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SPLC 2019 Summit: The Importance of Supplier Diversity to Sustainability and Visa Versa


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Slides from Amy Bourne, Senior Manager of Sustainability & Supplier Diversity, Marriott International, presented at the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council’s 2019 Summit in Portland, OR.

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SPLC 2019 Summit: The Importance of Supplier Diversity to Sustainability and Visa Versa

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  2. 2. Nurture Our World To support the resiliency and sustainable development of the communities where we do business, we invest in the vitality of their children and natural resources, as well as deliver aid and support, especially in times of need.
  3. 3. Welcome All & Advance Human Rights With the goal of creating a safe, welcoming world for all, we rally for pro-travel policies and support programs that allow people to experience and understand other cultures. We work with leading nonprofit organizations to educate, advocate for and respect human rights throughout and beyond our business.
  4. 4. Sustain Responsible Operations While integrating sustainability across our value chain and mitigating climate-related risk, we are working to reduce our environmental impacts, build and operate sustainable hotels and source responsibly.
  5. 5. Serve 360 Responsible Sourcing Goals Responsibly source 95% by spend in our Top 10 priority categories by 2025 Supplier Requirements/Reviews: » By 2020, require all contracted suppliers in the Top 10 categories to provide information on product sustainability, inclusive of social and human rights impacts » By 2025, require all centrally-contracted suppliers to provide this information
  6. 6. Final 10 Responsible Sourcing Priority Categories Animal Proteins (beef, eggs, lamb, pork and poultry) Bottled Water Cleaning Supplies Cocoa Coffee Guest Room Amenities Paper Products Seafood Sugar Textiles
  7. 7. Empower Through Opportunity As one of the world’s fastest growing industries, we are well positioned to be part of the solution. We partner with leading nonprofits to ensure workplace readiness and access to opportunity, throughout our business including our supply chain with a focus on youth, diverse populations, women, people with disabilities, veterans and refugees.
  8. 8. EXCHANGES - SUPPLIER DIVERSITY REIMAGINED Exchanges, a diverse supplier program by Marriott, welcomes differences. It’s through embracing and valuing them that we can truly think and thrive globally. Our diverse suppliers play an integral role. When we partner with minority-, women-, LGBT-, disabled-, and veteran-owned businesses, we all benefit. It helps to drive economic empowerment around the world, better support our customers and expand our global footprint. The EXCHANGE of ideas spurs innovation and helps us all do business better. Join the exchange and discover how we can all be empowered by our differences. Mission Statement 10 • Spend $1 billion annually with diverse suppliers by 2020 • Spend $500 million annually with women-owned businesses by 2020 • Spend $100 million with women-owned businesses in developing countries over the next three years Goals