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CALPACT New Media Webinar: Social Media Measurement and Evaluation Resources


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You’re on a roll with social media – you’ve got your plan in place, you’re putting your voice out there, monitoring and engaging in conversations, and hopefully getting folks excited about your message or even, taking action. But if you’re too busy doing, and not taking the time to answer the so what, how will you know you’re on the path to social media success and having an impact?

In this webinar, the second session in the latest 21st Century New Media Series from CALPACT and CHL at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, JC De Vera of the Greenlining Institute and Rae Roca-Pickett, Julian Aldana, and Riana King of the Young Invincibles share how they: measure and evaluate their social media efforts to ensure it best meets their communication objectives; refine their efforts to measure what really matters; and get actionable results that help produce greater impact.

Enjoy this resource from the training!

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The Art of Listening Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits:

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CALPACT New Media Webinar: Social Media Measurement and Evaluation Resources

  1. 1. New Media Best Practices Webinar: Social Media Measurement and Evaluation Resources Helpful tools, articles, books, and reports:  Statigram: use for gathering key metrics on your Instagram account  Salsa: email marketing platform  The Best (Free) Tools for Measuring Social Media Impact in Your Business from Microsoft For Business.  A Few Good Tools for Measuring and Monitoring Social Media by Andrea Berry and Chris Bernard, August, 2011.  Social Media Measurement and the Only Metric That Matters by Kim Garst, March 10, 2014.  Finally, A Clear Shift in Attitudes About Measuring Social Media by Beth Kanter, October 16, 2013.  Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World by Beth Kanter and Katie Delahaye Paine. 2012.  Cell phone ownership hits 91% of adults by Lee Rainie, June 6, 2013. Pew Research Center.  Teens and Technology 2013 by Mary Madden, Amanda Lenhart, Maeve Duggan, Sandra Cortesi and Urs Gasser. March 13, 2013. Pew Research Internet Project.