Tom Schouten Mr. and Mrs. Lyon Steadman Ms. Stephanie Uberbacher Winter Park Ski AreaMr. and Mrs. Bruce Schuster Ms. Mary Steadman Vail Cascade Resort & Spa Mr. Richard E. WitteMr. and Mrs. Bob Seeman Mr. Keith Stein Vail Resorts Mr. Richard WohlenMr. and Mrs. Gordon I. Segal Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stempler Vail Valley Medical Center Mr. Willard E. WoldtMs. Christianna E. Seidel Mr. John Stern Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Savio L. Y. WooMr. Phillip E. Seigenfeld Ms. Mary Stitgen Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vance Dr. and Mrs. Chip WoodlandMrs. Joann Sessions Mr. Hans Storr Vanoff Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary WorthMr. O. Griffith Sexton Mr. John A. Strache Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. Mr. Oliver Wuff andMr. Brendan J. Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Albert I. Strauch Mr. and Mrs. James F. Vessels Ms. Monika KammelMs. Sylvia Shapiro Dr. and Mrs. Barry S. Strauch Ms. Sandra Vinnik Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. YankMr. Warren Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Eric Strauch Mr. and Mrs. David S. Vogels Mr. Henry YostMs. Betty J. Shiffrin Ms. Picabo Street Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Mr. and Mrs. Jack ZerobnickDr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Shiffrin Mr. and Mrs. Larry Strutton Von Stade, Jr. Reverend and Mrs. John ZieglerMr. and Mrs. James Shpall Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Stryker Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeMs. Eva M. Siekierski Mr. Scott Stuart VonderlindenMr. Mort Silver Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Sweeney, Jr.12 | STEADMANNHAWKINS SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION
  15. 15. C O R P O R AT E A N D INSTITUTIONAL FRIENDS N Aircast, Inc. The SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine N EBI Medical Systems. Inc. Foundation is grateful for the generous N Innovation Sports support of our corporate donors. In 2002, N Nippon Sigmax Co. Ltd. we received $1 million in corporate N Ormed, GmbH & Co. KG N Peak Performance Technologies, Inc. support to help fund the Foundation’s N Pfizer, Inc. research and education programs in Vail, N Smith & Nephew Endoscopy Colo., and at six university sites. This work N Sulzer Orthopedics Ltd. N HealthONE Alliance will benefit patients and physicians for N Vail Resorts, Inc. generations to come. N Vail Valley Medical Center ORMED JOINS FOUNDATION AS CORPORATE SPONSOR Ormed, GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer and distributor of orthopaedic and sports medicine products based in Fribourg, Germany, hasjoined the SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation as a corporate sponsor. Founded in 1992, Ormed has a staff of 130 and operates three subsidiaries and 65 distribution centers throughout Germany. Thecompany specializes in manufacturing and distributing passive-motion devices and other therapeutic systems, braces, and splints. It hasalso developed breakthrough surgical technology in cartilage repair. The company is a market leader in Germany in the field of continuouspassive-motion devices. Says Frank Bömers, Ormed director of marketing, “Our cooperation with the SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation marksa new era as we strive for excellent medical products and services.” ANNUAL REPORT | 13
  16. 16. Bode Miller: Healing Response and the Comeback Kid By Richard Needham The following profile is based on an interview by Richard Needham. Mr. Needham is editor of “Skiing Heritage” magazine and the health newsletter “Arthritis Advisor.” Call it coincidence, but it seems every time world-class athletes in need of a body repair visit Steadman-Hawkins—Bruce Smith, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Phil Mahre, Steve Mahre, John Elway, Picabo Street, Greg Norman—they return to the playing field in better shape than when they were competing at even their highest level. Witness Bode Miller. In 2000-2001, the soon-to-be ski-racing phenom already had one World Cup podium finish (giant slalom) and was primed for a big result at the combined downhill/slalom event in St. Anton, Austria. He was fourth in the slalom going into the downhill, but 30 seconds into the downhill course Bode hooked an edge at 80 miles an hour, careened off the course, and crashed into a fence. Result: a complete ACL tear of the left knee coupled with damage to the meniscus. The likely fix: total ACL reconstruction, with an extended rehab period that such a surgery would require. But something happened along the way. Dr. Steadman opted to use a revolutionary new procedure that he had developed. During Bode’s meniscus repair, he performed the “healing response.” This arthroscopic procedure involves making three to 10 small “microfracture” holes in the bone at the femoral origin of the injured ACL. The blood clot from the bleeding bone captures the injured end of the ACL and eventually reattaches the ligament back to the bone. The healing response has many advantages, including a much shorter recovery period, less cost, and because it is less invasive, greatly reduced chances for osteoarthritis to set in later. Three weeks following his surgery, Bode was fully mobile and without need of a brace. Encouraged, Dr. Steadman suggest- ed waiting another three weeks to determine whether the healing response would take. When the three weeks were up, the news was even more encouraging. “My ACL,” says Bode, “was re-growing entirely on its own.” By July, Bode was back on skis once again, training at Mt. Hood, Ore., and “feeling 100 percent, going right after it right away.” In the season’s first World Cup giant slalom in Solden, Austria, Bode finished a remarkable fifth—eight months after his surgery. Bode’s new knee—and his determination to “go right after it” paid off big last season, with four World Cup victories, a second in the World Cup slalom standings, a fourth in the overall World Cup standings, and two silver medals at the Salt Lake Winter Olympics. For most, those kinds of results would rank high in the memory bank. For the 25-year-old from Franconia, N.H., however, his most memorable moment was the day he made the U.S. Ski Team. Competing in the U.S. National Championships at Sugarloaf, Maine, Bode came from 30th position in the slalom to capture third. “My family was there, all my classmates were there,” says Bode. “It was the greatest!” When Bode isn’t on the course, he’s on the court. An all-state tennis player, he has been a coach and counselor at the fami- ly’s Tamarack Tennis Camp for years and, as this is written, is “just trying to relax and get the energy systems back up.” “Tennis,” says Bode, “is a great mental exercise. It’s a longer event than ski racing and it helps you stay focused for a longer period of time.” But wait, there’s more. Golf, for example. A low- to mid-70s shooter, Bode took up the game at 15 but didn’t “get serious” about golf until five years ago. “I really enjoy the game,” he says. “When I retire from ski racing, I’d like to play tournament golf—if I still have the competitive energy.” Competitive energy isn’t something that Bode is likely to run out of anytime soon. The 2006 Winter Olympics are still ahead (“It’s a long way away, but I plan to be there”) and he’s already looking to compete in tournament tennis if he can bring in some major events locally (“It’s important for the kids to see their coaches compete”). Besides, he always has the comfort of knowing that the staff at Steadman-Hawkins will be there to make sure the physical part is up to the energy part. “Dr. Steadman and his staff,” says Bode, “are the greatest—supportive and super-friendly. It makes a nice environment to be in when you’re injured, bummed out, and trying to keep your spirits up.” The SteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation is key to the medical breakthroughs that have brought athletes, like Bode Miller, back to their best. It provides the research environment in which important new procedures, such as the healing response, are developed, nurtured, tracked and refined to promote top-of-the-game performance—for world-class competitors and weekend warriors alike.14 | STEADMANNHAWKINS SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION
  17. 17. Photography: AP/Wide World PhotosBODE MILLERThe SteadmanNHawkins Sports MedicineFoundation is key to the medical break-throughs that have brought athletes,like Bode Miller, back to their best. Itprovides the research environment inwhich important new procedures, suchas the healing response, are developed,nurtured, tracked and refined. ANNUAL REPORT | 15
  18. 18. HEALING RESPONSE:STIMULATING REPAIR OF ACLINJURIES.By William G. Rodkey, D.V.M .Dr. Rodkey is director of Basic Science Research for theSteadmanNHawkins Sports Medicine Foundation. Rehabilitation The Best Medicine Bode Miller suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in a downhill crash in February 2001 at the World Defects in the anterior cruciate liga- Alpine Championships in Austria and was able to come back for the Olympic year in 2002 thanks to the “healing response” procedure and a heavy exercise program. And to put an exclamation mark on hisment (ACL) rarely heal spontaneously. The miraculous recovery, Miller responded with four World Cup victories, a second in the World Cup slalom standings, a fourth in the overall World Cup standings, and two silver medals at the Salt Lake Citytorn ACL sometimes scars to the posterior Winter Olympics.cruciate ligament (PCL), but this does not The Injury The crash left Miller with a torn anterior cruciate liga-result in any significant biomechanical func- ment (ACL) and meniscus in his left knee. The ACL is crucial in providing stability to the knee.tion. ACL injuries continue to present a dif- Meniscusficult problem for orthopaedic surgeons Cushions between the femur and tibia and resists side-to-side motion.because it is difficult to predict whether Anterior Cruciatesuch injuries will cause severe disability or Ligament Working like strands ofonly minimal impairment. cable, this ligament limits extension and rotation. Consequently, Dr. Steadman has Bode Miller on his way to winning thedeveloped a procedure called the healing men’s World Cup giant slalom in Val d’Isere, France, December 2001.response as an alternative to formal recon-struction, or to no intervention. This proce-dure is designed especially for proximalone-third (near the thigh bone) ACL injuries,the type frequently seen in skiers. It is mini- The Repairmally invasive and uses the microfracture The meniscus cartilage had dislocated to the front of the knee, causing the knee to lock. ACL reconstruction requires some movement in the knee. Because of this, the meniscus had to be repaired first.awl arthroscopically to produce a “super- The repair reliesclot” from microfracture holes located at Areas on the femur are