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Basque Country relevant information for investors

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  1. 1. 2Location of the Basque CountryMadridLisbonParisBerlinRomeBrusselsLondon
  2. 2. 3General information BILBAOBILBOSAN SEBASTIÁNDONOSTIVITORIAGASTEIZÁLAVAGIPUZKOABIZKAIAThe Basque Autonomous Community islocated in northern Spain, on the Atlanticaccess from Europe, bordering withFrance and located on the banks of theCantabria Sea. It is made up of theprovinces of Alava, Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia.
  3. 3. 4Quality of lifePopulation (no, inhabitants)Population density (inhab/km2)Life expectancy (years) - MenLife expectancy (years) - WomenBasqueCountryEU - 27499,753,500117.82,172,175300.277.2 76.184.3 82.2
  4. 4. 5Political structureHas its ownTax system.Has the legal capacityto regulate taxation andthe authority to manageand collect taxes.The Basque Country pays Spainfor the services provided bythe Spanish Government.
  5. 5. 6Areas of authorityBASQUE COUNTRYIndustry and CommerceTransport and Public WorksPoliceHousing and the EnvironmentAgriculture and TourismLabour and Social ProtectionHydraulic resourcesOwn tax systemEducation and CultureHealth
  6. 6. 7Areas of authoritySPAIN - EUROPEAN UNIONArmed ForcesForeign RelationsMonetary SystemPorts and airportsPostal Services & CommunicationsForeign tradeCustoms serviceState railway system
  7. 7. 8General budget distribution 2011INCOME (%)ContributionsfromProvincialCouncilsPublic debt82.2 % 11.3 % 3.6 % 2.0 % 0.9 %OtherinstitutionalresourcesOtherresourcesOwn taxes10,549TOTALMILLION €
  8. 8. 9General budget distribution 2011EXPENDITURE (%)Employmentand socialaffairsHousing, public worksand transportIndustry, innovation,commerce and tourismJustice and publicadministrationHealthCulture Other departmentsEnvironment, regionalplanning, agricultureand fisheriesHome officeEducation9.5 %6.7 %6.7 %3.8 %2.8 %2.7 %32.4 %25.3 %2,7 %
  9. 9. 10Education and trainingSubjectsHigher education: studentsenrolled according to subject,2009-2010 courseMenWomenTOTALSocialSciencesand LawTechnicalsubjectsHumanities HealthSciencesExperimentalSciencesOthers Not specified9,76317,79111,8804,9071,9073,2438483,1331,1601,8631,5111,7811,2241,76228,29334,48062,773
  10. 10. 117Education and training7TH EU REGIONWITH THE MOSTUNIVERSITYGRADUATES 51.5%1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1048.6% 47.4%44.2% 43.7% 43.6% 43.6% 42.9% 42.4% 41.9%29.7%24.4%Inner London Prov. Brabant Wallon (BE) Oslo og Akershus Prov. Vlaams - Brabant (BE) LondonHovedstaden (DK) Basque Country Utrecht (NL) Bruxelles-Capitale Area StockholmBASQUE COUNTRYSPAINUE - 27
  11. 11. 12Education and trainingPrimary and Secondary Education(6-16 years of age) is compulsory andfree in the public education system.At a university level, the BasqueCountry has 3 universities with 28faculties, 3 higher technical schoolsand 11 university schools, withmore than 62,000 students.There is also an extensive network ofVocational Training centres ofexcellence.
  13. 13. 14InfrastructuresPortTerrestrial platformsAirportCombined Transport StationRailwayHigh-speed railRoads
  14. 14. 15Infrastructures / LogisticsTravelling timeBilbao MadridRAILWAYSThe “BASQUE Y” high-speed rail corridorwill link the three Basque capitals and willconnect the Basque Country with the rest ofEurope.Connections providing access to the mainlogistics areas located near the capitals.Bilbao París2h 15’5h 47’
  15. 15. 16Infrastructures / LogisticsSEA PORTSTwo large commercial ports, Bilbaoand Pasajes, which together handlealmost 44,000,000 tonnes ofgoods per annum.Port of Bilbao, main multimodalcentre of the Iberian peninsula.
