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SPN Ogilvy DI Borjomi Blogger Tour Case


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Borjomi Blogger Tour to Georgia.

SPN Ogilvy DI Borjomi Blogger Tour Case

  1. 1. The Product Due to Borjomi unique complex of minerals of volcanic origin, it cleanses the body better, which gives you the opportunity to feel lightness and enjoy life! It acts as a shower inside. Borjomi is unique natural mineral water that belongs to hydrocarbonate sodium waters with natural mineral content 5,5-7,5 g/liter. Thanks to the volcanic origin of the mineral water Borjomi, rich natural carbon dioxide, can rise to the surface without using any pump from a depth of 8-10 km warm stream (t. 38-41 ° C).Unique water Borjomi, which for natural standards for over 1500 years old, gets on the ground,the path of enriching a composition of 60 different minerals present in rocks of the CaucasusMountains. Today, mineral water Borjomi is identical to that was first poured on the first plantmore than 120 years ago.
  2. 2. What was important for Borjomi in 2012? 1. Expand customer base 2. Increase ocassional consumption 3. Fix the ‘Best Purification’ territory 4. Break the following Myths: • Not all water is from the Borjomi wellspring • Borjomi in plastic bottles is not the same as in glass bottles
  3. 3. What is the lifestyle of Borjomi Consumers? • 10,000,000 Ukrainians use the Internet everydayInteresting things in Parties and Gastronomy • 46% of them live in 500,000+ cities the world, lifestyle entertainment • 17% of them spend 21-30 hours per week in forums and on blogs • One in three Ukrainians online visit Cars social networks Travelling Personal development • Ukrainians spend the same amount of time on social networks, as watching TVCore TA: Young people between the ages of 25-45, active citizens of big cities Interests: travelling, cars, food, parties, lifestyle
  4. 4. How to bring the advantages of Borjomi to consumers in a way that they will believe? Through close and clear communication channels with thehelp of those, that are a role model for the consumer, whoseopinion he or she refers to, to which he or she unconditionally trusts Opinion leaders of the Internet and social media
  5. 5. How to involve opinion leaders in the creation of WOM-communication around Borjomi?Unique nature and Georgian feast and Saturation programGeorgian hospitality cuisine + Borjomi integration into all activities By creating conditions for generating positive content and the possibility of its viral propagation online
  6. 6. Steps of project realization
  7. 7. Criteria for selecting participants 1. Authoritative 2. Cover ALL INTEREST 3. Bright, charismatic 4. Exclusive and recognizable and well-known on areas of the target people style of publications the Internet audience Personal Interest in the development Parties Gastronomy Travelling + Cars world, lifestyle & life-hacking The best gastronomy The coolest Observers of the most fashionable portals about lifestyle,observers and gastronomic partiers in entertainment, trends and travelling bloggers Kiev First of all were selected areas of influence and only then specified opinion-leaders. All bloggers were selected from different segments having similar preferences as the target audience.
  8. 8. Blogger Tour participantsAnastasia Goloborodko Mike TsvetaevAuthor and creator of the ‘Spoon!’ Kiev restaurateur and gourmet.web page. A fan of tasty cuisine and Believes that food should igniteadvocate of healthy food. only positive impressions andThe audience: 7 901/ per day knows how to find it in every meal. The audience: 4 150 /per daySergey Kalinin Alexander ChebanGastronomy observer of ‘Forbes Traveler, photographer, authorUkraine’, author of the iCookOnline of ‘Brightly about travelling’blog. Cook, traveler and observer. blog, enters the list of the mostThe audience: 8 715/per day readable and quoted bloggers The audience: 6 233/per day
  9. 9. Blogger Tour participantsAlexander Yemelianenko Yulia MorozHead and author of the well-known Editor-in-chief of a popularUkrainian automobile website Ukrainian website about fashion shopping: audience: 15 125/per day The audience: 23 023/per dayDiana Kurishko Sergey PishkovtsiyJournalist from the Author of ‘Inspired’ blog, where hewebsite: history, travelling, food & writes about inspiration and thedrinks visual beauty of our world The audience: 16 089 /per dayThe audience: 74 132/per day
