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CALPACT Webinar: Tips and Tricks for An Engaging PPT Presentation - Technical Notes


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Ever wonder if your PowerPoint presentations show off your project or research to best effect? Here’s your chance to find out! Public health professionals face common challenges in explaining complex information and data to diverse audiences. Whether you present for the community or your professional peers, are a frequent presenter or a novice, this webinar with Tammy Pilisuk will help you transform PowerPoint “blah” into “ta-da.”

Build your health communication core competency. Walk away from this presentation with simple tips anyone (even YOU) can use to: critique your own slides, add visual interest, and connect with your audience.

This resource was from the third session in the CALPACT sponsored Health Communication Matters Webinar Series, which will help participants in all walks of public health to apply health literacy principles to their everyday communications.

Please visit here to listen to the audio recording of the webinar:

Slides for the webinar

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CALPACT Webinar: Tips and Tricks for An Engaging PPT Presentation - Technical Notes

  1. 1. General Tips about Using PowerPoint • Options are similar to other MS Office programs • Click on things and then right-click to bring up more options • Save your work often How Do You Get Videos? Ø Write to source of video and: • Get on CD by mail • File transfer (FTP, Dropbox, SendLargeFiles) • Email Ø Capture the video yourself (see below) Ø Ask a kid for help How Do You Save a Video on YouTube? Saving YouTube videos is difficult because: • YouTube has no “Save” • Requires 3rd party software Use a third-party video capture program or add-on such as: • Real Player Downloader to capture the content in .FLV format • Free FLV Converter to convert .FLV to .WMV format   Packaging the Presentation If you’re not using your own computer for the presentation, you may run into problems such as: • Font substitution • Broken links • Malfunctioning animation • Old versions of PowerPoint To prevent these problems, PowerPoint offers an option called “Package to CD.” • Saves fonts, graphics, animations in one transportable file (CD, flash drive) • Contains play-only version of PowerPoint • Go to PowerPoint Help and type “package for CD” • Follow the steps. Keep in mind that instead of burning to CD, you can save to a directory, and then copy the folder to a flash drive.   Tips and Tricks for An Engaging PowerPoint Presentation: Technical Notes