  16. 16. 17Infrastructures / LogisticsAIRPORTSThree airports with excellent infrastructuresfor the transport of passengers and goods.Bilbao AirportInternational category, the largest passengerairport in the Cantabrian area.Vitoria Airport“Primary Special” category, it has thesecond-largest perishables terminal in Europe.Hondarribia AirportLocated 22 Km from the city of San Sebastián,very near the border between Spain andFrance, it has a number of regular flights to andfrom national and international destinations.2010 PASSENGERSBilbao Airport2010 CARGO (KG)Vitoria Airport3,888,96927,960,620
  17. 17. 18Conference and Exhibition CentresBILBAO EXHIBITIONCENTRE (BEC)Modern, convenient and functionalexhibition complex, 150,000 m2ofexhibiton area distributed in6 column-less pavillions.Exhibition organisers with more than30 years of experience in theorganisation of trade fairsand shows.imágen
  18. 18. 19Conference and Exhibition CentresGENERAL DETAILS OF THE BEC- Exhibition surface: 150,000 m2- Congress Centre: 18,000 m2- Offices: 6,500 m2- 4,000 Parking places.IMPORTANTINTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS- BIEMH, Machine -Tool Biennial:with a net exhibition surface area of50,000 m2y 40,000 professional visitors.- FERROFORMA - Practical World.
  19. 19. 20Main Macroeconomic Data200020052008200941,64757,28968,42964,56820,03027,15331,51429,6831201291361353.,87114,29720,27914,94510,32414,53720,11812,29428.525.029.623.1132.2127.3130.3132.4GDP atcurrentprices(millions €)Per capita GDPat current prices(base =2005) (€)Per capitaGDP(PPC)(UE-27=100)Inflation(consumerpricevariation, %)Employmentrate(16 to 64year-olds, %)Exports(millions €)Import(millions €)Productivityper employedperson(EU-27=100)Exporttendency(Exports/GDP) (%)BASQUE COUNTRY
  21. 21. 22Per capita GDP per Countryand Year (EU27=100) (PPC)The Basque Country occupies23rd place of a total of 271European regions, with a percapita GDP of 136(UE-27 = 100)7 Member Statesexceed Basqueper capita GDPLuxembourgNetherlandsDenmarkAustriaIrelandSwedenBelgiumUnited KingdomGermanyFinlandItalyFranceEU - 27SpainCyprusGreeceYEAR 20002502001501005001 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1612345678910111213141516
  22. 22. 23Per capita GDP per Country and Year(EU27=100) (PPC)1 Member Stateexceed Basqueper capita GDPLuxembourgIrelandNetherlandsAustriaSwedenDenmarkUnited KingdomGermanyBelgiumFinlandFranceSpainItalyEU-27 CyprusGreeceYEAR 20092502001501005001 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1612345678910111213141516
  23. 23. 24Economic/Sector structureGross DomesticProduct at marketprices (millions €)Added value outof basic prices(millions €)GDP distribution (2009)67,92461,707Basque Country
  24. 24. 25Economic/Sector structureAgricultural sector (%)Industry (%)Construction (%)Services (%)1,053,914 11,783,300979,699 10,582,410Spain EU-27
  25. 25. 26Cluster Policy - The 11 Priority Cluster AssociationsACEDEBasque Country HouseholdAppliances Cluster Associationwww.acede.esAFMSpanish Machine ToolManufacturers Associationwww.afm.esACICAEBasque Country AutomotiveIndustries and ComponentsCluster Associationwww.acicae.esCLUSTER DE ENERGÍAEnergy Cluster Associationwww.clusterenergia.comHEGANBasque Countryand Aeronauticsand Space ClusterAssociationwww.hegan.comFORO MARÍTIMO VASCOBasque Maritime IndustriesCluster Associationwww.foromaritimovasco.comGAIABasque Country Electronicsand InformationIndustries Cluster Associationwww.gaia.esUNIPORTPort of Bilbao ClusterAssociationwww.uniportbilbao.esACLIMABasque Country EnvironmentalIndustries Cluster Associationwww.aclima.netCLUSTER PAPELPaper IndustriesCluster Associationof the Basque Countrywww.clusterpapel.comEIKENBasque Country AudiovisualCluster
  26. 26. 27
  27. 27. 28The 11 Priority Cluster AssociationsACEDEAFMACICAEGAIAUNIPORTACLIMAENERGIAHEGANFMVPAPELEIKENHousehold AppliancesMachine ToolAutomotionElectronics and Information IndustriesPort of BilbaoEnvironmentEnergyAeronautics and SpaceMaritime IndustriesPaperAudiovisual8861302401448288371632043MembersNo. of Members No. of workersJobsIn millions of eurosTurnover68 %74 %77 %25 %-10 %48 %64 %70 %44 %2 %% Over salesExports12,9704,94713,25112,0005,0003,36425,0008,9508,8502,0091,9931,8007455,0973,0601,3001,67713,7001,1201,380571107
  28. 28. 29The 11 Priority Cluster AssociationsAeronauticsAutomotiveHousehold AppliancesElectronics TelecomEnergyMaritime industriesMachine- toolsEnvironmentPaper0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 8064776825487074441090 %
