SPN Ogilvy DI Bridgestone Winter Case


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Digital campaign for Bridgestone Russia.

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SPN Ogilvy DI Bridgestone Winter Case

  1. 1. Bridgestone Russia Winter Promo
  2. 2. Goals of the campaignGENERATE AWARENESSIncrease brand awareness among Bridgestone’s targetaudienceACTIVATE DISCUSSIONSTA should be pushed to talk about Bridgestone tires so theybecame top of mind for winter seasonCONVINCE IN HIGH QUALITYTell TA that Bridgestone’s tires are high quality product –“made specially for Russian winter” and “Japanese quality”LINK TO POINT OF SALESLink communication to point of sales
  3. 3. Target Audience & User Insight • Russian internet users 20-40 y.o. • In social networks 20-30 y.o. "All tires are quiet the same, I’ll buy those that my friends and Internet users recommend" Bridgestone tires will be recommended more, when Bridgestone will get a strong emotional connection with customers
  4. 4. Campaign instruments Work with opinion leaders Video lessons, (testing tires, driving lessons, infographics auto-quest) InvolvingInforming Content in Facebook and Banner ads Vkontakte Promo Site winter.bridgestone.ru Off-line Reality SM ads Game “Zombie Quest” Contests on the site (test, game) Acting
  5. 5. Promo Site
  6. 6. Promo Site IDEA Development of promo social hub: Winter.bridgestone.ru Main platform for winter promo campaign STRUCTURE: • Video gallery • Tires selection • Searching for the nearest Pole Position service center • Online game “Win the Bridgestone Cup” • Bloggers mind • Extended warranty LAUNCH DATE October, 19th, 2012
  7. 7. Promo Site: Video galleryIDEAShooting a video about the rules ofwinter driving and placing it in a specialvideo gallery at the siteMECHANICSShooting a video about the dangers ofwinter driving and rules that will helpto avoid the car crash.Uploading video to social networksand to the official BridgestoneYouTube channel
  8. 8. Promo Site: Personal Tires SelectionIDEASection for individual tiresselectionMECHANICSUsers choose:• Car Brand• Model• Their special requirements for tires (for example, high reliable driving, driving on ice, tires durability, etc.)As a result they get theBridgestone tires type, whichis based on their wishes andis appropriate to them
  9. 9. Promo Site: Nearest Service CenterIDEASection created for users tosearch for the nearest PolePosition service centerMECHANICSUsers determine theirlocation automatically andget the shortest route to thenearest Pole Position centerIf location can’t bedetermined for sometechnical reasons, users canpoint their address bythemselves
  10. 10. Promo Site: Winter Driving TestIDEATest about knowing the rules of winterdrivingMECHANICSUsers are invited to pass the test about therules of winter driving.Users can get different badges for differentlevels of knowing the rules: Bronze, Silverand Gold Badges.Badges could be shared on users’ pages atsocial networks!
  11. 11. Promo Site: Interactive CompetitionIDEADevelopment of interactive gameMECHANICSCreation the game that is demonstrate thedifficulty of winter driving.People are ride the cars on the winter roadinside the game. Before the game theychoose the car type, type of wheels / tires,color and decoration of the carFor participation users must authorize withsocial networksAccording to the results of the game thechampionship score is compiled. There willbe the best time of riding the track
  12. 12. Social Media
  13. 13. SMM: VKontakte Group http://vk.com/bridgestone.russiaContent types: videos, polls, infographics, images, funny chartsTopics: Japan, Bridgestone, trends, products news, commercialshistorical posts in chronicleRESULTS:Number of Posts by Group: 50Number of “likes”: 3 539Number of unique “likes”: 2 211Number of shares: 984Number of unique shares: 727Number of comments: 105Number of unique comments: 7240% of active usersaverage of 60 likes/post+7 135 new fans
