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Presentación fmv jornada_canada

  1. 1. CANADA " Oceans Technology Investment Promotion" BILBAO, 7 de Marzo de 2012
  2. 2. The Basque Country is a region with an important maritime tradition. Its past, present and future are closely linked to the sea and so, an important industrial and social development has come from the sea - related activities. Many famous seamen and discoverers of foreing lands, or the commanders of the two great Spanish Armadas, were Basques: Juan Sebastian Elcano, Andrés de Urdaneta, Legazpi, Blas de Lezo, Mazarredo, Churruca… INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION 22
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION 33 In 1993, after an important industrial restructuring process, ADIMDE was set up as the Association of Basque Maritime Companies. ADIMDE was born for promoting the awareness of maritime activity and culture in the Basque Country The Basque Maritime Forum represents more to than 320 companies, working in the following sectors: - Fishing Owners - Merchant Shipping Owners - Shipyards - Auxiliary Maritime Industries In 1997, THE BASQUE MARITIME FORUM was created to continue ADIMDE’s task and to become itself as a meeting point for all the Basque maritime sector’s agents Several institutions joined the Forum that year: Saving Banks, Port Authorities, Technological Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Universities... The final objective of THE BASQUE MARITIME FORUM is to develop actions to improve its companies’ long-term competitiveness THE BASQUE MARITIME FORUM was officially recognized as a Priority Cluster by the Basque Government in 1999. It means a special support by that Institution
  4. 4. 44 TURNOVER The maritime sector plays a very important role in the Basque economy, representing 2.2% of its GNP The turnover of these companies in 2010 was: 1.147 million in those activities directly related to the sector and 2.436 million overall EMPLOYMENT The maritime sector employs directly more than 7.460 workers in 2010, and 16.696 overall EXPORTS About 80% of total production has gone to export, mainly in Europe: Norway, U.K., etc. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Basque maritime companies have a clear mentality towards innovation They need to compete with products of high value and technology in the international market THE SECTOR IN FIGURES 20102010
  5. 5. CNNCNN –– La Naval SestaoLa Naval Sestao Zamakona, S.A.Zamakona, S.A. Murueta, S.A.Murueta, S.A. Balenciaga, S.A.Balenciaga, S.A. ZamakonaZamakona--Pasaia, S.L.Pasaia, S.L. Bilbao Centro NavalBilbao Centro Naval 55 SHIPYARDS - Large methane carriers - Dredgers - Bulk carriers - Fishing vessels - Suppliers for offshore industry (PSV, AHT, ROV)
  11. 11. FORMACION 1111 Promotes presence in the main international exhibitions Carries out surveys on foreign markets Prepares international meetings Organizes direct trade missions Prepares integrated offers in groups Sets up work groups (Off-Shore, Navy, Marine Energy) Promotes the naval technology offer Supports and promotes technological projects Sets up work groups for promoting: intelligent fishing vessel / Ro ro for short sea shipping Has developed an intelligence competitive system Promotes marine energy: wave and tide energy converters Supports companies towards the implementation of : ISO 9001:2000 (quality) ISO14001:2004 (environment) -OSHAS 18001 (occupational risk prevention) Supports companies towards EFQ Promotes responsibility social models Has carried out a training plan 2009-2012 for the auxiliary industry Develops training courses in three levels: top management, middle management, workers Develops training courses for new professionals: workers arriving from abroad Develops cooperation agreements with other institutions at local, national and European level Provides market information for the associates Sets up inter cluster agreements Delivers promotional material: books, magazines, leaflets, annual report INTERNATIONALIZATION TECHNOLOGY QUALITY MANAGEMENT TRAINING MARKETING STRATEGIC GOALS
  13. 13. New concept of a coastal fishing boat, eficient, sustainable and improving the safety of life at sea. 1313 PROYECTS AND ACTION LINESPROYECTS AND ACTION LINES Basque Eolic Offshore Group – BEÓG, Diversification of the basque maritime companies, moving their knowledge from the shipbuilding to the offshore wind energy.
