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CALPACT Training: Video for Health: Resources


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If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, then video must be… When it comes to communication, video has the power to articulate your organization’s vision, promote your programs and initiatives, move people to action, and show them things that few other mediums can do in quite the same way. In this workshop, the fourth session in the latest 21st Century New Media Series from CALPACT and CHL at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, Mike Lawson from Diabetes Hands Foundation, and Gary Oliver and Diane Woloshin from the Alameda County Public Health Department shared their best practices for using video to strategically advance diverse advocacy, health promotion, and health education goals.

Enjoy this resource from the training!

To view other presentations, resources from this workshop:

CALPACT New Media Workshop: Video for Health with Alameda County Public Health Department

CALPACT New Media Workshop: Video for Health with Diabetes Hands Foundation

CALPACT New Media Workshop: Alameda County Public Health Department Video Checklist

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CALPACT Training: Video for Health: Resources

  1. 1. Video for Health Best Practices: ResourcesGeneral:• Check out this e-book from ListenIn Pictures and CauseVox, “The Starter Guide toNonprofit Video Storytelling” at:• Visit to learn more about how to use video for advocacy, and for trainingresources and curricula.• To learn more about recording and publishing internet video, visit Make Internet TVfrom The Participatory Culture Foundation at:• Visit for many resources on video production.Video Editing Software:• Good comparison of video editing software:• “Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows”:• “The Top 6 Free Video Editors for Mac OS X”:• and Infographic Programs• “Free Computer Animation Programs”:• “9 Awesome Powerful Free Infographic Tools”:• “Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources (Categorized)”:
  2. 2. Common Video and Audio File Formats, Codecs:• Read “A Guide to Common Media File Formats” by Dachary Carey at:• Read “The Video Encoding Guide: Codecs, Formats, Containers and Settings Explained”by Elia Lombardi at: Movie Maker (WMM):• Visit Make Internet TV for some simple tutorials on how to use WMM at:• For tutorials on WMM, visit:• For articles and information on files supported by WMM, read “File Types Supported byWindows Move Maker” by Shane Burley at:• For tutorials and troubleshooting iMovie, visit:• To learn more about cameras to use with iMovie, read “Holiday Gift guide: iMovie-friendly video cameras” by Michael Rose at: