Recipe for Change - London LAs - School Meal Uptake


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An evidence based approach to increasing school meal uptake. Presented by Paul Aagaard, Director, Recipe for Change, to London LAs Client Officer meeting.

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Recipe for Change - London LAs - School Meal Uptake

  1. 1. An evidence based approach to increasing school meal uptake Project: Department of Education school meal bid Prepared by: Paul Aagaard Date: Thursday 24th October, 2013 Email: Twitter Recipe_4_change Website:
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OUTLINE Credentials • Recipe for Change vision • Knowledge and expertise Challenges • School Meal issues • Rationale Solution • Evidence based solution • DofE bid opportunity
  3. 3. SCHOOL MEAL CHALLENGES Parent misperceptions about school meals UFSM Capacity Ofsted inspections of the dining hall Challenges Meal uptake isn’t a priority for heads Lost learning minutes Poor Midday Supervisor morale
  4. 4. WHY ARE THE CHALLENGES SUCH AN ISSUE? Long queues Midday Supervisor attitudes Segregating packed lunches Lunchtime environment Not sitting with friends Not enough time to eat
  5. 5. LUNCHTIMES CONSEQUENCES Poor concentration Disrupted afternoon lessons Bullying Lunchtime issues Unsafe environment Inappropriate behaviour
  6. 6. STRATEGIC SOLUTION Behaviour & Safety School meal caterers School Meal Provision Increasing school meal uptake Recipe for Change Public Health LA catering teams Obesity Prevention Performance Management
  7. 7. A PROVEN FORMULA TO INCREASE UPTAKE Needs assessment Evaluation Pupil & Parent healthy eating workshops Lunchtime action plan Systemic lunchtime changes
  8. 8. SUMMARY OF OUTCOMES Parental engagement Increased school meal uptake MDSA motivation Reduced food waste MDSA professional development Improved concentration Improved behaviour
  9. 9. EVIDENCE BASED OUTCOMES Little Common West Blatchington • 20% school meal increase. • 75% reduction in bullying. • Teachers reported an improvement in concentration. • Improved parental engagement with the introduction of Halal option.
  10. 10. DofE SCHOOL FOOD BID Brief • Support implementation of School Food Plan. • £11.8 million funding for specialists to increase school meal uptake. Target schools • 5,000 target schools. • Suggested eligibility criteria include low uptake and high FSM. Outcomes • Increase uptake by a minimum of 5% in 5,000 primary and secondary schools by September 2015.
  11. 11. KEY SUCCESS CRITERIA Head teacher The customer Whole school approach
  12. 12. LUNCHTIME LEARNING OPPORTUNITES Improved instant recall. E books based on Multiple characters. Reduced food waste. QR code linked to daily food recipes.
  13. 13. PRE-SCHOOL TRANSITION TO SUPPORT UFSM Problem • Children spend too much time in the dining room. • Children’s motor and social skills need to be developed. Solution • Knife & fork usage transition campaign between nursery and reception.
  14. 14. BID PROPOSITION Create a consortium of SE Region and London LAs and caterers to develop lunchtime improvement programmes that will increase school meal uptake in up to 100 target primary schools.
  15. 15. PROPOSED CONSORTIUM PARTNERS Recipe for Change East Sussex Brighton & Hove Surrey London LAs Public Health Public Health LA Catering LA Catering LA Contracts Management Team LA School Meals Team Babcock 4S Chartwells Eden Caterers Caterers
  16. 16. WORK PROGRAMME Target school briefings Evaluation Needs assessment Secure website for data Parent/pupils workshops Lunchtime ambassadors Systemic lunchtime changes
  17. 17. PARTNER RESPONSIBILITIES Partners Responsibilities Recipe for Change Catalyst for Change. Harnessing partners expertise and resources. Schools Sign a Service Level Agreement. Appoint lunchtime ambassador to embed changes. LA Catering Identifying target schools. School meal team to drive actions plans in partnership with caterers and lunchtime ambassadors. Capital investment where required. Caterers Operations team to implement action plans including parent and pupil interventions.
  18. 18. FUNDING FOR AN LA WITH 20 SCHOOLS Activity Partner DofE funding Beneficiary None Target school briefings Partner funding £2,000 Recipe for Change Needs assessments LA (Contracts Management and/or Public Health £8,000 (Cash contribution) £8,000 Recipe for Change Parent lunches Caterers £2,400 (existing budget) None Schools Healthy workshops Caterers £2,000 (existing budget) None Schools None £2,000 (Schools to apply for funding) Schools Kitchen staff curriculum support
  19. 19. FUNDING FOR AN LA WITH 20 SCHOOLS Activity Partner DofE funding Beneficiary None Lunchtime ambassadors Partner funding £10,000 Schools Lunchtime resources (bands, tablecloths etc.) LA & caterers £2,000 (Existing budget) £2,000 Schools Capital Investment (kitchen / dining room equipment) LA £10,000 (Existing budget) None Schools Project coordination Recipe for Change £1,200 (Cash contribution) None All partners Secure website for data collection Recipe for Change £600 (Cash contribution) None All partners
  20. 20. FUNDING FOR AN LA WITH 20 SCHOOLS Activity Partner Partner funding DofE funding Beneficiary Evaluation None £2,000 Recipe for Change LA CASH £8,000 RECIPE FOR CHANGE CASH LA EXISTING BUDGET TOTAL FOR 20 SCHS TOTAL FOR 100 SCHS £1,800 £16,400 £26,200 £26,000 £131,000 £130,000
  21. 21. NEXT STEPS DofE bid • Expressions of interest to be agreed. • East Sussex and Brighton & Hove have already expressed interested. Times Table Plates •Sponsorship opportunity for LAs interested in distributing plates to all schools. •Discounted price for individual schools. LA advice & support • Recipe for Change are happy to run school briefing sessions on how to manage UFSM capacity for LAs.