  14. 14. Development of an Offshore Supply Vessel for the Brazilian market – “BRASHIP” European Project – LYNCEUS: Development of a new wireless technology (LYNCEUS) to control the location, search and resque, and the fast and safe abandonment of a ship during an emergency. 1414 PROYECTS AND ACTION LINESPROYECTS AND ACTION LINES
  15. 15. • Movement of goods from road to sea, trying to reduce the emissions. • Under our point of view, is very important to promote the Short Sea Shipping by investing in infraestructures and with the development of policies that help to achive this goal. • Multimodal and sustainable transport infraestructures that improve the movement of goods to the sea in the Atlatntic Arch • Smart-Green Ports: Development of sustainable ports “green” and technologically advanced “smart”. Attraction of intercontinental goods and development of “smart-corridors” for SSS traffics. • Providing the Ports of infraestrctures and complementary services for their conversion in marinas. 1515 Emissions reduction PROYECTS AND ACTION LINESPROYECTS AND ACTION LINES
  16. 16. Reaction to threats and emergencies: It is very important to stengthen the existing prevention measures to threats and emergencies that happen in the event of accidents, natural disasters or those caused by the human activity such as pollution, sinkings, etc. • Integral security sistem for the Atlantic: Detection of suspicious behaviour in coastal areas by the use of UAVs, sattelital buoys, sattelittes and ROVs. • Use of the HISDESAT constellation searching system and AIS – UHF systems. Identification of «illegal» boats, unauthorized accesses, etc. • Planning Centers and coordinated emergency management. 1616 • Interchange of experiences among the Atlantic Arch Regions. • Media campaigns to promote new sea vocations. •Actions to promote the maritime culture and the recreational boating. PROYECTOS Y LINEAS DE ACTUACIONPROYECTOS Y LINEAS DE ACTUACION Socially Inclusive Growth:
  17. 17. Canada has a long maritime tradition and is the headquarters of some of the best known marine engineering offices that have an strong influence when deciding the equipment to install in a new ship. The Canadian Government has recently assigned a new program of new buildings for both the Canadian Navy and research vessels to two Canadian Shipyards. A boom in the Canadian Shipbuilding Sector is expected, and so it could be an opportunity for the Basque Maritime Sector. The Canadian Maritime SectorThe Canadian Maritime Sector 1717
  18. 18. The Basque Maritime Forum organized, on last July 201, a commercial mission to USA (Seattle) and Canada (Vancouver), having there some meetings with marine engineering offices, trying to present the capacities of the Basque Maritime Sector and to introduce our equipments in their Maker’s Lists or in the recommendations for their clients’ projects de los astilleros y / o de los armadores. BackgroundBackground 1818 Visit of the BMF to Robert Allan, Ltd.
  19. 19. Meetings (July 2011)Meetings (July 2011) 1919
  20. 20. The Canadian Government has just announced, in what is the biggest contract in Canada in the latest 29 years, the assigment of the contracts for the new shipbuildings to two main shipyards: Irving the combat vessels, and Seaspan the non- combat ones. The non – combat vessels are also assigned to the Canadian engineering office STX Canada Maritime. Following our meeting with STX Canada Maritime in Vancouver on last July, and thanks to the good relations with this engineering office, the basque companies have been invited to fill the registration in the Seaspan’s suppliers database. SEASPAN’s Suppliers Database 2020
  21. 21. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR SU ATENCION THANK YOU VERY MUCH FORO MARITIMO VASCOFORO MARITIMO VASCO C/ Buenos Aires, 2C/ Buenos Aires, 2 –– 11ºº Izd.Izd. 48001 Bilbao (Spain)48001 Bilbao (Spain) +34 94 4356610+34 94 4356610 -- +34 94 4356611+34 94 4356611 http://www.foromaritimovasco.com 2121