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Nova scotia -_bilbao_-2012

  1. 1. Nova Scotia, Canada Ocean Technology Investment Opportunities
  2. 2. Where is Nova Scotia, Canada?
  3. 3. About NSBI Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), is Nova Scotia’s business development agency focused on growing the Ocean Technology by attracting new companies to the province. Our mission is to deliver client-focused solutions that result in sustainable, value-added economic growth for Nova Scotia. NSBI would welcome the opportunity to work with your company to successfully grow your operations in Nova Scotia.
  4. 4. About Nova Scotia Fast Facts • Population: 945,437 (1) • GDP Growth: +1.9% • Inflation: 3.9% • Unemployment rate: 8.9% Capital (Halifax) • Population: 403,000 • Halifax generates 15% of Maritime provinces (Canada’s east coast) GDP • Halifax ranked top 3 Canadian medium-sized Sustainable City in 2011 (2) Sources: (1) Nova Scotia Department of Finance (2) Corporate Knights (2011) 7600 km of coastline, in Nova Scotia, you are never more than 56 km from the ocean
  5. 5. Critical Infrastructure As a Gateway to North America, from Nova Scotia, companies have direct access to the NAFTA market. Through its urban hub Halifax, Nova Scotia provides an all year ice-free port and excellent rail, truck, marine and air connections.
  6. 6. According to KPMG’s 2011 Competitive Alternatives Database, Halifax boasts a 5% cost advantage over Toronto, and 6% over Boston in labour and benefits and facilities costs. Competitive Costs
  7. 7. Capital investment to prepare for work on the ships will ramp up in 2012 including a new main assembly hall, new side launch and increased storage areas. Contract stipulates further investment in the broader Ocean Technology sector National Shipbuilding Procurement Combat Vessels for the Department of National Defence • Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships (6 to 8 vessels) • Joint Support Ships (2 vessels with the option of 1 additional) • Canadian Surface Combatants (15 vessels)
  8. 8. • With 11 Universities and 13 college campuses, the province has one of the highest percentages of university graduates in Canada. • Many of our educational institutions will partner with government and industry to develop tailor-made programs to support employer and industry needs Talented and highly skilled workforce
  9. 9. Nova Scotia is home to several Ocean and Clean Technology Research and Training Centers: • Dalhousie University • Acadian University • Cape Breton University • NSCC • St-FX University • University Sainte-Anne Research & Development
  10. 10. Oceans Research Assets • Ocean Technology Council • Bedford Institute of Oceanography • Canada's largest centre for ocean research • Halifax Marine Research Institute • Brokers partnerships among industry, universities, government and private institutions to improve marine science and industry in the region • NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences • Focused on biofuels and value-added products from algae, marine bioactives
  11. 11. Ocean Technology Sector Industry • 200+ companies - 60 are innovators of new high-tech products and services • 2009 revenues more than $500,000,000 (doubled that of 2003 revenues) • Large cluster of economic activity around ocean observation, marine defence and marine energy Research & Development • Accounts for 1/3 of all R&D performed by businesses in NS • One of the World’s highest concentration of researchers in this sector • The R&D capacity connected with this sector makes it a world leading Center of Excellence.
  12. 12. Nova Scotia’s Oceans Cluster
  13. 13. Thank You.