  29. 29. 309 Sectoral PreclustersFEAFFoundries Association of the Basque Country and Navarrewww.feaf.esSIFEDie-press Forgingwww.forjas.orgGraphic Arts Association of VizcayaHABICFurniture, Accessories and Fittings ManufacturersAssociation of the Basque Countrywww.clusterhabic.comFood Cluster of the Basque Countrywww.clusteralimentacion.comBIOSCIENCEBasque Bioscience Cluster AssociationHERRAMEXSpanish Association of Hand tool Manufacturerswww.herramex.esSIDEREXSpanish Association of Steel Pro-ducts and Installations Exporterswww.siderex.esERAIKUNEConstruction Cluster of the Basque
  30. 30. 319 Sectoral Preclusters681634703125286456MembersNo. of Members7,7101,8151,4184,2006,1471,0362,00012,0006,775No. of workersJobs8722601967506471942437,6201,607In millions of eurosTurnover60%59%10%30%11%17%45%26%2%% Over salesExportsAFVSIFEARTES G.HABICCLUSTERBIOSCIENCEHERRAMEXSIDEREXERAIKUNEFoundriesDie-press ForgesGraphic ArtsFurnitureFoodBiosciencesHand toolsSteel ExportsConstruction
  31. 31. 32Research and Development (R&D)Expenditure inR&D overGDP (%)Full time personnelover employedpersonnel (‰)Full time researchpersonnel over emplo-yed personnel (‰)Basque Country EU SpainInternal expenditure in R&D over in GDP (%)R&D indicators in the Basque Country, 1996-20092,01,81,61,41,21,00,80,60,41999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 20091.168.555.15199610.691.436.4620001.448.1012.9520051.9810.5716.982009
  32. 32. 33Research and Development (R&D)The European Innovation Scoreboard EIS 2009 placed the Basque Country above the European average.The Basque Country is on a par with countries that invest heavily in innovation.Countries with moderate innovationCountries with high innovationLeading countries in innovationEuropean Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2009Sweden Finland Germany United Kingdom Denmark Austria BelgiumLuxembourg Ireland France Netherlands EU-27 Cyprus LatviaSlovenia Czech Rep. Portugal ItalySpain Greece0,70,60,50,40,30,20,100,511 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  33. 33. 344Technological InfrastructureTechnology Parks.One of the most consolidatednetworks in Europe, headquartersof excellence companies,Universities and Research andTechnology Transfer Centres.BizkaiaTechnologyParkSan SebastiánTechnology ParkÁlavaTechnologyParkMondragónPolo GaraiaTechnologyPark
  34. 34. 35Technological InfrastructureBIZKAIA2 km from the airport,15 from the report,10 from Bilbao and6 from the Centralcampus of theUniversity of theBasque Country.Number of companies,217, with 7,300direct employees.ALAVA5 km fromVitoria-Gasteiz andthe university campusand 7 from Forondaairport, and with goodaccess to severalEuropean routes.Number of companies,112, with 3,110 directemployees.SAN SEBASTIAN5 minutes fromSan Sebastian citycentre and 10 fromthe French border.Number ofcompanies,74, with 3,000direct employees.MONDRAGÓN POLO GARAIALed by the private initiative ofMondragón Corporación, fosteringresearch and development: energy,material technologies, organisationand administration of companies,electronics, microelectronics andnanotechnology, ICTs and surfacefinishing machines and processes.Number of companies, 20, with526 direct employees.Created recently.
  35. 35. 36Basque Science, Technology and Innovation NetworkUniversitiesGeneration ofKnowledge4 BERC6 CIC7Technological DevelopmentUds, Business R&D (47)ApplicationUPV – EHUMondragón UniversityDeusto UniversityNavarra University(E.S.I.I. Of S.S.)BC3BCAMBCBLMPCBizkaia BiophysicsFoundationDIPCbioGUNEbiomaGUNEmicroGUNEmarGUNEnanoGUNEtourGUNEenergiGUNEBERC: Centres of Excellencein Basic ResearchCRC: Cooperative ResearchCentresTCs: Technology CentresPRCs: Public ResearchOrganisations4
  36. 36. 37Basque Science, Technology And Innovation NetworkTechnology Platforms3Alava Technology ParkSan Sebastian Technogy ParkBizkaia Technology ParkGaraia Innovation PoleTechnology Parks48 Sector centresUds, Health R&DLaboratories5Risk capital34Tecnalia Research& InnovationCADEMConsorcio ESSNEIKERTECNALIAOPIsIK4CEITCIDETECGAIKERTEKNIKERIDEKOIKERLANVICOMTechLORTEKAsoc ARANZADIAZTERLANF.T. AeronautisF.T. AZTICALEB BRETERAIKERAZARO FoundationNBIOMEDCETESTINGEMAB+I+O+E Fundaz.BioDonostiaFund. CITAAlzheimerSGECRSeed Capitalde BizkaiaSeed Gipuzkoa
  37. 37. 38Development of Foreign TradeImports Balance CoverageExportsMillions of €2000 2005 2008 2010 2000 2005 2008 2010 2000 2005 2008 2010 2000 2005 2008 2010 11,87114,29720,27917,54610,32414,53720,11815,2571,5472,289115% 115%98%101%
  38. 38. 39Development of Foreign Trade ExportsImports20,00015,00010,0005,000
