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  1. 1. Water Sitrans F M MAG 8000 Battery Powered Water Meter The MAG 8000 program combines world-class standards, the MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT performance with dedicated application solutions measures flow with consistently high accuracy over and low cost of ownership. a wide range of flow rates. Furthermore, the meter performs year in year out Distribution and abstraction with only minimal maintenance requirements, To ensure consumers receive a continuous flow of making MAG 8000 the best choice when it comes drinkable water, more and more sensors are being to optimizing costs. installed in the network to monitor the flow of water from trunk lines to local systems. Irrigation By using the MAG 8000 water meter, flow can Where irrigation systems are used in crop be measured in both directions with the same production, MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT ensures > Minimize maintenance and detect degree of accuracy - and an absolute minimum of water wastage is kept to a minimum and that leaks early maintenance. Furthermore, reliable and repeatable farmers get a fair deal. measurements of low flow at night aid in early The MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT has no moving > Monitor consumption accurately and leakage detection. parts and is not prone to wear and tear in the economically usual way. It is resistant to solids and debris in Bulk water / revenue metering the water supply. Its IP68/NEMA 6P enclosure > Achieve robust long- To ensure water bills are fair, and to reduce the allows installation in places where flooding can term performance for optimal cost of need for verification, usage must be measured cost occur, or even complete underground burial. The ownership effectively and accurately. battery power option is a good choice for long- With high turndown ratio, energy-saving low term performance in regions lacking reliable mains pressure drop, and certification to global revenue power. w w w . i t r o n . c o m
  2. 2. Water One meter for all stand alone water applications The MAG 8000 program delivers the MAG 8000 MAG 8000 MAG 8000 CT MAG 8000 CT performance, dependability and long life that Meter Type Basic Advanced Basic Advanced make it the water industry’s water meter of choice. It includes different versions to meet Abstraction different market demands. and distribution •• ••• • • > Standard version with basic and network advanced information and functionality > Custody Transfer version (CT) with Bulk water basic or advanced information and / Revenue • • ••• •• functionality metering Irrigation ••• • ••• • • • • Most often used • • Often used • Can be used MAG 8000 MAG 8000 CT Basic water version for general purpose use Transmitter type Advanced water version for advanced information and functionality For billing purpose according to ISO 4064 Custody transfer version Type-approved and verified according to OIML R49 / MI-001 Sensor size DN 25 - 1200 mm / 1” - 48” with EPDM liner * 50 - 300 mm / 2” - 12” with EPDM liner MI-001 : IP 68 / NEMA 6P, compact IP 68 / NEMA 6P, compact and remote with con- Enclosure OIML R49: IP 68 / NEMA 6P, compact and remote nectors and factory-mounted cable with connectors and factory-mounted cable Display Display with touch keypad Output 2 individual pulse outputs (incl. net flow volume) 2 individual pulse outputs Integrated stdnard IrDA interface Communication Add-on communication modules, RS 232/ RS MODBUS RTU protocol MI-001:Internal or external battery pack Internal or external battery pack 12-24 V AC/DC Power supply OIML R49:Internal or external battery pack 12-24 V and 115-230 V AC with battery backup AC/DC and 115-230 V AC with battery backup MAG 8000 is approved to the international water meter standard Water certifications OIML R49/MI-001 (EU), complying with the European CEN - EN 14154 and ISO 4064 specifications Data logger with selectable log interval up to 26 months, time and date, data protection, application identifier, alarm handling, meter status, diagnostics, battery power management Transmitter features Advanced version only: leakage detection, flow statistics and consumption profile, advanced diagnostics, self- check, insulation test, meter utilization, tariff and settle date (revenue) 0,4% +/- 2mm/s(DN25-1200 / 1”-48”) OIML R49 Class 1 and 2 Accuracy 0,2% +/- 2mm/s(DN50-300 / 2”-12”) MI-001 Class 2 Bi-directional measurement Yes No Drinking water approvals for sensor part ACS (France), WRc (UK), DVGW (Germany), NSF-61 (USA) and Belaqua (Belgium) Porcess connections EN 1092-1 (DIN 2501), ANSI 16,5 Class 150 lb, and AS 4087 Operating pressure PN 10 or PN 16 / 145 psi or 232 psi Media temperature 0 - 70°C / 32 - 158 °F 0,1 - 30°C / 32 - 70°F Electrodes and earthing electrodes Hastelloy C276 * up to DN 600 / 24” in preparation
  3. 3. Compact and remote installation > Easy to install With the MAG 8000 range, it is easy to install a With its surdy construction, MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 - Simply bolt into place before operation reliable water meter in virtually any environment, CT is built to resist environmental factors such as - Minimized inlet and outlet requirements whilst maintaining full accuracy, performance and water containing solids and debris. - No additional connection or set up is economy of operation. required to operate the meter - No filter required Simple, reliable and robust, this program features > Robust construction built to resist > Remote transmitter solution with factory- environmental influence mounted sensor cables and connectors > Long lasting performance > Underground installation - sensor can be > Durable against buried - no manhole required - high/low temperature > IP68/NEMA 6P enclosure and cable designed - flooding and high humidity to withstand constant flooding - erosion > Built-in earthing electrodes > Robust design Performance-enhancing features Once installed, a number of performance-enhancing The remote sensor is free of electronic compo- features ensure that maintenance requirements are nents, vastly reducing its vulnerability to damage restricted to an absolute minimum. during installation and operation. The sensor is Each meter is designed with: > Data protection and backup factory sealed to IP 68 / NEMA 6P standards, > Consumption logging storing up to 26 months > Bidirectionnal accuracy ensuring long-term impermeability in underwater of data > Tariff control on time and flow rate, with applications. > Leakage detection program accumulated totalized values directly > Consumption profile accessible from the display on site > Meter utilization for meter selection > Pre-account settling date function that > Advanced flow statistics automatically stores the totalizer value on a > Meter and application diagnostics specific date. > Obstruction > Low-flow detection Freedom from moving parts renders the water meter Conical flow tube design improves low-flow resistant to particles and debris present in water, performance. Low flow rates are more accurately resulting in less wear and tear. Minimal pressure detectable, because the conical design results drop across the meter reduces energy loss. in background pressure drop across the meter equivalent to that over 4 meters of straight pipe.