  14. 14. SMM: Facebook Community http://www.facebook.com/Bridgestone.RussiaContent types: videos, polls, infographics, images, chartsTopics: Japan, Bridgestone, trends, products news,commercials, historical posts in chronicleRESULTS:Number of Posts by Group: 59Number of Posts by Users: 21Number of “likes”: 6 626Number of unique “likes”: 1 088Number of comments: 91Number of unique comments: 7520% of active usersaverage amount of 25 likes per post+3 743 new fans
  15. 15. SMM: Infographics contentIDEAInfographics is the most visual clear way toshow data.MECHANICSCreate viral infographics for driverscommunities.RESULTS:303 likes61 shares
  16. 16. SMM: Seeding in top communitiesIDEAPlacement in popular groups and publicsrelevant to target audience and brandCOMMUNITIES: Клуб автолюбителей: твой авто Audience: 555 992 Школа автомобильного мастерства. Audience: 115 070 Уроки ПДД / Лучший паблик про автомобили Audience: 194 004 RESULTS Автомобили и тюнинг Audience: 134 966 100 000 views ONE CAR 609 likes Audience: 195 581 258 shares
  17. 17. SMM: Bloggers activationIDEABloggers share their experiences with Bridgestone tiresMECHANICSBloggers and opinion leaders received for testwinter tires, and then published a good reviews Lobanov Sergey 3 250 friends on LJ Lavrov Eugeniy 9 515 friends on LJ Karakulova Daria 4 428 friends on LJ Nikitski Sergey 7 175 friends on LJ Chersky Igor 7 334 friends on LJ Plushev Alexandr 6 851 friends on LJRESULTS38 553 coverage
  18. 18. SMM: Ads & Sponsored posts in FB Ads Bridgestone Russia Bridgestone Russia All about the selection of winter Bridgestone Russia official page. tires. Extended warranty. Select the Extended warranty on winter tires. tires for your car.Sponsored Stories
  19. 19. SMM: Ads in VK3 rules of winter Will your tires Choosing winter Win the race! driving Bridgestone Cup. Try not fail? tires?Watch the video with your strength on the Advices and help in Learn all about highmain rules of winter winter road! selection of winter quality tires driving tires
  20. 20. Banners Media Support
  21. 21. Banners Media Support Motor.ru Drive.ru Auto.ruall pages, 240х400 all pages, 960х320 all pages, 990х90
  22. 22. Off-line Reality Game
  23. 23. Zombie QuestIDEAThe concept of the quest is zombie apocalypse. Bloggers were to defend thecity from the invasion of zombies in Moscow and in St. Petersburg.MECHANICSBloggers, auto forums users, journalists were fighting zombies shooting thelaser tags (special guns with laser aim system). A team of bloggers had toperform zombie-related tasks on the their way to Pole Position dealercenters.The main event was held at the final point – an old abandoned TV centre.Quest participants were to pass through the series of missions to find cluesto the code to activate a device to kill zombies.The venue was branded by Bridgestone roll ups. The players were givenBridgestone prizes: branded jackets, watches and flash drives.
  24. 24. Zombie Quest Moscow Saint Petersburg TOTAL views 194354 TOTAL views 57355RESULTSWe received numerous publications, posts and discussions in social media, sharing of Zombie Questimages, photos in instagram, vk.com, facebook, auto forums such as drive2.ru, drom.ru, etc. TOTAL MSK+SPB 251709
  25. 25. Results
  26. 26. KPI’s VS Results Expected DONE! Number of site’s visits 90 000 92 150 Facebook community growth 3,000 new fans 3 743 new fans VKontakte community growth 7,000 new fans 7 135 new fans  Opinion leader’s posts 20,000 reach / 1,000 site visits 38,553 reach / 1,217 site visits  Geolocation game 150,000 reach 251,709 reach  Ice lessons video 45,000 views / 1,000 site visits 69,000 views / 1,126 site visits  Banners 600,000 impressions / 1,200 visits 1 073,431 impressions / 1,517 visits  Ads campaign at social networks 8,200,000 reach / 88,600 visits 123,222,297 reach / 23,366 visits 
  27. 27. 124 758 019 Total Reach
  28. 28. Have a safe winter.Thank you!