  10. 10. Blogger Tour participantsDmitriy Reifman Anna UstenkoAuthor of the blog ‘For everyone Editor of ‘The Village’ city magazine,about everything’, selection of specialist in entertainment,materials, united into a sort of gastronomy, social life and many otherencyclopedia of modern information aspects of metropolitan lifespace. One of the most popular The audience: 94 255/per dayUkrainian bloggers in Livejournal.The audience: 2 418/per dayViacheslav Baranskiy Artyom Travkin,Chief editor of the Kiev partier, knows everythingblog (Top-10 blogs of Runet about having a good time inaccording to Yandex), partner of and outside the capitalthe company ‘Buffer Bay’ The audience: 6 459/per dayThe audience: 45 455/per day
  11. 11. How did the participants become interested in Borjomi? Gastronomy Travelling + Cars Interest in the Personal development Parties world, lifestyle & life-hacking• What can be better • What is interesting • How is Borjomi • What should • How to than Borjomi in Georgia? produced? be visited quickly get during a feast? and how back into should it be shape with • How is the most visited in Borjomi?• Georgian cuisine • What is interesting Georgia? and wines legendary CIS in Georgia, its water produced? customs and culture?
  12. 12. How were consumers integrated into communication?Opinion leaders created an effect of presence in the Blogger Tour on their personal web pages and media, which they represent + + + + + + + + + + They shared their experiences in real-time! 1. They attracted 2. They were convinced 3. They personally watchedfans to discussions in the absence of fraud production and bottling process of Borjomi
  13. 13. Go go go!
  14. 14. Agenda of the ‘Borjomi Chronicles’ Blogger Tour July 12 12 июля: July 13 • Excursions in Tbilisi and и •Экскурсия по Тбилиси • Visits to factories #1 and #2 MtskhetaМцхете •Дегустация вин • A walk-through of ‘Borjomi- • Wine-tasting в традиционном •Ужин Kharagauli’ National Park • Dinner in a traditional грузинском ресторане Georgian •Мастер-класс restaurant July 14 национальной кухни • Master-class on national• Excursion in Batumi cuisine• Free time on the beachin KvariatiBy Bus with free Wi-Fi 
  15. 15. How was it?Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
  16. 16. Results
  17. 17. Blogger Tour coverage & effectiveness *Data for 01/09/2012
  18. 18. Interaction between bloggers and brand
  19. 19. One of many • 3 blog publications • 448 likes in publications • 68 brand mentions • 27 publications in social networksAlexander Cheban • The post entered the rating of Top-25 Ukrainian popular publications • 25 re-prints ( and with an everyday resources overview by 100,000 users • 867,558 consumers saw the advantages of Borjomi thanks to only one blogger! • Photos from the blog were using at Forbes magazine *Data for 01/09/2012
  20. 20. Bloggers results* • 6 603 views of 2 publication• 45 publications on Facebook • 13 publications on Facebook• 423 546 views of publications on Facebook • 10 reposts on Facebook• 622 Likes• 27 video in YouTube with 2738 views• 14 550 views of 2 publications in blog • 32 300 views of 3 publication• 58 publications on Facebook • 12 publications on Facebook• 1639 Like • 79 393 views of publications on Facebook• 783 236 views of publications in blog• 13 448 views of 3 publications • 8 236 views of 2 publications• 14 235 views of publications on • 21 tweets Facebook • 100 227 views of publications in Twitter• 1 229 views of publications in Twitter *Data for 01/09/2012
  21. 21. Bloggers results* • 308 800 views of 2 publications• 16 publications on Facebook • 48 466 views of publications at Kuruza• 371 total quantity of Likes Facebook profile• 186 736 views of publications on • 15 tweets Facebook• 14 550 views of 2 publications • 189 138 views of 3 publications• 69 343 views of publications on • 2 republication of posts Facebook • 135 206 views of 17 publications in• 25 694views of publications in Twitter. Twitter • 23 retweets in Twitter *Data for 01/09/2012
  22. 22. Major Achievements1. The Blogger Tour brought Borjomi more than 3.5 million contacts with the target audience.2. Borjomi received an opportunity to involve consumers into communication with the brand and virtually ‘take part’ in the tour with the help of their opinion leaders.3. Long tail from bloggers publications continues drive attention to the Borjomi even after the end of the campaign.4. Each blogger was able to create their own unique content, specifically tailoring to their audience and goals and have become true Borjomi ambassadors!
  23. 23. Major AchievementsAnd of course…$0 media cost
  24. 24. Even in China!
  25. 25. Key Success Factors
  26. 26. We flew away… But we promised to come back! And something troubled me – a slight feeling that youll still have to read the Borjomi Chronicles Vol. 2.