  4. 4. Water Operation 10 years maintenance-free operation Intelligent and dependable operation 6 years operation time of the internal battery and an The MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT combines external battery pack with a 10 year life enable MAG high-efficiency technology and advanced power 8000 / MAG 8000 CT to provide up to 10 years of management. maintenance-free operation. Battery power management Optimal control of power consumption ensures long operation time and reduces the number of site visits. A customer-selectable “low battery” level setting with call-up alarm lets you know when it’s time to replace the battery. Flexible power supply > Internal replaceable 6-year life battery pack > Mains power supply > Mains power supply 12-24 V AC/DC and 115-230 V AC with up to 3 years of battery backup > Ut wisi enin ad minim
  5. 5. Easy to read display > Display Graphical display and keypad for simple operation and instant access to information. MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT advanced version provides intelligent information with an on-site display. Meter Service Data Statistics Revenue Information Logger Qualification certificate The SIMATIC PDM tool allows field testing and verification of the water meter, then creates a printed “Qualification Certificate” with specific data defining the quality status of the measurement. Meter diagnostics The MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT advaced version > A comprehensive data logging function includes a leakage detection program that records and stores consumption levels, alarms measures and monitors the lowest flow value within and operating conditions from the site. a customer-selected time frame each 24 hours. > Call-up function via pulse output to reduce site Observed changes during this period could indicate visits. when a leak started. > Documentation of operation conditions with > An electrode resistance module measures on-board meter self-check and diagnostics of the meter’s contact with the media application conditions. > A program indicates whether the size of the meter selected is appropriate for the flow conditions on site. Insulation test Built-in “corss-talk” test checks the entire signal chain of the system ensuring that the sensor flow signal is unaffected by external noise.
  6. 6. Water Communication Wireless solution Easy access to data on-site Itron offers a complete wireless automated meter Standard IrDA interface for configuration, data reading solution. Data from the site can be directly collection and documentation using Itron Process accessed over the Internet using a standard browser Device Manager of Flow Tool Software. and secure password protection. Add-on communication Communication modules can be installed if network capability is required. Flow simulation Simulation checks that information flows correctly, and is configured via the standard IrDA interface or the communication channel.
  7. 7. Accredited calibration ensures accuracy The maximum uncertainty of measurement following a standard calibration is +/- 0,4% and an extended calibration +/- 0,2%. ± E% uncertainty ± E% uncertainty 7,00 CI. II = 5% 7,00 6,50 CI. I = 3% 6,50 SITRANS F M MAG 8000 6,00 6,00 Meter uncertainty 5,50 CI. II = 2% 5,50 Standard calibration 5,00 CI. I = 1% 5,00 E = 0.4% of rate ± 2 mm/s 4,50 4,50 4,00 4,00 Extended calibration 3,50 3,50 E = 0.2% of rate ± 2 mm/s 3,00 3,00 2,50 2,50 2,00 2,00 1,50 1,50 1,00 1,00 0,50 0,50 0,00 0,00 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 v= m/sec CI. I / CI. II = OIML R49 Class I / Class II 6 12 18 24 30 36 v= ft/sec CI. II = MI-001 The accuracy of each meter is determined by the type of calibration performed. The MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT water meters are available with three types of calibration, suited to different application requirements. Calibration Water meter Application Accuracy Type type 1. Standard General water applications 0,4% MAG 8000 2. Extended High-performance applications 0,2% Class 1: 1% at 3. Bulk water / low flow 3% Custody transfer application MAG 8000 CT revenue Class 2: 2% at low flow 5% MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT revenue meters are verified in accordance with the Measuring Instrument Directive 2004 (MID) for custody transfer applications, comprising the following approvals. MID module Approval Geographical applicability MID Class II OIML R49 type approval Worldwide Module B MI-001 approval European Union production quality MID Class II management system approval European Union Module D (first time inhouse certification)
  8. 8. About Itron Inc. Itron Inc. is a leading technology provider to the global energy and water industries. Our company is the world’s leading provider of metering, data collection and utility software solutions, with nearly 8,000 utilities worldwide relying on our technology to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. Our products include electricity, gas and water meters, data collection and communication systems, including automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI); meter data management and related software applications; as well as project management, installation, and consulting services. To know more, start here: For more information, contact your local sales representative or agency. 11 Boulevard Pasteur 67500 Haguenau France Phone: +33 3 88 90 63 00 Fax: +33 3 88 73 23 20 © Copyright 2009, Itron. All Rights Reserved. - Itron reserves the right to change these specifications without prior notice. WA-0065.0-EN-06.09