  39. 39. 40Exports 2010:% over total exports.Exports per product following uniform classification for InternationalTrade, Revision 4 (CUCI)1. France 2. Germany3. USA 4. Italy 5. U.K.6. Portugal7. Belgium8. China 9. Netherlands10. Brazil10 Main Customers Countries Per Product (%)Road vehicles.(parts and accessories)Iron and steel.Petroleum byproducts. products.Machines and generalindustrial equipment.Other transport equipment.Rubber manufacturers.Machinery and electricalapparatus. 2.2 7.87.3
  40. 40. 41% over total imports.Imports per product following uniform classification forInternational Trade, Revision 4 (CUCI)Per Product (%)Imports 2010:10 Main Customers CountriesPetrol and petroleumby products.Iron and steel.Metal ores and waste.Machinery and industrialequipment in general.Machinery andelectrical devices.Metal products.Non-ferrous metals.Natural andmanufactured gas. Russia2. Germany3. France4. China5. Iran6. Italy7. U.K.8. Holland9. Belgium10. USA15.830. 4.0 3.7 3.3 3.310.810.25.8 5.8 2.5
  41. 41. 42More than 150From 100 to 150From 50 to 100Less than 50Main locations of facilities abroad: France,Mexico and China
  42. 42. 43ESS – Bilbao: SpanishHeadquarters of The EuropeanSpallation Neutron SourceSpanish headquarters of the Spallation NeutronSource (ESS), large European scientific infrastructureunder construction in Sweden.The Basque Government and Spanish Governmentsigned a contract for its construction and operationin the scientific Park of Bizkaia.Total investment of 180 million euros.
  43. 43. 44Creation of new leading industrial sectors:Biobasque and NanobasqueBIOBASQUEAims to create an industrial biosciences sector.Consolidation of the Basque Bioregion that hasmore than 70 companies, some of them ofinternational relevance, basic research (CICsBiogune and Biomagune) and applied researchcentres, 6 hospitals and 30,000 people workingin the system.Selected finalist for the RegioStars 2011 awardof the European Commission for the best innovatingproject.NANOBASQUEAims to incorporate micro and nanotechnologiesin order to increase the technological intensityof the Basque business fabric.Major investments in the scientific-technologicaloffer materialised in two CICs, Nanogune andMicrogune and a complete network of cientificand technological infrastructures.
  44. 44. 45Wave Power: Biscay MarineEnergy Platform (Bimep)Infrastructure to research and use thepower generated by waves on the opensea. With connections to land-basedelectricity networks.Located in Biscay.Total investment of 20 million euros.Electrical VehicleAgreement between the Basque Governmentand Repsol Company to develop the basicnetwork of electrical vehicle ofBasque Country.Agreement between Basque Governmentand Mercedes Benz for the manufacture ofelectrical vans in Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  45. 45. 46Intelligent ElectricalNetworksDevelopment and implementation of intelligentelectrical distribution networks in the urban centresof Bilbao and Portugalete.Iberdrola Company and Basque Governmentwill invest 60 million euros over the next threeyears in the new intelligent distribution networksin Bilbao and Portugalete.Creation of the firstGas Hub in SpainIn 2011, a company formed by three partners:Basque Government, Enagás and BBK bankinginstitution. It is the first initiative of its kind in Spain.It is engaged in the promotion of logistics, marketingand financial services to facilitate short-term naturalgas transactions in the Iberian gas system.Although there are 35 natural gas dealers on theIberian peninsula and 3,000 transactions arecarried out on a monthly basis between agents,there is currently no organised naturalgas market.
  46. 46. 47Alava: A top level logisticsnode in South-Western EuropeAround Vitoria there are 7 million square metersdedicated to logistics activities, with connectionsto the rest of the world by land, sea and airthrough Bilbao and Pasajes Port, ForondaAirport and several high-speed connections by road.VIAP: VITORIA INDUSTRIAL AIR PARKThe expected investment amounts to 60.4 millioneuros in an area of 390,000 square metres.An industrial park with the characteristics of atechnology park linked to the aeronautic sectorwill be built.VIT: VITORIA INTERMODAL TERMINALThis Intermodal station will channel all the trafficbetween continental Europe and the Iberian peninsulathrough the western Pyrenees.A twin-gauge track infrastructure, Iberian andinternational, which will have dimensions of2,200 metres in length by 220 in weights,with 48 ha of surface area.An expected total investment up to theyear 2037 of 120 million euros.