completely on the selected where the ACL surgically inducedthe femoral origin of the ACL. There is no Torn ACL will reattach. “super clot.”fixation or immobilization, and we rely com-pletely on the surgically induced “super Disclocatedclot,” which emerges from the bone mar- meniscus 1. Meniscus Surgery 2. ACL Repairs Itself 3. The Outcomerow, to capture and heal the torn ACL. While working on the meniscus, Areas on the femur are selected There is no fixation or immobiliza- Dr. Steadman discovered the where the ACL will reattach. This tion, and the repair relies complete- We believe that the healing response ACL tear was at the femur. He bone site is perforated arthro- ly on the surgically induced “super decided to perform the “Healing scopically with a microfracture clot,” which emerges from the boneprocedure has significant advantages that Response.” awl to produce a “super clot” marrow, to capture and reattach from the microfracture holes the torn ACL. located at the femoral origin ofoutweigh the potential disadvantages. It is the ACL.a technically easy procedure for the surgeonto perform with minimal downside risk. ( R E P R I N T E D C O U RT E S Y O F T H E B O S T O N G L O B E ) 16 | STEADMANNHAWKINS SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION
  19. 19. BASIC SCIENCE RESEARCH: U N D E R S TA N D I N G JOINT DISEASE William G. Rodkey, D.V.M., DirectorTHE PURPOSE OF OUR BASIC SCIENCE As one prime example, Dr. Steadman has innovative approaches in Basic Science pioneered a surgical technique—microfrac- Research to accelerate the healing of tissue RESEARCH IS TO GAIN A BETTER ture—that, in 75 percent to 80 percent of following injury and/or surgery. UNDERSTANDING OF FACTORS THAT patients treated, has provided pain relief We dedicated the majority of our timeLEAD TO DEGENERATIVE JOINT DISEASE and slowed or even stopped the progression and resources in 2002 to a major research of arthritis of the knee. Because of the project, a brief description of which is AND OSTEOARTHRITIS. OUR FOCUS microfracture procedure, patients with provided below: IS TO DEVELOP NEW SURGICAL articular cartilage injuries have been able to return to physical activity and significantly MICROFRACTURE COMBINED WITH TECHNIQUES, REHABILITATIVE TREAT- delay or even avoid total joint replacement GENE THERAPY TO ENHANCE MENTS, AND RELATED PROGRAMS surgery. The procedure involves making CARTILAGE HEALINGTHAT WILL HELP PREVENT THE DEVEL- small punctures in the bone that underlies the damaged cartilage. These small punc- The Foundation and Dr. Wayne McIlwraith, OPMENT OF OR AMELIORATE DEGEN- tures, or “microfractures,” provide access to a world-renowned equine arthroscopic ERATIVE JOINT DISEASE. the cells and healing factors contained in the surgeon from Colorado State University, have bone marrow. These marrow elements are continued to study healing of full-thickness released and form a “superclot” that supports articular cartilage defects in weight-bearing formation of new reparative cartilage. Our areas of joints. The horse has been used research has demonstrated that these various as the animal model because horses, like growth factors and other healing modulators human athletes, frequently sustain partial or significantly enhance the repair process. full-thickness defects to the articular cartilage. Numerous physicians and scientists are The horse, like humans, can also be treated helping study the changes that take place arthroscopically. With this animal model, following microfracture and other related the lesions or injuries can be produced in procedures. Our focus remains on gaining weight-bearing areas of the joints via an new knowledge and a better understanding arthroscopic approach. These lesions can of the source of repair cells and biochemical then be treated in a manner virtually identi- modulators of healing, as well as the interac- cal to the surgical technique developed by tion of these components. In concert with Dr. Steadman to treat human patients. Also, our collaborators, we are using advanced the thickness as well as the microscopic molecular biological, gene therapy, and bio- anatomy of a horse’s articular cartilage is chemical techniques to control and enhance similar to that of humans. Finally, the surgical the healing processes. procedure performed on the horse, as in These and similar studies are examples human patients, allows for retention of the of work that will enable the Foundation to subchondral plate while allowing various learn more about the inherent healing abili- biochemical modulators of healing to ingress ties of commonly injured tissues. These and into the defect without making excessively other studies will define more accurately why large holes in the bone. One drawback to the certain tissues tend to degenerate and sustain equine model is the fact that it is not possible injury. They also will aid us in determining to keep the horse non-weight-bearing on the why some patients heal more quickly and operated leg for several weeks as typically completely than others. Similarly, we seek is done in human patients. Nonetheless, this to learn about the biochemical changes that model is truly a good test for articular take place in the tissues surrounding the cartilage repair techniques. joints as we age. For us, there is no task During 2002, we extensively revised and more exciting than to investigate novel and submitted a manuscript for publication in a scientific journal. That article now has been ANNUAL REPORT | 17